Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Unseen Outfit and My First WW At Work Meeting!

Woo, I've had a couple of crazy days! My first Weight Watchers At Work meeting started this week, and I have been scrambling, trying to get all the materials together, not mention I just got trained for this yesterday! Yes, yesterday!

Gee, you'd think they'd launched a new program, or something, haha.

I had to run up to the local centre yesterday afternoon to grab supplies and beg for presentation material, so I made an effort to get dressed.
It was trying to snow out, so I went with layers: a cami, with the leopard shirt (last seen here), and this navy cashmere sweater that I haven't worn since I got it last December (shocking!).

The skirt (another long one!) was just last seen a couple of months ago (here). A few people have asked me about walking in long skirts - I find that as long as they widen out just above the knee, they are totally comfortable. I really like the A-line or mermaid shape in my long skirts because of this. I have various thicknesses (from denim to leather to this faux thin suede) and they can be stiff or they can be drapey. This one's really flowy. When you try one on, stride around with big steps in it to see how it feels. I also sit down in them to see how they drape.

Aside from L at home (with very attractive socks on, sorry, love), it ended up that no one saw me - I kept my coat on everywhere - so this is what I wore on the bus and at the grocery store afterwards.
My awesome thrifted coat, my faux fur gloves and brown velvet hat - I look like a Hussar!

The stuff:
These Clarke's Indigo boots are my best walking heels I own, hands down. Love 'em!

A close-up:
I've been grooving on hip belts lately. I got these earrings on 1/2 price sale at Plum for about $7 a few weeks ago.

Sweater (Land's End, consignment), blouse (Planet, consignment), skirt (Marc D'Alcy), boots (Clark's Indigo, consignment), belt (Anne Klein pour Caleche, consignment), earrings (Plum).

Kitty interlude!

I hate when the recycle bin is full, but at least Inigo has a box to sit in:
He's upset because we finally flattened his boxes that he plays with in the dining room, in preparation for New Year's.

And...back to fashion. (ahem)

Today, I put a lot of thought into my outfit for my first At Work meeting. I really wanted to highlight my figure, but look professional and competent (ha, the opposite of how I felt!). And of course, I wanted to look funky!

Did I succeed?
I adore this cardigan so much (I last wore it here) - cranes! I love picking out the red and green in it.

I'm not usually a fan of skirts that hit this low on the leg, but the shape of this one is so perfect (it has a couple of deep box pleats right behind the knee). Last seen here.

The meeting went well and even though I feel like I screwed up right and left, I'm sure no one but (perfectionist) me noticed. But gads, so much paperwork involved! WW, you need to streamline some of your processes!

I was thrilled to see when I weighed myself (to test the scale) that I've dropped a pound and am once again below my goal weight - I've been really struggling with that lately. Getting back to tracking on the new program (although I didn't track at all while away this past weekend) is really helping me get myself under control again.

The stuff:
I would usually hesitate over these shoes with this because the laces are more of a pinky-burgundy than a bright red (and you know I like the matchy!), but I think they go just fine. I also wanted to wear a low-ish, more comfortable heel, and you can't go wrong with a good Fluevog (I last wore them here).

A close-up:
Another new piece of jewelry from Plum - the red stones are actually stone, and I love the weight of them.

Cardigan (Lucky Brand, consignment), cami (Smart Set), skirt (Precis Petites), shoes ("Sumatra Coffee" Fluevog), bracelet (Plum), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. I love long skirts too, but being so short, they tend to make me look like I've been swallowed up by the fabric. I have to be really careful about the cut.

    Your WW mtg outfit is smashing! Definitely hits the notes you aimed for. I adore the sweater & shoes (omg, I need Fluevogs). The skirt is very flattering too.

  2. Maybe I exaggerated too much, but I loved the image of you doing giant strides between the change rooms at, say, Winners to test out the long skirts! Perhaps I enjoyed it because it made me feel better about the weird dances I was doing when I was testing out boots today (oy - Scott's going to kill me if I come home with any more boots - but I so need a grey pair, right?)
    I love the green skirt and the way it hits - given where it hits! It's old Hollywood to me!

  3. Trystan, aren't you my height? I'm 5'4" - it's all about the proportion, and the right length can make you look taller! Thanks so much - I actually put myself to sleep last night by mentally going through my wardrobe and picking this out! And yes, you must have Fluevogs!

  4. you absolutely succeeded!!!
    and OH MY loooove the hip belt and those boots on the unseen outfit.
    Such an inspiration...thank you for blogging!!!

  5. The second outfit is definitely flattering and professional looking. You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt.

  6. Oh Sheila, that red coat is so pretty! And your second outfit makes you look so tiny, I love it!! I'm glad to hear you are below your goal weight again. I'm going to shoot for the same for me. I have 20lbs to go to make my goal. Ultimately though, If I could lose 30 total I'd be pretty happy. (I've already lost 6lbs.)

    I love the long skirts and yes with the right proportion you can look taller. I'm only 5'2" and I still love them...

  7. The crane cardi is a classic piece, worthy of building an outfit around. And while I don't normally like skirts that extend below the knee, this one works beautifully. It's great when things you don't expect to work actually do. You seem to excel in making things work!

  8. Even if you never took off the coat, you look very chic and elegant in camel, faux-fur and red!

    I actually really love pencil skirts of that length, especially if they are high waisted. They make even petite people look long and lean. I think the second outfit is a perfect blend of conservative work-environment with a punch of Sheila-specialty.

    Also hurrah for box-kitty.<3

  9. I love the ww outfit- funky yet competent and vintage-y... I think the combination of the embroidered close sweater and the two-tone shoes sent me to AMC heaven!

