Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Outfits - Fuschia and Skulls

I did a little once-over of Plum's close-out sale (still a few weeks to go), as they're still getting stock in for clearance before they close. I found this sweet, skull-licious cashmere blend cardigan:
That's the kind of quirky thing I adore: funky but still a classic shape and material. It was regular $88 on sale for $26.

Coincidently, I'd just picked up this skirt the weekend before for a whopping $7.00. The thrift store I found it in had slotted it into their regular (as opposed to "boutique" or name brand) section. The regular stuff is all the same price (i.e. all skirts are $7), whereas boutique items are individually priced, and usually more expensive. The clerk was surprised that this had not been marked as boutique but score! for me!

I love that there is just enough fuschia in the skirt for it to go with the cardigan. I wore this outfit for my weekly WW weigh-in (woot! down 1.2!) and then out for lunch after.

Check out the back of the cardi:
There's a skull with a red bow! How awesome! That led to me doing a red cami underneath, as there was a bit of red in the skirt's pattern too. The skirt is a satin-finished polyester. Very flowy.

The back of the cardi detail:
Oh, that just makes me giggle with delight. A skull with a bow!

The stuff:
The shoes are also new - they're Aldo, leather and were priced at $32 in my favourite consignment store. Fortunately, I had a $30 credit from my last clothing trade-in, so that made these cheapy-cheapy.

Unfortunately, they are a smidge too tight. The woven leather will stretch out over time - that's a given - but the heels rubbed like nobody's business. So....I took an X-acto knife to the edges of the heel and made two incisions on either side of the vertical heel seam. Ahhhhhh...much better. It means these won't be worth consigning when I'm done with them, but you know what? They're gold kitten heels! I'm going to wear them to death!

Edit: Okay, here's how I do this. I DO NOT recommend you do this yourself unless you want to run the risk ruining your shoes (if you cut too deeply, it can wreck them - I've had it happen). I do not take responsibility for what you decide to do to your shoes.

This is my hobby knife/X-acto blade. I've indicated by the red arrows where I made the cuts:
I have cut through the stitching around the edge of the shoe deliberately, because that tends to be where the heels are tightest.

A close-up:
I'm pulling the edges of the cuts apart slightly so you can see how much extra stretch this "repair" gives.

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (Mexx), skirt (Dex, thrifted), shoes (Aldo, consignment), earrings (gift from L).

I did some cleaning out of the den earlier this week in preparation for the Winesday clothing swap this weekend. Inigo took the opportunity to hop into an empty bag.
Aw, what a cutie-patootie!

For Winesday on Saturday night, I swapped the skirt for my comfy jeans:
Inigo doesn't want me to go.

I traded my earrings for these new ones I also picked up at Plum (regular $33, on sale for $3):
Also wore my Club Monaco wrist-wrap.

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (Mexx), jeans (Seven7, swap from Caro), booties (Miz Mooz), belt (Plum), earrings (Plum), wrist-wrap (Club Monaco).


  1. Love the cardi--it's very "you"! Would you show close-up pics of exactly where and how you cut the backs of tight shoes? For the life of me I can't picture what you're talking about, and as a fellow bargain-lover it seems like a trick that might come in handy.

  2. That skull cardigan is so edgy and I really like how you re-mixed it from dress to jeans. I love doing that because I get so much wear out of my clothes.
    I am one of your new followers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Your cat is so cute. I have two doggies.


  3. The skirt was a fantastic find. I want dibs on it when you are ready to part with it!

  4. Kitty in a bag! I can't get enough of the cutie-pie. Speaking of cute, I love that cardigan! I love how your outfit is so classic and respectable and then, BOOM! Skulls! Love it!

  5. Thanks, Christa! I have edited the post to add pictures of what I did to my shoes.

    Thanks, JT! I love that "bad girl" rocker edge, and mixing it with dressy and casual just makes it better. Thank you so much for following - I really appreciate it. :)

  6. Really cute and I'm really loving the color combo in the skirt, very pretty. Awesome weigh-in too! Good for you!

  7. I applaud your willingness to alter your shoes yourself. I alter my clothes frequently because (1) they don't fit my body and (2) I bought them so cheap at a thrift-store that there's nothing to lose.

