Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Wednesday Group, a Crazy Aunt, and Sad Shopping News

As well as my Tuesday At Work group for Weight Watchers, I'm taking on a Wednesday group until I have a full-time job again. Since both meetings are at lunch and only take an hour, I'm sure I can negotiate maintaing at least one of them while also working, and just make up any extra time I need to.

Anyway, I accompanied the Wednesday group's leader to the meeting and introduced myself as their new leader. "But Kim's like our big sister!" they protested.

"Just think of me as your crazy aunt, then, " I said. We'll see how it goes, ha!

This is what I wore: I knew I'd have to wear low heels, as I had to run a few errands. I thought I'd go with a safe pencil skirt like I did on Tuesday, but went with a bold plaid this time (last seen here).

I wore the jacket unbuttoned whenever I had my outerwear off:
I love my shiny ruched brown blouse - it's machine washable!.

The stuff:
Plaid-y goodness!

I do love a thick leather belt.

The earrings are from Plum - and on Tuesday night, I got the bad news: my local Plum store is closing!

I've gotten so many lovely items from them over the last fifteen years (I shopped there when I was 50 lbs heavier too), and I am going to be so sad to lose their presence in my city. I have always supported them as a Canadian-owned company that sold Canadian desiged and made clothing. A fond farewell to all the staff, too - they always knew my name and recognized L when he came in shopping for gifts. That's quality service. Goodbye, Plum!

However, theyare going out with a bang (like I did) and have a clear-out sale on - and of COURSE I stopped by yesterday and spent my Christmas money from my dear inlaws. I'll have to be making special trips to Vancouver now to feed my addiction!

Jacket (Jacob, consignment), blouse (Esprit), cami (InWear), skirt (Casual Corner & Co., thrifted, vintage 80s), shoes (Outline, consignment), belt (Gap), earrings (Plum).


  1. It's always sad when a company like that closes. Sounds like they had great employees. I really like your plaid skirt, I love plaid! I love a nice thick leather belt too. I especially love thrifting them.

  2. so what do you talk about at the Wed. group? Love the shirt--that ruching is a miracle, no?
    I felt like you today Sheila, btw. I dunno, it was something about the shape of the skirt.

  3. I hate when Canadian based businesses close! Of course, I'm probably the only one who is upset Zellers was bought out by Target today. Sure, it's been in American hands for a number of years already, it just feels like a Canadian establishment is slipping away.

    I love the flats!! However, I find that a kitten heel like that is as painful as some higher heels because of the small surface area!

  4. I Love the low heels ! Very chic and a Beautiful color.

  5. Sheila, I wouldn't have thought of brown with the plaid, but it REALLY works! I'm glad you showed it!

    I love the "Crazy Aunt" image. That was a good comeback to the comment they voiced.

    Soon you'll be a FAVORITE Auntie, I know!

  6. Love the skirt. I'm sure you'll win them over in no time, Sheila!

    I'm sorry to hear about one of your favorite shops closing down. Just from watching your blog I know you have many pieces from there. Maybe you'll find somewhere entirely new to you in the process of seeking out new places.

  7. Alison, it is. I hate the generification of stores and the mass-produced crap made in China that most stores carry. Thanks so much! I wish I'd thrifted this belt, but it was on super-cheap sale.

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Ha, Paula, I just noted on your blog that I have a bias-cut skirt like yours! The Wed group gets the same topics as all the groups, in every WW meeting across the US and Canada.

    Cara, oh no, I didn't know about Zellers. I had my very first job there, as a clerk over Christmas back in 1985. Regarding kitten heels, I find it really depends on the individual shoe - these ones are well-padded.

    Miss Emma, thanks!

    Rebecca, there's a touch of olive-brown in the plaid - I've pulled that colour out to go with it a few times. Ha, I'd be happy with Favourite Auntie. :)

    Megan, thanks, I hope so! *sigh* Yeah, it's the way things go these days - the malls take over, brick-and-mortar stores can't compete with online shopping...

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Fluevogs rock ! There are some great Fluevog wedge boots that I am interested in getting... eventually.

  9. You're welcome, Emma! My hubby and I make a pilgrimage to Fluevog every year and buy each other a pair. I'm drooling over which ones I need.

  10. Goddess, I love that plaid skirt. And on your dangerous smooth curves, it's wicked. 'Crazy-hot aunt, maybe!

    Also, those are some sweet red point-toe shoes.

  11. I also was surprised by the brown but it totally works! I just thrifted a plaid skirt... hope my styling of it works as well as yours. :)

  12. That's a bummer about your Plum store. But glad you were able to stock-up before they're gone!

    I had to wear plaid skirts all through elementary and high school, and have sworn them off since. But yours is making me reconsider! It's so cute! And I love it with the red shoes.

  13. Thanks, A-Dubs! I do love a good plaid.

    Freeda, sometimes it's not really about the matchy, but about the "going". Good luck with your skirt - I'll watch for it!

    Wendy, so true!

    Anne, yeah, very sad. Ah, I can see you would be "off" plaid, then. Maybe you can find one that you don't associate with your old one.

  14. I now need a plaid pencil skirt. Wowza!
    Sorry to hear about your local Plum. How's their online presence?

  15. Thanks, Kelly! They don't have an online store (they're a pretty small company), sadly.


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