Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Outfits - and Some New Stuff

Whew! Monday already! Where does the time go?

I got dressed twice this weekend (aside from lounging around in my robe). Once, for my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh-in:
Down 0.6! Woo hoo!

I've worn this dress a billion times...okay, I may be prone to exaggeration. Those are my Tsubo Acreas (last worn back in July). I wore them walking around town all afternoon (I hit two more thrift stores and have all kinds of cheap goodies).

Dress (I.N.C.), shoes (Tsubos).

L was out of town this weekend, so Elaine and I went to see "Black Swan" (I loved the campy, over-the-top feel of it), and then went for drinks after. To go with the overwrought drama of the movie, I went with this slinky sequined tank dress:
It's one of my Plum deals from the clearance - it was regular $129.00 and I got it for $20!

(See who I'm looking at? I see a wee little head just peeking in the bottom of the picture).

I'm wearing a new-to-me cornflower blue cotton/Lycra tee that I picked up in a thrift store for $9.50 (which is probably a bit too much for H&M, but at least the tee has never been worn).

Dontcha just love the ruched sleeves?
Sorry that the photos are dark - black is the hardest to photograph at night and the flash looked ass.

Here's a better shot of the top:
I layered the tee under the dress for a bit more coverage - the necklines are the same.

But I know you're all squinting to see what the shoes look like. These are one of the sale pairs I got for $40 back in December:
Oh, *swoon*! Look at that rich purpley-blue! That part is suede, the black patent parts are patent leather. I love the stitching in the "fan" shape and the black ribbons.

The ribbons end in black leather hearts:
I had to double-knot the bows to make them stay done up.

The original price on these babies:

$139.95! Sweet! This brings my Poetic Licence collection to one, two, three, four, and now five.

Dress (Esprit), tank (H&M, thrifted), shoes (Poetic Licence).


  1. I love the green dress so pretty. I like the way you styled the sequined dress too. Makes it flashy, but not evening black tie flashy, too cute.

    The shoes are really fun!

    I went out of town this weekend. Ate cake, cookies and brownies, pasta and awesome rich breakfasts and lost the pound I gained when I stayed home and was so careful of what I ate. How's that work? I don't get it! I'm very glad, but still don't get it.

  2. Love the Acreas, but I have to ask - Are they like wearing slingbacks or do you notice the gap? I can't seem to ever keep even thicker strapped slingbacks on, so I wonder if Acreas would have the same issue.

    I love the sequined dress! It's perfect for seeing Black Swan. And those gorgeous Poetic License shoes♥ You know I love 'em. That's a really sweet deal.

  3. That sequin dress looks fantastic on you, lady! Great job on the weigh in!

  4. Those shoes are fantastic. I like the purple color.

  5. Oooh, those shoes! I'm swooning!

    The first dress is amazing, too. Great print.

  6.! I'm bluish-purple with envy.

    I really like the fit of the green dress on you and I am very impressed by wearing sequins to a film! Did Black Swan make you want to experiment with your eye makeup?

  7. INC dresses rock !!
    This looks great on you -

  8. The matching blues of outfit 2 are amazing. Great layering.
    The dress in the first picture has such a lovely pattern. Are the Tsubos' comfortable? I've been lusting after them lately.

  9. Dear Sheila,

    Please send fabulous shoes ASAP! You already have my address...


    PS I would also be demanding the awesomeness of your entire outfit, but (1) I wouldn't want to deprive you of everything and (2)(the real reason) I think we both know I have to go to WW a lot longer before that part would fit.

    hehe. You look amazing.

  10. congrats on the.6 loss- i too get really excited about ANY amount lost since i am down to the last 5 or 7 . slow going for me and sometimes difficult to stay motivated .

    Like how you wore the sequined tank dress with the ruched sleeve top underneath- nice color contrast and a little more casual- as always- you rock the most amazing shoes.

    big fan of the green dress- love the color and print AND really like the style.

  11. I don't think I've seen the green dress before. It's so pretty! Green is such a great color for you. And how have you gone so long without wearing your Tsubos? Actually, now that you mention it, mine haven't gotten a ton of wear lately either. I should fix that.

    I love your Black Swan outfit! And especially the shoes matching the top underneath that fabulous dress.

  12. Both dresses are awesome, however... those Poetic Licence shoes! Oooh-la-la!

    (I also think it's so incredibly cool that you got 'dressed' for the movie- yay!)

  13. Love that green and blue dress on you - so simple, but gorgeous :D

    What did you think of the film? I'm a proper scaredy-cat when it comes to thrillers and I'm not sure I'm brave enough!

  14. Thanks, Alison! That was my goal for the sequined dress, so I'm glad I succeeded. Ooh, that's tough when you fall off the wagon a bit...but you just get right back on there and start fresh the next day. Don't give up!

    Megan, they don't feel like slingbacks (which I usually hate because they rub my heels). They feel more like a pump. After about 6 hours, my feet hurt, but on the soles, not the heels. Thanks re: the dress! I had to have the shoes at that price!

    LaHdeM, thank you!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Shy, aren't they fabulous? Thanks!

    Terri, you're so funny. Yeah, the fit is one of the reasons why I love that green dress so much. Heh, I might have to play with my black eyeliner!

    Lorena, agreed. Thanks!

    Rad, thanks! They aren't quite a match, but close enough - the intensity is right. The Tsubos are awesome, but after walking to and from town and shopping for four hours, my feet were pretty sore. I think that's more than most people would wear them, though.

    Dear Tina, I don't think we are the same size or I would ship you my clear-outs!'ll make it, hon. Stay the course! Thanks!

    Alecia, thank you! It's tough to maintain (I'm not trying to lose, just stay under my goal), and I'm struggling right now.

    Thanks! I thought I was quite clever in my layers! I love the green dress too.

    Anne, thanks, I don't wear it as much as I used to (my closet has er...expanded quite a lot). I have too many shoes, it would seem - I need to wear my Tsubos more! Thanks - I thought it was appropriate for the movie.

    Thanks, Rita! I know, the shoes: to die for!

    Thanks, Tat! I liked the film, but there are a couple of scenes that made me cringe and look away (a fingernail coming off, for example). It isn't a horror movie at all, though, more of a psychological drama.

  15. Both dresses are so cute! The green looks comfy and soft. I really like the tied sleeves.

  16. Thanks, Charlotte! The ties are actually just stitched on - the cuffs are elastic. The ties always get in the way and I'm often tempted to cut them off.

  17. So if the new WW points system starves you to death, will you leave me those crazy shoes in your will? Pretty please? :D

  18. Yes, 'Doll, if I starve to death from WW, I will leave you these very shoes. Hee!


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