Sunday, January 16, 2011

In My Comfort Zone

I'm gradually rolling out all my Plum goodies that I picked up last week. First up: this top/dress that didn't grab me on the initial run through the store:
When I scout a store with the intent to buy and/or try on stuff, I grab all the things that immediately leap out to me. Then, for my second go-round, I pull out things that intrigue me, scare me (yes!), or are a little outside my comfort zone (especially if they're on sale). You never know until you try things on!

I loved how this dress fit, and I'm totally (dude!) having an 80s flashback with the batwing sleeves.
There are two zippers off the neckline that sit at the shoulders - you can't see them very well in these pictures (sorry). It made for a very forgiving and comfortable outfit.

This is a very thin viscose knit (nice and soft, with some stretch), although the material is a bit see-through. I kept pulling down the hem when I was walking. Good thing the tights are thick! I think I might wear this with my skinny black trousers. The dress was $23, regular $85.

I wore this to my regular Weight Watchers meeting (I hadn't been in six weeks, what with being sick, going to Florida, Christmas, New Year's, and visiting L's folks) - it was perfect and light for my weigh-in. Only gained 0.6 lbs over the holiday season (and considering the amount of booze and junk food I consumed, that's amazing), but that has strengthened my resolve to exercise more.

I bought one of the WW workout kits: Punch! it's called. It's a DVD and a set of weighted gloves, and it has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced kick-boxing/boxing moves. I did the Beginner mode (30 min) yesterday and I was actually sweating!

I did my fab yellow leather jacket over all this business:
All dressed up for lunch with L after my meeting. He dressed nice for me too (in his skinny purple jeans), and one of our regular waitresses, Sarah, asked us what the special occasion was. Heh, just bein' with my sweetie.

The stuff:
These boots have earned their price tag a dozen times over (I got them new, on consignment for $79.99).

Jacket (Danier leather), dress (Kensie), boots (Aldo, consignment), necklace (The Bay), earrings Aldo Accessories).


  1. First, I love the grey with the yellow! That dress is a great find!
    Also, I just started a kick boxing cardio class on Your Shape for Kinect, and I'm loving it. The work out was so fun and went by so fast, I was shocked when the one hour: "Feeling tired? Don't forget to take a break and drink some water" warning came up!! I love the idea of weighted gloves!!

  2. Thanks, Cara! I've been wanting to do something for my upper body strength (I hate classes) and I've had success with videos at home serveral years ago, so this looked fun. I like the boxing moves and the weighted gloves are great (not too heavy and they stay put).

  3. I love the yellow jacket with that outfit, such a fun pop! Love the dress too. Before I turned 30 I did kick boxing for the first time. It'll kick your ass, but is a great workout for sure. I was in the best shape of my life that summer. But, exercise obsession will do that to you.

  4. What's Molly Ringwald doing on your blog? :)

    The weighted gloves are a great idea. I do something similar exercising with light free-weights. Keeping our bodies in shape is incredibly important. Glad to see you promote it.

  5. I love this! The blue grey looks amazing with the yellow jacket. It's a like an 80s punk reboot done right.

    Good luck with the work out! I need to look into something and get active again.

  6. OOOOOHHHH i remember wearing batwing/dolman sleeves in the 80's- the top/dress looks super comfy and i adore it with the yellow.

    Good for you starting a new fitness endeavor- i am with you on the no class- like to do my own thing instead.

  7. Sweet dress. I am impressed with the weight control over the holidays!!

    I controlled the eating fairly well, but haven't had the courage to step on the scale. I'm judging by the way things continue to fit. Used to keep a few things for those weeks in the winter where I gained an extra five or so.

  8. With your slender body, you can carry off the plaid & batwing sleeves without it looking like a tent!

    Don't know how I missed your previous post, but I noticed your hair color in THIS one. I like it!

    Congrats on good self-control over holidays! Punch ON!

  9. Sheila,
    Just wanted to invite you to join the third annual capsule wardrobe challenge. Details posted on my blog today.
    Jane X

  10. Thanks, Alison - I am excited to advance beyond the Beginner phase!

    Shy, lol, you're so funny - when I was a teen, Molly was my idol. Exercise is hugely important to me, since my dad died young, and with my own health and weight issues.

    Thanks, Megan! Hopefully the weather will cooperate in your part of the world!

    Alecia, I know - major flashback, eh? Thanks - classes are such a hassle.

    Thanks, Terri - it was hard! Sometimes the fit of clothes makes a big difference - I don't keep any bigger clothes, because I know how easy it is to fall into that trap of ever-bigger clothes.

    Me too, Freeda!

    Rebecca, oh, you are too kind! Yup, my hair is really bright right now. Thanks!

    Jane, thank you for stopping in! I am in for the Challenge!

  11. Yes, yes, that dress totally rocks !
    AND YES, I totally agree with Ralph, you are the Canadian Molly Ringwald.

  12. The dolman sleeve is giving me flashbacks! I like the dress much better under that amazing jacket. I've been seeing a lot of yellow on blogs lately... and really wish I could wear it.

  13. 'Doll, totally! I like it better with the jacket too. Why not try yellow shoes or a bangle? Even a yellow belt!

  14. So the first time I wandered to your blog I thought 'She's too daring for me' and wandered back away. When I clicked today, I wondered 'Why have I not been following this girl!?!' Funny how much my style and comfort zone have changed since I started blogging :-)

    Your hair color is faboo, by the way. Thanks for being daring enough to show your dyeing process. My 1-yearl-old son cries when I try to pick him up during the '25 minutes'.

  15. Aw, thank you for following and for commenting, Goose, nice to meet you! I know, I used to be a lot more conservative when I started blogging back in 2008 too! Ha, my cat gives me a wild look when I have the dye in.

  16. I love the outfit. You pulled it off amazingly.

  17. I like the shorter length on you--course you should know me by now--I am all about the legs!

  18. Thanks, Kim!

    Thanks, Paula - the sheerness bugged me more than the shortness!


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