Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday WW Group - Zipper Dress

I have to cut back on my shopping. I've hit all the thrift stores, and scored all my deals, and now I'm stocked up with new-to-me clothes. I have enough in my closet to last a long time without adding anything else to it. When's Lent? I should give up shopping until it's over. Yeah, I can do that, easy.

Where was I? Oh yes, shopping. New stuff for today's meeting:
I am so proud of my Tuesday Group - they have already lost over 20 lbs only 2 weeks in. Yay!

The dress is thrifted: Mexx for $19.50. It looks barely worn. I like that it zippers from the top and the bottom. I can go from classy to sleazy with a couple of zips - now, that's versatile (hee hee).

The blouse is also new:
I fell in love with the pattern. It's by Marcona, which Google tells me is a UK brand. The tags have been cut out, but it feels like a very silky polyester - nice quality. It was $4.50 at the thrift store.

I'm also wearing this new necklace that I picked up at Plum before New Year's:
I think it was about $12.

The stuff:
I've only worn those shoes once (July 2010) - that's just sad. They're super comfy. I disappointed the receptionists, as I had teased them with talk of my thigh-high boots.

Isn't the pattern on the shirt cool? I love the colours in it: black, grey, red, orange, white, tan and camel (and it looks wicked against olive/khaki). Love a good patterned shirt!

A close-up:
I liked the gold accents against the grey.

Dress (Mexx, thrifted), shirt (Marcona, thrifted), belt (Gap), shoes (Nine West, consignment), necklace (Plum), earrings (gift from L).


  1. the necklace goes perfectly with the scarf. Does your significant other know that dress zips up and down?

  2. What a fabulous find in that dress! Your thrifting adventures are really making me crave a thrifting adventure of my own - it might actually be worth shoveling out my car!

  3. PS- Lent is March 9th through April 24th this year!

  4. The blouse and necklace go really well together. It looks like you scored some great thrift finds.

  5. Thanks, Terri? Do you mean "shirt"? 'Cause I'm not wearing a scarf. Heh, L knows now!

    Thanks, Cara, good luck with the snow! Oh, and thanks for the Lent dates!

    Rebecca, thanks!

  6. Fabulous print on that blouse. Great pattern mix too!

    I love the optical illusion those shoes create on the heel. I also love how you did a big statement necklace but toned it down by wearing 'inside' the shirt collar.

    I'm considering giving up shopping for the month of February. One month into my 6 month ban and I already went over my budget. Gah! The sales!

  7. ohhhh and that necklace is DIVINELY perfect with the shirt!!!(or without it too, 'cus I am DIGGING that necklace!)
    great great look :0)

  8. Your comment about the group's weight made me think of an episode of The Office when they were weighing the whole office on one big scale!

  9. The zipper dress is sassy as can be, and the print on that blouse is great.

  10. Wow, that's great news about your group! You must be very inspiring and motivating :)

    I like your outfit, but especially the small details of it. I love love LOVE those tights! They're so cute! And that necklace is beautiful.

  11. I love your shirt! It's so vibrant. I saw a tunic in similar pattern the other day - but they didn't have my size (which is good for my wallet but still :(

    Congrats on group weight loss! And good luck with shopping ban.

  12. This outfit is AMAZING on so many levels!!You are inspiring me as I sit here working... I have a button up dress very similar to yours...NEVER occurred to me to put a blouse underneath it.....You are blowing my mind!!

  13. OH, so nice I love the print on the shirt too. The necklace peeking out is so nice. Isn't funny when we love shoes we tend to gravitate toward the fun and funky and the comfy basics just languish unworn?

    I'm excited I have 2 things to dress for this week. A newcomer get together and a hockey game. I have to figure out what to wear!

  14. Thanks, Megan! Yeah, I didn't want the necklace to overpower the outfit. I think I will join you on that ban....

    Sara, thank you!

    Wendy, ha! I don't think my group would go for that!

    Kelly, thanks!

    Anne, I don't know - I can't take the credit, but thank you! I thought the stripey legs were more fun than plain black.

    Thanks, Tanya! I love a groovy pattern.

    Thanks, Goose! Oh, I love button-up dresses too - awesome for layering.

  15. Holy woman, I love this outfit! You're right: the colour in that blouse are great, and I like how they liven up the charcoal in your mexx dress.

    Also, those striped tights are killing me (in a good way).

    Finally, it's cruel to tease about thigh highs and then not deliver.

  16. EVERY SINGLE ITEM you are wearing is GORGEOUS !
    I don't know where to look... the dress (OMG), the blouse, the tights.... the NECKLACE!!
    I think you need to start giving some clothes away!!!

  17. Lovely look! I especially like the necklace with the blouse--they were definitely meant to be worn together. I'm following your blog!

  18. What?! How have you only worn these amazing shoes once before? You should be ashamed of yourself, young lady, because they are FAB! ;) And what a great pattern on that blouse!

  19. Did George Clooney love the outfit? What dress is hot on you!

  20. Thanks, A-Dubs! I am a big fan of the striped tights. I know, I shouldn't have teased. Thigh-high boots next week for sure!

    Thank you, Lorena! I know, I really have too many clothes.

    Ariel, thank you so much for commenting and for following! I really appreciate it. :) Love your blog!

    Pear, I've worn them more than that - that's just the last time! Thanks!

    'Doll, L did not see the outfit - I had changed by the time he got home.

  21. Pretty, pretty necklace! I would love to see you where it again where this time you did let it be the centerpiece.

  22. You know I will do that, Kristen! Thanks!


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