  10. I bring boxes home from work for my cats to play in and destroy. Cheap entertainment!

    You look great, as usual. Love the crane sweater/Fluevog outfit particularly. Good thing WW is giving you reasons to plan outfits for us ;)

  11. Both outfits are absolutely stellar! I adore you in the hip-slung belt.

  12. That's funny -- Shelia, you look so much taller in photos! I'm 5'2" tho' so I have to take up a lot of skirts, esp. as they start going past the knee. And with trumpet shapes (so gorgeous!), that requires taking them up from the waist to preserve the flare.

  13. You look fabulous.

    We just had our info-meeting for WW @ Work yesterday. I was a bit miffed that the presenter didn't really speak about the new program. It was more of a "round em so we can be sure to have 20 ppl" type of meeting. This wasn't my bag, because I am contemplating the online program.

    You definitely look more profession than our presenter.

  14. First, before I forget, it looks as though your bracelet is coral- and it's really, really pretty! (hard to tell for sure, but on closeup that's what it looks like) But here's a word of caution: natural red coral is endangered, so the red coral that we get is usually a blonde color which has been dyed. Sometimes, depending on the type of dye used, it can leach out or rub off a bit; so always give your coral a little wipe with a damp cloth before you wear it for the first time, just so there are no unpleasant surprises. (I wore a new coral piece with a white shirt once, and I learned.) This happens with garnets as well, as they are often dyed for uniformity.
    But I digress- on to more important things- Sheila, I honestly thought that you were at LEAST 5'8"!!! I would have bet my life on it. You really have the proportion game down pat. You look absolutely fantastic in both outfits.
    Plus, so many things in this post are to die for! That longer skirt, the leopard shirt, the fabulous belt, the great boots! Then, more: that pencil skirt is cut so well- it doesn't seem to come in at the knees like so many do now- it's ultra flattering. And your cardigan is breathtaking. I think I fawn over it every time you wear it.
    The entire outfit is very elegant, yet tastefully saucy- you know; the "Marilyn marries Arthur Miller" look.
    And it certainly shows off your "mad proportioning skillz" in a big way.
    Thank you for the totally inspirational post, and I'm glad your meeting(s) went well!

  15. You look FAB Sheila; what a figure! That cardi and pencil skirt combo is just perfect to highlight your lovely shape. Also, I have got to get myself some long skirts -- seeing your last couple of outfits reminds me of just how elegant they can look.

  16. I'm a WW-online person, myself, but I would absolutely switch to attending meetings if you were the leader. :-) Not likely, since we don't live in the same country! I enjoy (and am inspired by) your blog nonetheless. Best wishes with WW at Work!

  17. You succeeded in looking competent. No doubt, it will get easier!

  18. I know what you mean about that skirt length-now some believe that is the perfect length--again, that skirt is the perfect shape for that length so kudos girlfriend and love the touch of funk!

  19. You know I have never really gotten WW, first of all there is none where I live -but I have seen such great results in many bloggers that it makes me curious.
    Now, that second outfit nailed it! Yes, I am sure, super sure that you made a professional and positive impact on those at the meeting... as my Accounting teacher use to say "there's never a second chance to make a first good impression"

  20. Thanks, Sara! Aw, that's really sweet of you.

    Rebecca, thanks! I agree.

    Alison, isn't it lovely? It was a great thrift find last year. I feel so much better when I'm under goal rather than AT goal. Just work at the small goals (5 lbs at a time!) because those big goals can seem unsurmountable. I know you can do it! Thanks so much!

    Shy, I love it too. Skirt length is so tricky - sometimes you have to just try them on and see how they work. Thanks!

    Thanks, Megan, that was the plan. ;) High-waisted pencils skirts - *swoon* - love them! Hee, box kitty!

    Thanks, 'Doll! The shoes are awesome!

    Northmoon, totally - why buy kitty toys when there are boxes? Thank you - yes, it's a good reason to get dressed!

    Thanks, Sal!

    Trystan, do I? Must be the heels - I really am 5'4"! It's the proportion on skirts - try looking for Petites, which are proportioned for those of us 5'4" and under.

    LaShaune, thank you! The info meetings are for getting people interested, but your first "real" meeting will be about the program, and you can ask lots of questions. They do need to make sure they have enough people to run a meeting before they can start giving away all the info. Online is great for lots of people, but you should know that people who go to meetings *will* lose more weight. Plus, when you do @ Work, you get the online part for free!

    Rita, I don't think it's coral (it wasn't that expensive) - having done some Googling, I think it's red jasper (it has those dark occlusions in it). Thanks so much - I really am not that tall! (must be the heels, hee hee!). The pencil skirt is a really high-quality brand and I do think it's evident in the cut of it. Aw, I love that Marilyn-Arthur Miller comment, thank you!

    Thanks, Audi! I am just in love with long skirts - can't get enough of them for winter.

    Hi, Pam, thanks for commenting! Aw, thank you so much - I prefer the meetings, because I already spend a lot of time on the computer.

    Thanks, Terri! I'm sure it will. :)

    Paula, I think the "perfect" length is whatever looks best on the individual - who's to say what will look best on every single person? That's nuts. Thank you so much!

    Lorena, you can do it online (but you look gorgeous as you are, darlin') as well as go to meetings. Thank you so much - and I totally agree about first impressions!

  21. Wow you look so slender and gorgeous in this outfit! Defniately a success!

    I love kitties in boxes.

  22. Jasper and agate are my favorite stones- there's so many different varieties!
    It's beautiful!

  23. It's pretty, isn't it, Rita? I love natural stones.


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