Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday WW Group - Colourama! And a General Manager

I felt discombobulated all day - maybe I wore too many colours??

I missed my bus so barely squeaked in the door of my Wednesday WW group meeting. I distracted them with my yellow boots:
Actually, ALL of me was distracting!

The top half of me is a double-shot of Ralph Lauren. The pinstripe Oxford shirt was $12.95, and the cable-knit tube top was also $12.95. Combined with the Tahari top I got last week in the "buy 2 get 1 free" deal, all three pieces worked out to just over $10 each. Not bad!

I love strapless dresses over button-down shirts and other tops (as you may know), and I also love a good bustier over a top (no, really? really?), so the sweater tube-top was a natural pick. It has a hidden boob shelf inside and a little loop inside the front centre, so I think at one point it had a halter-style tie.

This one's for Wendy B! I'm not stealing her pose - it's an homage!

You might recognize my skirt from the last time I wore it...erm, or maybe not, since I haven't worn it since March 2010 (zoiks!). I also snuck in a pair of bright blue tights underneath everything. Crazy!

Tonight, I met the General Manager of Weight Watchers Canada, Paul Schiffner. What a nice guy - and I'm sure he'll remember me (or at least my boots), ha ha!

The stuff:
I really had no choice of any other shoes aside from the yellow boots. I mean, look at that stripe in the shirt!

A close-up:
The belt is also new - thrifted for $7.00. It's suede and I love the denim colour. Made in Canada too!

I'm showing the Ralph Lauren polo symbol - this is a rare (very rare) time that I'm actually wearing a brand logo. I really don't like advertising my brands.

Tube top (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), shirt (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), skirt (Smart Set, consignment), belt (Landes, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment), ring (the Louvre), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. These colors make me so happy! Love the freshness of the yellow and green together.

  2. I like the colorful you. I think this outfit if fun and funky! I really like your strapless tops/dresses over shirts. I only have one button-down top (I know the horror!)and it's orange, so if I ever wanted to try that, I have no idea what color tube I'd look for. Maybe a nice brown?

  3. Love the boots! You make me want to wear mine! I've already told my husband that I want to do something that will involve the yellow boots! Always makes for a cheerer-upper!

  4. Great colors. The yellow boots make you look like a super hero.

  5. Wow, that's bold! I love the yellow and green together. I'm definitely going thrifting after work today, so I'll have to remember to keep my eye out for some way to add yellow to my wardrobe.

  6. Thanks, Kasmira! It's such an 80s mix, isn't it?

    Alison, me too - I love colour. I have only been a fan of button-downs for a year or so. With orange, yes, definitely brown, but also grey, black, navy, bright blue...almost anything! It's tough to find strapless bustiers, so good luck!

    Chalkdust, as a fellow yellow (hee, rhyme!) boot owner, it is your obligation to wear these in solidarity with me!

    Thanks, Rebecca! Woo! Super Sheila!

    Cara, me too - I love bright colours. I kind of look like a parrot, ha! Good luck thrifting! Glad you could dig out!

  7. Holy color, batman! So bright and fab. I think that much color would throw me off-kilter this dreary time of year. But it's fantastic! When you go big, you go bold.

  8. Very cute :) Its jenn from ww! I enjoy your blog here :)

  9. I really want to try the strapless top/dress over shirt look. I love your twist on preppy here!

  10. I know, Megan, go big or go home! I really did feel like a parrot all day.

    Hi, Jenn! I'll be right over to your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

    Kelly, it's such a fun look, thank you!

  11. I like the tube top with the skirt. DH is always clamoring for me to wear tube tops, but he is just ornery enough that I know what he would do to me...

  12. Ahhhh, I wish I'd put this picture in my pose post!

  13. how fun is your outfit! so cute.

    if you love vintage clothing and I think you just might, you should come check out our website! we add new stuff each week!


  14. You own yellow boots?? You are my new idol!!

    I never thought of putting a tube top or strapless dress over a button down....again, you are teaching me new tricks :-) What would I do without you?

  15. Thanks, Terri! Lol, that's hilarious - he really must like tube tops!

    No worries, Wendy - I missed the boat.

    Thanks for commenting, Jada and Jon!

    Goose, of course I do! Strapless over other tops is fun - try it!

  16. I have to go get a strapless top so I can try this look!
    (Not much in the boobular region= no faith in strapless top staying up= no previous purchase of one...)

    And I love the yellow boots!

  17. Rita, I hope it works for you! It's actually even better if you're smaller-boobed!


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