    I've never worn kitten-heels. They're very cute. I should look for a pair. Thanks for being my role-model and inspiration. Again!

  8. Thanks, Terri! It's got your name on it for when I get tired of it. ;)

    C&B, thanks! That's the trick I like to do - a bit of the ol' unexpected.

    Thanks, Alison!

    Shy, thank you - so many things just don't fit right, so if it's an easy solution and I'm willing to take the risk, I'll go for it. I really like kitten heels, but I know a lot of women don't like the way they feel when you walk (the balance of the heel is different than a regular heel).

  9. I love that skirt. What a score! Great tip on the shoes. I may try it since me feet officially grew with the pregnancy and it seems like I can't fit a lot of my pre-baby shoes.

  10. Thanks, Hillary! Nice to see you! You're pregnant? Holy smokes, congrats!

  11. That cardi is awesome...but I'm most jealous of those gold kitten heels...I, too, would wear the crap out of them!

    Inigo? Like Inigo Montoya? You killed my father, prepare to die??

  12. I was so excited when you mentioned you had a solution to rubbing heels - they are the bane of my existence. Alas, my issue is that my heels are freakishly narrow (seriously, it's caused quite a number of shoe salespeople to throw their hands up in despair when trying to fit me), so your trick won't work for me. Too bad, it's ingenious!

  13. Thanks, Goose. Back in the late 80s, my girlfriend had a pair like this...I wanted them so much!

    Cara, aw, sorry. You can get those heel gripper things - I've used them a bit. This solution is better for when the shoe is too tight (as these are on me).

  14. I don't know where to begin.
    Where first of all Inigo pictures are SO CUTEEEEEEE.
    That being said that skull+bow cardi is fabulous I would have picked it up toooo!!!!
    And i really like how you did the two outfits with the same tops...
    Now, on to the shoes... I had never even IMAGINED this could be done... you wise woman.

  15. Wow, that's some super cute stuff you've picked up for a steal! And this outfit gives me a perfect formula to use if I ever get into the bold world of pattern mixing. Great colors, and the skull with a bow is just killing me! How cool!

    And way to go on that 1.2 (pounds or kg?)!

  16. Skulls??? Purple??? Cashmere??? I'm DYING of envy here!!!

    Fabulous worn every way :-D

  17. Goose, I didn't even answer your question, so sorry: yes, he was named after Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride" (one of our favourite movies). He's very brave and daring!

    Thanks, Lorena - glad you enjoy the pictures. I don't know if cutting one's shoes is particularly "wise", but it works!

    Anne, thanks! That's 1.2 pounds. I wouldn't know a kilogram if it bit me, ha!

    Trystan, I knew you would love this. Thanks!

  18. okay, i am officially in LOVE with your skirt. and the bow on the skull? get out. that's adorable. great look; i love reading about your finds.
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog)

  19. Thanks, Wendy!

    Brittney, thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciate it. You have some great looks!

  20. I want that cardigan. If you ever need to delete it from your wardrobe let me know!

  21. I love the pattern mixing with the skirt. That cardi is just all around awesome! Who knew cute skulls could be such a versatile piece :)

  22. I see Trystan has already seen this post! The first thing I thought was "Don't let T see the cardigan... She'll hunt you down and try to snatch it off your back!" ;)

    Clever way of dealing with the shoes, btw! Never occurred to me to split the back of the heel a little bit to prevent chaffing. I have this problem with almost every single pair of shoes I own and have the scars to prove it!

  23. Thanks, Kim, but you know it would be huge on you. :)

    Thanks so much, Iris! I know, pushing the envelope with skulls, ha ha!

    Hi, Sarah, Lorraine, thank you for commenting and for following. :) Yes, Trystan and skulls - I knew she would be all over this cardi! Aw, your poor heels. As I said, don't do this unless you want to risk ruining your shoes, but better the shoes than your feet!

  24. Hi Sheila, so happy to see you are still out there with your great style and wisdoms! Good for you! Karen /Of a Certain Age

  25. I love paisley, but mix it with a skull sweater? Be still my beating heart! Fabulous!!!!!

  26. Hi, Karen, great to see you! Thank you!

    Thanks, Jodi! I had to have the sweater when I saw it.


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