Friday, January 28, 2011

Sedate in Burgundy

I filled in yesterday again as a receptionist at a downtown WW meeting. Considering that it was over 3 hours long last week, and I'd planned to meet up with some former co-workers for drinks at 4pm, I figured I'd stay downtown.

I wore a couple of new things I'd picked up in my thrifting adventures of the last few weeks:
The floral top was thrifted for $9.50 (it's Mexx), and the suede skirt (Danier) was thrifted for $14.50.

I like the slightly longer kimono style of the top - you can do the ties in the back or wrap them around to the front for more of an obi look. The skirt has a hidden zipper slit in the back, so you can customize how big the slit is.
I quickly learned that a bigger slit is better for walking.

I layered my tights:
Brown lacey fishnet over burgundy. Unfortunately, I had a major case of crotch-sag all day, which was annoying.

The stuff:
Slightly blurry after two glasses of wine! Oops. I last wore the shoes here - I've had them since September 2009 and worn them 7 times now.

A better shot of the fabric of the top:
It's got burgundy, rusty-orange, cream, taupe, brown and olive in it, so I can mix a lot of different looks with it.

Top (Mexx, thrifted), cami (InWear), skirt (Danier, thrifted), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), choker (vintage 60s, Mom), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Very nice. I like the colors a lot. I hate crotch sag! Oh, a quick update for you...I've lot 9lbs, finally some movement this week, I lost 3lbs this week. I think I need more fiber, I've upped that and my water this week. It seems to be helping.

  2. Love the layered tights, but too bad about the sag (there always seems to be a few pairs where that happens).

  3. Thanks, Alison! Wow, good job, girl!

    Thanks, Trystan - yeah, there's always a pair (or two)!

  4. Love burgundy and orange together. Sorry to hear about the tights. I hate when that happens. Those were some great finds.

    Do you ever thrift things that seem to go perfect together at the same time? I don't usually buy 'outfits' together but I noticed that sometimes I end up with pieces that go well with what else I pick up.

  5. I've been loving the look of the layered tights you and other bloggers have been doing - but a few questions?

    do you find you have to use different sizes to layer? I know obviously the winter weight tights wouldn't work for layering. How do you deal with the 'pooching' or ripple effect the tights might have?

  6. Me too, Megan - it's such a great look. I actually thrifted these two items on the same day, but in different stores, but yes, I do that all the time. I think it's probably because I've got this new item right there with me.

  7. Hi, one red, etc, thank you for commenting!

    No, I use tights that I've worn on their own. All the tights I buy have Lycra in them (I won't buy tights without it, can't stand the sagging).

    I only have a couple of pairs of winter-weight tights and those are patterned already, so I don't use them for layering.

    I buy the semi- or opaque tights for the bottom layer when I wear two pairs, so it's more about sheerness than weight. I prefer solid colour tights with a control top (I usually buy Hue). It's easier to tuck a cami into for a smooth line with skirts, and they stay up way better. If you hate the binding feeling of control top, try going up a size.

    The fishnet layer is just whatever catches my fancy. I like non-black for the most part. They usually don't have a solid panty, so they tend to be most fidgety part.

    I don't usually a pooching or ripple effect due to both the control top and the Lycra. The control top means at least one layer stays put (this is the error I had with these burgundy tights - no control top!) to prevent pooching and slipping. The Lycra content means no ripples in the knees or ankles.

    Thanks for the questions - I hope that helps!

  8. just beautiful on you Sheila! i like the way you wore a rust cami and fawn colored shoes, unexpected colors that liven things up while keeping it pulled together. kudos!

    re: crotch sag. i have some wool tites that sag like the devil himself but are very warm. so i wear a pair of boyshort cut panties over the tites - they fit snugly and keep the tites where they're comfortable, and lite elastic on the leg holes keeps things from getting all strangulated feeling. the trick is choosing knickers that are snug and sturdy but not really tite. if you really like the tites it's worth a try - let me know if you try it how it goes for you! good luck, steph

  9. the top looks like it is a sort of wrap and possibly a little gauzy? I love the combination of colors! And the tight combo is excellent. Thumbs down on the crotch sag.

  10. Wow, nice tights layering! I hate crotch sagging, and there's only a couple brands of tights where I don't have that problem. I like the colors in this outfit.

  11. I've been thinking about layering my tights, but wasn't sure if I was crazy or not. I really like how you did it, so I think I'll give it a shot now. :D

  12. I love the layering tights, sorry about the sag. That is such a pain.
    Your outfit is really pretty.

    I am new to your blog will be stopping by again.


  13. I really like the colors in this outfit, and the idea of a zipper in the slit in the back is a GREAT one!

    I hate crotch-sag! Nothing is more aggravating!

  14. Oh, the beauty of the seychelles as a base for all the other excellence of this ensemble. Is there any chance you'd even turn pro-fashion-blogger/stylist? Because I think the world could use a serious infusion of your creativity and style. (Though probably we don't need more crotch sag. Well, I don't need more. I've already got quite a lot. Remember when we wore underwear over our tights to fight this exact thing? Are panty lines too much of a risk for this to be a solution, now?)

  15. Sedate- yes for you it is!!

    Like the colors together and the shoes you selected. Crotch sag would be a big downer in my day as well-but the effect is most likely worth it.

  16. That skirt is amazing...both color and style. So jealous!

  17. Hi, Steph, thanks so much! Yeah, I liked the rust and burgundy together. I've worn boy-short panties and thong panties (sorry for the visual!) overtop of saggy tights before, but I ultimately dislike the bulk and feel of that, not to mention the pantylines.

    It's actually a straight V with a sewn-in front panel with the ties coming off it (I've doubled them around instead of tieing them in the back), but yes, it is quite sheer. Thanks, Terri!

    Anne, thank you!

    Rachel, go for it! Thank you so much for commenting. :)

    JTwisdom, thank you so much. I really appreciate you commenting!

    Thanks, Rebecca, I know, why don't more skirts have adjustable back zipper slits?

    Thanks, A-Dubs, I am glad I went with the lighter-coloured shoe with this. Ha, no, I don't think the world is ready for me as a stylist!

    Yes, for me it's sedate, Alecia, ha! The crotch-sag was annoying (and I'm amazed how many people have experiened and empathize!), but not too bad.

    Thanks, Goose!

  18. I had no idea that was a double layer of tights. The color/pattern combo is so pretty!

  19. Thanks, Tina! The brown tights on their own are really stark-looking.

  20. Ohhh I love all the posing!
    Haha, i think its so funny you had "crotch sag" because you look awesome and nobody would have guessed it.

  21. Thanks, Lorena! Ha, yes, well that is the idea. ;)


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