Friday, January 21, 2011

Fake Boots, Games and Making an Effort

Being currently out of work, it's really easy to fall into the "wear my robe around the house all day" trap, which is directly related to the dreaded "jammie pants" syndrome. My wonderful husband, L, doesn't deserve to see me always looking like a schlump, so today I am making an effort to look nice for him. We're going to hang out tonight, maybe (maybe? who am I kidding? ha!) drink a bit of wine and play some board games.

Do you like board games? I love playing games. I grew up playing cribbage, Rummy, Rumoli, Monopoly, The Game of Life, Scrabble, Yahtzee and various other games. As an adult, I continued to play crib, backgammon, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit (I kick ass, but History is my weak category. No one can touch me on the Entertainment version).

Since I met L, I've gotten into role-playing games (shhhh, don't tell anyone, D&D is super-geeky). But he's also into playing strategy games like Risk. Risk is not my cup of tea, but I love other types of strategy games. My favourite by far is Carcassonne, a tile game where you build your own board. It's great with a group (and easy to learn), and awesome with just two people - it's different every time you play, so you never get bored (board? ha, see that?).

We have several versions of Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers, The Castle (a two-player only game), and The Discovery (my personal favourite). We have most of the expansions and mini-expansions, and our original game has all kinds of random tiles mixed in from these. We sometimes play "Calvinball" versions where we make up our own rules.

I also really enjoy all the versions of Fluxx. What? You don't know Fluxx? Fluxx you! You need this game! Anyone of any age can play Fluxx! It rules! If you're super-geeky, there's Monty Python Fluxx! Look for it in your local comic shop.

Um...yeah. Anyway, I'm making an effort to look night for our game night tonight.
This is my super-soft faux suede thrifted BCBGMaxAzria dress last seen here. Added my stripey tee underneath for warmth, as well as my patterned grey tights and black knee socks in an effort to help this look like a more dressy outfit. Does it kinda look like I have flat boots on?

Hee, see the curly tail in the above pic?
Someone wants an early dinner!

I tied a black scarf obi-style at the waist - not as uncomfortable as a belt (I'll be doing a lot of sitting on the couch, hunched over the coffee table) but still dressy. And because it compresses my stomach just a titch, it will remind me not to eat too many chips tonight - weigh-in tomorrow!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Dress (BCBGMaxAzria, thrifted), tee (Majestic, swap from Caro), tights (Hue), socks (McGregor).


  1. Oh, how I wish we were neighbors! That sounds like fun!! You look fab, of course.

  2. That's a great outfit for a casual at home look (I have a real problem coming up w/that style - when I work from home, it's PJs or yoga pants).

    And now I have board games to look for, thanks ;-)

  3. Freeda, thanks! I love game night.

    Thanks, Trystan! I tend to wear jeans and tees with ratty sweaters over them as my "at home" wear. You will love these games!

  4. If I have a partner who knows sports, I can beat just about anyone at Trivial Pursuit.

    Fluxx is fun (you can also sign up for updates from them on their website & they send you random free cards & stuff). A very similar game is Killer Bunnies, though it doesn't work for just 2 people.


  5. I think I'm going to have to instigate "game night" soon! Especially while I'm still laid up. Sure you don't want to move to lovely upstate NY?

    Although with that outfit, you look ready for LARPing. Love that dress!

  6. I'm totally guilty of the pajama pant days.. er weeks. I love the red with the stripes. Looks like a great outfit for playing games around the house.

    Speaking of games, I'm book marking this page to look up some of that stuff. Hubs has been trying to get us into a D&D group. I've been putting it off, not due to the geek-factor, but time constraints. I actually miss RPgames, be it online, board or LARP (blame the parents for that one).

  7. i can relate to wanting to stay in my rattiest clothes not working out of my home- do have to make an extra effort NOT to- then people ask- why are you so dressed up???

    love board games- we do play mostly family games here!!

    likin' the dress with stripey top

  8. love the fake boots. love game night. And LOVE the stripey shirt under solid dress! I am SO stealing that look!

  9. You look great!
    I adore cribbage, greatly enjoy Trivial Pursuit, and wish I remembered how to play backgammon.

  10. Very fun casual outfit. Thanks for the game recommendations! I have some friends who like board games and it's always nice to have a gift idea.

  11. I love the outfit! And please tell me that D&D isn't super-geeky! I've just been talked into starting it!!

  12. I'm a big bored game fan. Love game night! We play lots, with lots of variety. You guys might like the Settlers of Catan series.

