Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tick Tock, High Socks

Gah, I am so tired of being sick. I demand that I be well when I wake up tomorrow! Didn't the Sick Gods get my memo? I put a cover on it and everything!

Mom came by and took me for lunch today, so I thought I'd put on something that would be fit to be seen in public:
I really didn't want anything being too tight or constricting, so I went with tights, a baggy dress and thigh-high socks.

I felt so daring with the socks - but the tights helped keep them from being too risque. I picked the socks up in Florida in the store on the main floor of our hotel.

I've worn the dress many times before (last seen here), and those are my trusty black riding boots.
The socks have little buttons on the sides that are sewn with red thread. I quite like the effect, but two of the buttons have already popped off. The socks themselves remind me of sock monkeys.

I wore this new watch pendant that I got last week:
It was half price at Plum, for $14.00. I never wear a watch, so this is great for those few times when I actually need to keep time...or when I feel like playing with a menswear look. Groovy, eh?

Dress (Max Studio), boots (Aldo, consignment), socks (Steve Madden), watch pendant (Plum).


  1. Cute dress! I like the laid back so cute for lunch of this look. I hope you are feeling better soon!! Or, by noon, which is what I almost wrote...

  2. Sock monkey thigh highs just seem so warm and cozy! I could go for a pair of those!

    And I feel your pain... I tell myself every night I'm going to wake up the next morning without hives, and thus far I haven't been successful. However, hope and determination are a must!

  3. Right on, man! Love the socks. As we used to say: "Sock it to me!"

  4. Simple and chic! I am sorry to hear you're still sicky, but I hope those killer socks cheered you up.

  5. Sheila, You look fab for being sick! Feel better soon!

  6. Simply awesome. I love the watch pendant.

    Feel better soon! It really sucks being sick. Drink hot tea and rest~♥

  7. I like the new watch! Here's hoping you're back to feeling like yourself again soon.

  8. Great watch! That'd be so handy for the very few times I don't wear a wrist watch.

    I've been sick the past couple of days too. Actually, it seems like everyone's sick now. Ugh! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  9. I've gotta take a page out of your book. All my tall socks end up scrunched down, worn with short boots!

  10. You look pretty good to be sick..
    I think God misplaced you memo and mine, I have been coughing and feeling bad all of this new year.

  11. Thanks, Alison! By noon would be good.

    Cara, they were, although I did change out of this pretty quickly. I hope you get better soon, hon!

    Shybiker, ha, yes, from "Laugh In", right?

    Wendy, alas, no, and there is my failing.

    Rad, thanks! Real sock monkeys would have been good.

    Thanks, Lesa!

    Megan, thanks! Hot tea, good plan.

    Terri, thanks! I hope so too.

    Anne, thanks, I love it too. Get better, you.

    But you always look amazing, Sal! I'd love to see how you rock thigh-high socks.

    Aw, thanks, Lorena! Who can we blame for the missing memo?

  12. I love love love my pocketwatch pendant necklace and wear it constantly. Yours looks like it will have a lot of versatility too. (Love that chain!)


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