Thursday, January 20, 2011

Floaty Blue (and Swords for Megan)

I was asked to fill in for a receptionist at one of the Weight Watchers drop-in meetings today. I'm not trained on it, but I've been shown some stuff and I worked in retail for decades, so I'm fine in a pinch. I got the start time wrong, though, and actually had to RUN to the meeting. I impressed myself: I made it in 10 minutes! I did swap out these shoes for runners (I changed back once I got there).

But woo! What a crazy meeting! Nearly 70 people showed up - it was just non-stop.

Anyway, this is what I wore:
Part of my walking around yesterday was going to one of my favourite larger thrift stores. They had a "buy two, get one free" deal on (I do love a good deal!), so of course, I had to browse around. And of COURSE I found something. A few somethings. I had to get the deal!

This top is by Elie Tahari for Nordstrom - it was $16.95. I checked online and this brand's tops sell at Nordstrom's starting at $168! I've seen Tahari in some of the more expensive consignment shops and they are always way too rich for my blood. I like the cobalt and white pattern, and the pretty pin-tucks. And it's silk! So it was actually warm. The style/pattern was a little iffy for me - do you think it's too old/ageing? I like the tunic length, since I don't have many tunics in my closet.

Megan mentioned yesterday that I looked like Link from Legend of Zelda, and that I just needed a broadsword. Well, Megan, I don't have a broadsword, but I do have swords ("You idiot, we've all got swords!" - bonus points if you know what movie that's from).
This is a replica sword (longsword, I think, but L will correct me if I'm wrong) that L picked up in his Ren Faire days. It used to have a blue hunk of yarn on it as a lady's favour.

This is a replica of a Scottish claymore:
We bought it when we went to Scotland in oh...1996...from a guy in a shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh (he was really cute, I recall). We put it in with our luggage and brought it home, no problem, all duct-taped and wrapped in cardboard (it's not sharpened).

Both of our swords hang on the wall in the library. We have other swords and knives as well.

My outerwear:
My blue jacket and grey/black accoutrements.

I'm keeping this outfit on, because I have book club tonight, so no "stuff" photo. Instead, here's the closet shot:
Silver feather earrings, silver filigree cuff and my Scottish ring (hey, I got that and the sword on the same trip! Picture of the ring and how we ended up going to Scotland story here).

Inigo was being very cute:
Look at his little crossed paws. Awwww....

Coat (Mario Serrano), hat (Jacob), scarf (The Bay), gloves (Parkhurst). Blouse (Elie Tahari for Nordstrom, thrifted), pants (Kensie), shoes (First by Feet First), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop, London), ring (trip to Scotland), earrings (no brand, local).


  1. Sheila--you definitely scored on the top! I have had my eye on a dress similar colors, but I am so unused to buying new that I haven't popped for it.

    Definitely looks like you know HOW to wield the sword! But it is the smaller accessories, I especially admire about your look.

  2. Am lovin your tunic top--love the colors. Watch those swords now--enjoy book club. I had mine last night. Paula

  3. A. No, the print is not old-lady-esque, it's awesome! And the color is fab with your hair.
    B. Tell, tell, tell! What movie IS that quote from?????

  4. Thanks, Terri! I was excited when I saw it crammed between the Express and Forever 21 shirts that this store usually has.

    Paula, thanks! I love my book club group - so looking forward to seeing my gals.

    Cheap Chick, thanks! Whew, that's a load off. Shhhhh...the quote is from "Aladdin" (the Disney movie).

  5. That's a beautiful Tahari blouse, it's perfect for spring!

    Too bad we are getting all these snow!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  6. Aaah! I love the swords! Haha, those are some nice ones. I've got a few myself but most have been inherited from my parents DragonCon days.

    I think the tunic is cute. I personally like abstract florals like that. But I don't like ditsy or couch-like florals, which for some reason are hugely popular right now. I think the tunic was a great find.

    (Also the quote's from Aladdin. One of my fav Disney movies, and it was on tv recently. So I totally picked up on it)

  7. Beautiful top and great find. I don't quite see the Link reference (needs more green?) but you do look dashing with the sword.

  8. I lile that blue color, amd that runic sounds like it was a steal.

  9. Heh, I was thinking of the similar, but not quite the same quote: "He has a knife? Of course he has a knife, it's the 12th century, we all have knives!" said by Katherine Hepburn in "The Lion in Winter."

    Love the tunic -- I have a similar one in darker colors & I keep looking for more. Great deal you got there :-)

  10. I'm so glad you commented with where the quote came from! I knew I could figure it out, it just was getting a little too hard for this late at night!