  13. Love the drapey neck of the dress and the stripes beneath it!
    About your comment on the ick factor of thrifting... I wonder about that... how underwear is clearly a no-no but if it's vintage it's ok. I guess grossness has a expiration date?

  14. valleycat, thanks for commenting! When my hubby and I are on the same team, we kick serious butt at TP. Oh, awesome, thanks for the tips on Fluxx - I have played Killer Bunnies with friends, it's hilarious!

    'Doll, you totally have to! Turn off the boob-tube, put on some CDs and uncork the wine - it's a blast! Ha, thank you!

    Megan Mae, I am going to tell you this as the voice of experience: dress nice for the man you love. Make an effort. When we only make an effort for strangers (think about it), he ends up feeling like he doesn't matter. It's worth it.

    You would love Fluxx and Carcassonne - they are so fun.

    Alecia, pshaw, I say to those people, "Why are you so dressed down?" :) Fluxx is an awesome family game, and I've played Carsassonne with kids around 8-10 years old. They are both super for families. Thanks!

    Thanks, Tessa! Go for it!

    Kelly, thanks! Backgammon's easy - Google the rules.

    Cynthia, thank you! Fluxx makes an excellent gift because it's around $20 (usually under).

    Cara, I hate to break this to you, but it's super geeky. :D You'll probably have fun, though, so go for it! You'll have to tell me about your PC; mine is a dwarf fighter.

    A, thank you for commenting! We actually have the Catan Card Game (for two players) - we don't have the other versions because you need more people. We played it last night!

    Jentine, thanks for stopping in! I think it's because slips aren't worn as close to the body as a bra is. A bra will always remember the boobs it covered, but a slip forgets. See, doesn't really make sense.

  15. A feel like a butthead for never accepting my award... especially since it was Maja! Tahnk you, thank you, thank you...
    Ha, love your line about a bra not forgetting... however, I still think I would examine and perhaps even purchase a bra from a antique store but I would not even glance at Value Village. Basically I have double standards.
    Oh ya... speaking of games.... have you tried Monopoly the card game? addictive and quicker then the old fashioned way!

  16. I host game night pretty much every weekend. I LOVE Fluxx! Our other favs are Killer Bunnies, Ticket to Ride, and Pirate's Cove. I want to try Carcassonne but every time I looks at it I think that it would be much easier on the computer. (Yes, we are video game geeks as well.)

    I have been trying to dress a little nicer on weekends instead of jeans and a tee, so I appreciate the effort.

  17. I adore board games, but Rand is more of a cards/dominoes guy. he even wrote an app for Android phones that keeps score for dominoes. Right now we're playing a lot of cribbage so I'm trying to get him to write an app for that too, so we can play even if we forget to bring our board with us.

    You look beautiful in this outfit and I like the creativeness of the socks as boots. They still look like socks, but I love it nonetheless!

  18. You look fabulous! Love the indoor boots. Hope it was a great evening--I love wine and games too. Just discovered Cabo at a wine and coffee serving establishment.

  19. That is a mighty nice outfit to hang out at home.
    I think its great that you make an effort not to fall into the bathrobe rut. This says a lot about you :)
    I have to say you LISTED SO MANY games and I only knew about 3 of them... which means I have been missing out on a lot.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes!!
    I actually just went out to dinner with friends....

  20. Pfft, don't worry about it, Jentine! It's just a silly thing.

    I think it would REALLY depend on the bra - barf to VV. I guess I have double standards too!

    Thanks for the recommendation on Monopoloy!

    Charlotte, thank you so much for commenting and for following my blog! I really appreciate it.

    I will have to check out those other games - thanks for the recommendations!

    Ha, that's hilarious - I love that Rand does that. Thank you so much! I know they don't really look like boots...but they were warm!

    Thanks, Ann! We had a blast - so fun.

    Lorena, it is dressier than what I'd normally wear, but you know, my husband deserves it. I'm glad you had a nice dinner for your birthday!!

  21. I love Carcasonne and have been several times, had no idea there was a board game about it! Sounds fun!

    J and I play stuff occasionally but are not terribly organized about it...we recently bought a Liar's Dice set and want to get a Monopoly or Risk. Last year we went through a Hand and Foot Canasta phase but gave it up when it got too cutthroat lol.

  22. Oh, I didn't know you guys were into games! We should have you over for games night! Let me know next time you have a weekend and can come over!


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