Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday WW Group - Teal and Purple (and Some Pictures of Inigo)

Apparently my Fluevogs caused quite a stir last week! I had many comments on them today, so I have promised to wear a different pair of shoes every week to my Tuesday Weight Watchers Group. Good thing I have the blog to refer to!

I pulled together today's outfit from some of my new Plum purchases:
Yes, I know the tights are more blue than teal, but whatever, I think they go just fine. The cardigan is new - it was 50% off, so $24. It's a nice cotton and spandex blend, so washable (yay!). It's the same brand and similar cut to this green cardi (warning, picture-heavy post) I picked up second hand last year.

The cardigan is a nice basic in a good colour, but my love is for the skirt - it's got pockets!
Plus, it's purple, it's brocade, it's designed and made in Canada - and it was $25, regular $85. Sweet!

Also, check out the nice waist detail:
It criss-crosses in the front - isn't that awesome? You can also see the 3 black sparkly buttons on the side, just above the zip.

The stuff:
These are the shoes I bought for my birthday back in October - only worn them once (here).

Oops, forgot to put my new belt in the photo:
It's the same purple as the skirt, also from Plum, and was $4 (and it's leather).

Because I was wearing a black cami under the cardi, I was going to go with all black or all-silver jewelry, but when I started poking around in my jewelry box, I found this fabulous silver bracelet that L gave me (again, for my birthday, I think):
I quite liked the pops of red in it and the ring. You can also see the 3 black sparkly buttons on the skirt - they're roses! What a cool detail. I love stuff like that.

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (Esprit), skirt (Plum), tights (can't remember), shoes (Me Too), belt (Plum), bracelet (gift from L), ring (gift from Cindy), earrings (over 15 years old).

Inigo has been hanging out on this box lately (it's the one that was full of recycling, which has now been emptied and is sitting on its side):
I love his dear little white paws.

I changed out of my "good" clothes when I got home, and into my "house" clothes. I got this long-sleeved grey tee yesterday in a thrift store for $7.50. I put the cami I had on with the work outfit over top of it, and tossed on my black jeans. I was laughing at Inigo. See why?
Rar! Attack of the monster kitty!

Grey top (Jacob, thrifted), cami (Esprit), jeans (Dish).

I got another shipment of supplies from WW today. Inigo wasted no time in jumping in the box:


  1. Inigo! Such a cutie.
    Purple and teal is one of my favorite color combinations. Very Daphne from Scooby-Doo, in an awesome way.

  2. What a bold and lovely outfit. I sampled blue tights (upcoming on my blog) but felt very self-conscious in them. The skirt is most excellent and that last photo of the kitty--too cute.

  3. Rad, he totally is. I love the combo too - but Daphne did two shades of purple with a lime green scarf.

    Terry, thanks! Oh, I can't wait to see your blue tights - I love colours on my legs (a holdover love from the 80s, I'm sure).

  4. Adore the skirt! The details are what really make it. The color combo is great too. I love all over colorful outfits. Is the cardi the same color as the shoes? It looks like it from the photos.

    Hooray for kitty pictures. Cute cats brighten my day. I swear your Inigo reminds me of my Gomez. Both are box addicts! (Although I think cats and boxes are like pb&j)

  5. I love white cat paws.

    Skirts with pockets are always fabulous, and I like the purple color.

  6. Thanks, Megan, agreed, it's all about the details. Yes, the cardi is almost identical in colour to the shoes. Re: kitties, same here. Do you read Maru?

    Rebecca, thanks!

  7. Awww, kitty cat in a box. I love that.
    Marvellous skirt.
    Your eye for detail, in this outfit and in this post? Second to none.

  8. Aww, Inigo! How adorable :)

    And wow, this is an awesome color combo! I own a lot of purple and teal, so maybe I'll play around with that myself and hopefully come up with something even half as cute!

  9. Ooo, I'm loving the colors very nice and vibrant. I'm trying so hard to dress nicely at home. I'm home all the time...(I'm working from home now) It's good, but I miss dressing for a job, kinda. Something to think about when I hit my goal weight, buy clothes for my life, not the "life" in my head... I've lost 7lbs though and that feels good, hopefully when I weigh-in on Thursday it will be more than that!!

  10. Thanks for the awesome photo!
    and I LOVE this outfit, from the jewel-tones to the gorgeous jewelery!
    I covet that bracelet !!!
    Also, thanks so much for you wonderful comments.
    though comments/followers don't make a blog neither "good" nor "bad" it sure does light me up to see them ;)
    Also, i love the lines of this look and may have to copy you. i have no defined waist nor butt and the draping of this skirt adds just the right amount of "booty" ;)

  11. That last photo of Inigo is absolutely adorable!

  12. I love it when you post kitty pictures. I can't stop taking pics of my Snooker, he always finds some silly place to pose.

    It's hilarious that you keep track of Daphne's outfits and know which shades of purple she wears!

  13. Inigo is a hoot. Any boxes that come through our house also become cat-property.

    Yay for teal and purple twins!

  14. 'Attack of the monster kitty' Indigo is finding a different way to get in your fashion shoot!

    He is a very handsome boy - so cute in the new box.

  15. I just love this outfit, the colors are beautiful together!

    I'm glad to see different shoes every week! I have to live a "cute shoes" life vicariously. You and your Fluevogs are my pick!

    I've never seen Fluevogs... are they only on the west coast?

  16. Thanks, Kelly! Aw, you're too kind.

    Anne, isn't he the sweetest? Thanks - I love rich colours together.

    Thanks, Alison. Yeah, it's hard to motivate to dress nice when you're at home. That's awesome! 7 lbs is great! You should set yourself a "buy new clothes" reward for when you hit your goal!

    Reva, thanks, glad you like it. I love the bracelet too - it's so rich-looking. Same here re: followers - I try not to focus on them too much. I do love the bubble shape of this skirt because of the great waist definition.

    Thanks, Anonymous.

    Tanya, I can't resist taking pictures of him - he's just so cute. Oh, I don't keep track of Daphne, I just watched the show a lot when I was a kid.

    Thanks, Sal! I love seeing your kitties. Yay!

    Northmoon - I love that picture. He's sitting on that same box.

    Thanks, 'Doll! Fluevogs are worldwide, but they're still small - Google them. They have a great online shop, and have a big sale on now.

  17. I like the outfit - especially the details at the skirt's waistline!

    'Course the jewelry & shoes are fab, as always. Great belt, too...

  18. Esta espectacular Sheila !
    This outfit is perfect. Perfect.
    So perfect I almost forgot you didn't speak Spanish.
    OH and Inigo is looking mighty handsome, if I may say.

  19. Why do cats love boxes?

    That skirt is such a perfect shape; have been searching for that all year--what a score!

    the other color combo sound great too...Paula

  20. Thanks, Rebecca - I love that too. It's details like that that I really look for.

    Lorena, thank you so much! I can read that much Spanish. :) Inigo says thank you. *purrrrr*

    Wendy, I've thought of doing a blog for Inigo, actually...

    Paula, I don't know - I do know that Inigo rarely plays with anything other than pens and boxes! Thanks!

  21. Those colors are FABULOUS. Love how they are just poppin' off my screen.


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