Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday WW Group - Beech Butt

Today was my first meeting with my Wednesday group, after meeting some of them last week. I was a little sedate (for me) last week. Today, I went "Full Sheila":
Crazy Aunt whackitude! Woo! I felt like some sort of Robin Hood-esque hippie in this, which was fun. It's all about the skirt.

The drama!
Check. Out. That. Skirt. Seriously, isn't that cool? It's Smoking Lily from a season or two ago. I found that in a consignment store for $38.50 (it was on an extra 20% off). Then I walked up the street and found nearly the same skirt in the store for $96. Sweet!

I am planning to include this skirt in the Fourth Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge that Jane over at The Small Fabric of My Life is hosting this year. Although there are tons of wardrobe challenges, "diets" and capsules out there (I did my own year of not buying any new clothes or shoes), this has always been my favourite one because it's so few items (10 clothing/shoes, 5 accessories). I've done them all (2008, 2009, 2010)! Are you going to try it?

Oh, and FYI, I'm not getting any kind of kick-backs from Smoking Lily - I just love the quality of their items and own a lot. I have the Chair Skirt, the Dotty Dress, a maroon/grey silk obi, a pink/olive silk obi, and a silk bug scarf by them. Every piece except for the bug scarf was bought on consignment - I even found a black velvet cotton skirt by them with a silk-screened white flower in a thrift shop for $10.50 that I bought for my friend Cat, who shares my love for the Lily.

If you clicked the link for a similar skirt, you'll see that this skirt is actually a cape! Ooh, I can't wait to try that out! Mine is a thick but drapey tweed, and is fully lined in a beautiful, thick pewter satin. I love the uneven hem, the major (may-jah!) zipper, and the silk-screened pattern on my butt:It's a beech tree trunk! While I may never again have a "beach bottom," at least I can have a beech butt, hee hee.

Because of the uneven waist and the fullness of the skirt, I wanted to wear a slim-fitting top with some colour. I started out with the mustard top and trying on jackets over it, but they didn't look quite right. So I layered this long green sweater (last seen here) and loved how it worked. The mustard cuffs peeked out. This was snuggly and warm all day!

It was a bright, crisp day today, weatherwise, so I just wore my suede jacket (last worn in September) over it all:
As you can see my right boot has a habit of slouching, while the left does not (compare in the top picture, which I took first). I wore my brown stripey socks to help it stay up and ensure that even if it didn't (it didn't), I would still have a consistent boot shape there and I wouldn't look uneven. Boots last seen here (4 months ago? that's atrocious!).

Here's a detail of the skirt's pattern:
The name and the flower are silkscreened on the lining at the bottom of the point. For you sewers out there, dig the lovely finish on the lining edges - it's all sewn down all the way around.

The stuff:
These boots are devilish on the bottoms of my feet, and I walked in them more than I thought would have to today, so my poor dogs are howlin'. I put insoles in them when I got home. Low heels tomorrow, I promise, feets.

A close-up:
I've had that necklace for about 7 years - I bought it at Plum. It used to have matching earrings, but they killed my ears so I got rid of them. I also removed the little crochet-covered balls that were in the necklace - they didn't look right.

Coat (B.U.M. Equipment, thrifted), sweater (Max Studio), mustard tee (Mexx), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), socks (can't remember, got them at The Bay over a year ago), boots (Le Chateau, consignment), belt, necklace and earrings (Plum).


  1. Ooo, so dramatic! I really like the skirt, it's so fun. How did the meeting go?

  2. Nevermind that it looks like Packers colors (I know you're a football fan, and I DO live in Bears country), I really like the green sweater layered over the yellow top!

    I think I'm taking a break from challenges right now. I did a 30x30 and No Repeats, and I even considered doing the winter 30x30 in February, but I'm not ready for limits again. I'll be happy to watch you take part though :)

  3. Oh. My. Goddess. I full-on agree that skirt is the freaking bomb. (yes, I am enjoying my trip back to 1999)

    Also, you are a master thrifter/consignment shopper. I daydream about following you around your city on a shopping day. Or, you know, about going shopping with you instead of stalking you.

  4. Oh my God !
    Love, love, Love this !!!!!!!!!!!
    The skirt with the belt slung to the side, the killer boots.......
    too great and very inspiring.
    It's outfits like this that get my juice flowing !

  5. !!!! Omg, Sheila! I love that skirt. I love the whole outfit. It's got a very Link (from the Zelda video games) look. I want to photoshop a broadsword into your hand.

    I generally opt out of capsules, 'diets' and challenges. I'll self-challenge occasionally, but my wardrobe is downright compared to many fashion bloggers. I remix the best I can with all of my wardrobe. I think I'll be doing more personal challenges come spring though.

  6. The skirt is amazing. Having read Megan Mae's comment above, I now want to see it with a broadsword!

  7. Such a great skirt Sheila. You are so creative with outfits. I love it!

  8. That really is an amazing skirt. I like the pattern.

  9. Thanks, Alison! The meeting was good - this group has been going on for a couple of years (as opposed to the other group, which is brand new).

    Oops, sorry, Anne! I'll see if I can do some Bears colours for you. ;) Yeah, I hear ya - challenges can be exhausting.

    Da bomb! Thanks, A-Dubs (did you know that phrase goes back to at least the 60s? I know that Parliament used it in their lyrics). I would love to shop with you one day!

    Ha, Reva, thank you! I was thinking of you while I looked for leather pants!

    Thanks, Megan! I actually have a broadsword, you know. I'll take a picture of it today. That's cool re: the challenges - they aren't everyone's cup of tea. :)

    Thanks, Kelly - I'll do a broadsword today (although the effect will be different with a different outfit, haha).

    Thanks, Kim!

    Rebecca, thanks, me too.

  10. The "full Shelia"! Bwahahaha! You remind me of an extra from "Robin Hood"... fab!

  11. For some reason I find this look very "medieval", maybe the colors, the skirt ?
    I really want to see you pull the challenge in that skirt !
    Certainly I will be joining !!

  12. Truly a lovely, artistic and covetable skirt- but I also want to give a round of applause to your fabulous sweater (you have some GREAT sweaters!) and the ultra groovy (I wanted to time travel, too!) mustardy Mexx t-shirt, which doesn't get enough credit for being such a versatile piece and bitchin' (yay, again!) color...

  13. Thanks, 'Doll...I think! ;)

    Lorena, yes, I agree. I am excited to see how I can wear this for the challenge - oh, awesome, I'm glad you're in it!

    Thanks, Rita! I am really fussy about sweaters because I'm so...erm...gifted in the boobular region. They have to be just right. Hee, love your time travel lingo, baby!

  14. I'm making a note of the Smoking Lily brand. Totally unfamiliar with it, but will begin to look for it. Is it a Canadian or American label?

  15. I've never seen anything LIKE that skirt before...It's wonderful! It BREATHES possibilities!

    'Course your jewelry & accessories are amazing, too...

  16. Terri, it's a Canadian brand - they do have a website that you can purchase on. They're known for using natural fabrics and doing quirkly silkscreens.

    Rebecca, it's the coolest thing, isn't it? I couldn't resist it when I saw it. Thanks!


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