Thursday, January 6, 2011

Come Walk With Me

I refuse to be sick, so even though I was exhausted when I dragged myself out of bed this morning, I put on my many layers of walking gear and left the house.

And it was raining. I deserve a medal or something!

It's grey and rainy on the West coast - that's just how it is this time of year. Could be worse: could be snow! I was really happy to see this forsythia trying valiantly to bloom:
And just to completely refute the myth that Canada is covered in snow, here's a palm tree:
I like the twisty gnarled tree in the foreground.

I have a thing for twisty trees and other foliage:
Isn't that awesome?

After I did a couple of kilometres through residential neighbourhoods, I finally hit the water:
That is the Pacific Ocean, baby! On clear days, that grey horizon line is the Olympic Mountains, and sometimes you can even see the US city at the base of them. Today, just a harbour plane coming in, and a big barge on the right.

I approach the coast with this on my right/back as I follow the shore turning left:
I love the weathered cliffs and inlets. The tide was really high today, but there's still lots of beach to walk on. I see at least one brave soul getting some exercise down there.

I took this shot looking down from the edge of one of the cliffs:
Oooh, that's a long way down. Back away, Danger-Prone Sheila!

This little point is popular for tourists:
It's also awesome for kite-flying and, when you're a teenager, "watching the submarine races". Heh, heh, which I know my mom and dad used to do. Sorry to break it to you, Mom, but I also parked down here a few times back in the day. Ah, memories.

Looking backwards:
Some days I head that way instead, but there's usually a lot of people out walking their dogs.

Way out in the straights, there's a small island with an unmanned lighthouse.
I would like to live in a lighthouse, maybe for a little while, like a year. Would you? I'd get caught up on all my reading.

This bay was really calm today. The last time I was out here, the waves were almost crashing over the road.
You can see how the driftwood gets pushed up.

The waves push it right up to the left side - there were lots of little bits of wood and kelp there.
Looking back to the point:
Waterlogged cedar and deep orange arbutus tree trunks. That large pebble texture is typical of a lot of beaches on the coast. Not exactly sand, but it's still nice on the feet in the summer.

I liked this long string of kelp:
Kelp's a type of seaweed, in case you didn't know.

Coming up on the deepest curve of the bay:
This is a hugely popular area for tour buses, people showing off our coastline, and exercisers. Not so many today - it was really pouring by now (about 1/2 an hour into my walk - this is the halfway point).

Check out this ginormous tree trunk:
That's a yellow double-decker tour bus coming around the bend. Even in January we have tourists.

Remember the graveyard I strolled through back in June? This is the view from the water:
One day, I'm sure the graveyard will start slipping into the sea - a few good storms should do it.

I watched these little black and white ducks going underwater for up to 20 seconds, looking for food:
Floating log for scale. When I was a kid, those logs were gold - so fun to ride on! But lots of splinters (cedar's terrible for that), and brrrr...this water is COLD.

I couldn't resist this cool driftwood "composition":
On the left is one of several rock berms that were constructed years ago to help keep the bay from eroding and causing coffin catastrope (as noted above).

Looking back at where I've come from:
Because that's always useful to do, literally and metaphorically.

I headed back home through more residential neighbourhoods (nothing exciting), cold and wet but at least I got in an hour's good exercise. Go, me!

We have a brief strata meeting tonight and I'm sure my patient husband is getting tired of seeing me in my robe or ratty jeans, so I dressed properly:
My corduroy skirt (last seen here), a simple top, a tweed jacket (last worn last February!) and tights - it looks deceptively dressy, but the soft shapes are actually very comfy. I did laundry in this (sans shoes).

Added a couple of accessories to amp up the excitement factor ("she's wearing real clothes!"):
It felt weird to be dressed. L was rather startled.

The stuff:
I distributed some of the shoes from my closet clean-out last week - not many of my friends have my size feet (size 9 to 9.5 to 10 or a Euro size 40), so whenever gals that size come over, I give away shoes that I've grown tired of. My friend Alison passed these ones along to thank me. They're Farylrobin (swoon, why can't I have unlimited shoes?). I like the little robin cutouts and the pale pink backing.

L bought me this cool necklace the other day while we were out:
"We'll always have Paris." The other side is a chandelier.

I added one of my new Plum belts to the outfit:
I think this was about $7 on clearance. I love the studs (they go all the way around). The belt's a bit long, so I knotted the long end.

Jacket and skirt (both Jacob Connexion, both consignment), top (RW & Co., swap from Ruth), shoes (Farylrobin, swap from Alison), belt (Plum), rose pin (Roberta's Hats), necklace (Lavishy).


  1. WOW! That was a fantastic narration! I felt like I was there with you. Well done!
    Also the outfit is faboo again, and LOVE the robins on/in the shoes!