    As for the swords, it's apparently something I need to learn to love and appreciate. As a groomsman gift from a wedding Scott stood up for this last summer, the groom bought him a gunblade (a sword with the handle of a gun). After a lot of compromising (I refuse to have it in the bedroom or living room), it ended up in my office. Sigh. I guess he does allow me monopolize the closets, so I can sacrifice the top of a book shelf!

  11. 70 people would definitely keep you hopping!

    On you, the top is great. Would be WAY too "busy" for me to wear.

  12. If you'd asked me which blogger I know has swords, I think I would have picked you!

    love the colours in that top, and silk too, you scored big time.

    Indigo doing his casual cat pose is very cute.

  13. It is Aladin!
    Bonus points, please.
    You look great in the top.

  14. Megan Mae: "I've got a few myself but most have been inherited from my parents DragonCon days."

    now THAT makes me feel old, but in a good way! who ever thought our generations' KIDS would be interested in all our kooky amusements?!?!?

    no, you do not look at all old or dowdy in that tunic! it has a really fresh, relaxed vibe to it (like you could easily run ten minutes to a meeting, hee hee) and the colors are so beautiful on you! and the simple pants and heels let the tunic shine and look unfussy. this is such a great look on you! hope book club was fun, steph

  15. Love the floaty tunic. The color is a great counterpoint to your hair color. Lovely!

    And why am I not even marginally surprised that you own swords and knives. When I first saw the picture, I thought "Well, of course Sheila has a sword. duh." I do not own any swords but since I live in Texas I am legally required to own at least one gun. I have a teeny tiny shotgun that holds one shell at a time. I'm thinking that if we were ever forced to battle that you would win with your sword. ha!

  16. *sigh*

    Once in a while, a woman will wear something that is so feminine, so delightful, that my inner-urge to be like her becomes overwhelming. You triggered that reaction today. This outfit is so beautiful in such a fundamental way. You make me want to be you. Or, at least, look like you.

    Of course, this observation is awkward. Let me just say that you create looks of feminine beauty that are so authentic, so innately desirable, that you provoke strong positive reactions in others. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling them.

  17. Excellent Tahari score! That colour of blue looks especially great on you.

    Also, your sword photos are just flat-out sexy.

  18. I really like the tunic- not mumsy at all. The print being slightly abstract is a good thing, I think. Very ethereal yet still makes a statement!
    Inigo with his crossed paws- he looks like he should be interviewing Hu Jintao!

  19. That is a seriously cool tunic. Yay for you! Velma

  20. Great find! I think that shirt looks great on you and the colors are awesome.

  21. Thanks for commenting, ML! No snow here, just rain!

    I knew you'd like them, Megan, and I knew you'd get the quote. :)

    I'm not familiar with Link either, Rad. Thanks!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Oh, nice, looks like Aladdin's writes were familiar with the classics! Thanks, Trystan!

    I wouldn't want to stress you, Cara! ;) I think swords are beautiful, but I won't allow a gun in the house.

    Yep, they sure did, Rebecca! Thanks!

    Ha, thanks, Northmoon! Yes, Inigo's decidedly being casual!

    Good job, Grace! Bonus points to you!

    Steph, gads, tell me about it! I checked out the concert listings for my city and I only recognized one group!

    Thanks, it was good for running in!

    Thanks, Tina! I don't like guns, but L and I are set for the zombie apocalypse - a sword is the best, ha ha!

    Aw, Shy, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, thank you so much. This look would actually be lovely on you with your long slim legs!

    Thanks, A-Dubs! Rawr!

    Thanks, Rita! Yes, he does look like an interviewer, ha!

    Thanks, Velma!

    Thank you, K!

  22. Wonderful top, and woooooooo swords! I hear everyone will be carrying one this spring.

  23. Yes, swords are the new black, Kelly! Hee!

  24. You look great, Sheila! The tunic is beautiful, and if there is any danger of a grandma vibe with it (I don't particularly think there is), your skinnies and hot shoes eliminated it completely. Well, that and your all-around fierceness.

  25. Thanks so much, Christa! Ooh, I like being fierce!

  26. I'm not going to mess with you now that I know you're armed!

  27. I have a sword, too!
    I am enamoured with swords, knives and guns..................

    Though I don't won a gun, i might have a "bad" day and start blasting away!

  28. Hee, don't worry, Wendy. I can barely lift them.

    Reva, cool!

  29. Scoreeeeeee on that top!
    I really like this look on you, I think it's very different to your usual wear PLUS blue looks wonderful on you.
    Oh Inigo makes me want to have a cat, although I do not think my 2 doggettes would be happy.

  30. Thanks, Lorena! I like trying out different looks, for a change. Inigo is a handful. You don't want a kitty like him.


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