  2. Great pics; its wonderful not to see snow....ugh
    love the little cordoroy skirt--and great shoes!

  3. The ruffle details on the top are lovely, and I enjoy how you paired these colors together.
    I love Canada's pacific coast. I spent a few months there and I was really really happy.

  4. Scott is usually shocked too when he comes home and I'm dressed! Sometimes, I can easily convince him to take me shopping to take advantage of the fact I'm dressed. You should try to get L on the same plan!

    I love the teal with the burnt orange - two colours I wasn't expecting to like together!!

  5. Looks like you may be feeling better--I like this tour of your coastline. Vancouver? I wear the same size shoe as if you ever have a pair with no takers, keep me in mind. :)

  6. What a lovely walk. Even in the rainy greyness, your town has a quiet beauty that looks like fun to explore.

    Love the new shoes. Between you and Sal, I feel like I need more color in my life.

  7. Thanks, Sara! I know, the little robins are awesome.

    Paula, thanks! Nope, we hardly ever get snow.

    Iris, thanks!

    Rad, thanks - I've done similar combos before (I think). Yeah, I don't think I could live away from the coast. I love the ocean.

    Cara, it's fun to shake up the hubby, isn't it? Nah, I wouldn't put L on the spot like that, but maybe I can use this to my advantage other ways... Thanks!

    Terri, I am! It's almost Van...on the island just west (I don't mention the name). Ooh, I will drop you a line next time I have some shoes.

    Thanks, Megan, I love my town. More colour is always good!

  8. Interesting pictures and story. Your blog is always entertaining.

    And your outfits never fail. How do you do that? I find useful ideas in every one.

  9. Thanks for taking us on a walk with you! You live in a really pretty place.

    I know what you mean about wearing shoes that size. Too bad we don't live closer, we could trade shoes.

  10. Thank you for that nice stroll and you ARE my hero, walking out in such weather.
    Whenever I can I walk to work as you appreciate things in a different way as when you are driving...
    BTW I really like those shoes :)

  11. It's beautiful where you are - even in the damp greyness - I would love to live near the coast! (and hubby would love to live in Canada!)

    Now, I just wanted to say, I happen to be a Euro size 40...... you know, just in case..... ;-)

  12. i LOVE your walks. i'm well known for walking as much as possible. if we're ever in the same town we NEED to do a nice walk - this one, with it's neighborhood/nature combo, is my fave type to go on. i think ~ your walks when we're on a good one, or when i'm walking and spot some great looking clothes : )

    (btw, those look like Common Goldeneyes to me - swanky ducks!)

    i'm glad you're at least feeling good enough to go walking - nothing beats getting out and about when you've been cooped up and feeling crummy for a while. & i love that slim stud belt over the detailed knit top - lovely details! take care and have fun, steph

  13. That was a fabulous walk. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. I was so calm by the end of the walk and then, - BIRD SHOES!!!! They are wonderful. Lovely outfit too in a great palette. You look healthy and cheerful - I trust you are recovered now?

  14. I wish you and I lived closer, because I wear a size 10 shoe! I'd love to come over for shoes :)

    What a nice setting for your walk! I think if I spent an hour briskly walking I could probably get to Lake Michigan and back, so I should try that someday. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  15. I agree with the other comments (size 9s and up, unite)--if you don't have any takers, I'd surely wouldn't mind trading shoes ;)!

  16. Thanks, Shy! Oh, I have "fail" outfits (and I do show them), but I try to think my outfits through so that they fully work before I wear them.

    Thanks, Lisa! Sounds like there are a lot of us with big feet!

    You're very welcome, Lorena! Glad you enjoyed it. I really love walking places. Thanks!

    Thanks, Tat - it doesn't always FEEL beautiful, but I know it truly is. Ha! Too bad you're not closer, or I would be sending shoes your way, m'dear. ;)

    Aw, thanks, Steph! We will do a walk one day, I'm sure (we will eventually make our way back to San Fran area someday). I knew you'd know the ducks, thanks!

    Thanks, Baxter! I love the details on the shoes too. I am feeling a lot better - thanks.

    Aw. Anne, wouldn't that be cool? I'm always so excited when I find someone who is my size! You should totally walk to Lake Michigan (wow!).

    laniza, thank you for commenting! Too bad you're so far away, or I would trade shoes!

  17. You live in such a beautiful area. Love the new shoes and your outfit is a great come back for getting dressed. Beautiful!!

  18. So glad you are out walking! Do you miss your daily commute?

    Even overcast and wintery, there's a lot to see. I imagine on a sunny day and in other seasons it's even more amazing. Keep walking by and keep taking photos of it!

  19. Alison, I do - I'm really lucky! Thanks so much!

    Kristen, I try to get out as often as I can - yeah, I really miss the daily walks! It's hard to drag myself out. I will keep walking and show off some of my other favourite areas, thank you.


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