Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sleeveless at Work

I read Angie's "You Look Fab" blog on a regular basis, and read this column today about wearing sleeveless tops for work. I don't often have time to read the comments, but I read through them all while I ate lunch. I would love to read or post in the forums, but I just can't keep up with all the people - I prefer the connections I make on the blogosphere.

And since I haven't said so recently, to my regular dozen or so commenters, thank you so much for popping in every few days with your kind words, humour and pizazz (because you know I always come say hi in return!). It means a lot to me to connect with a few people this way, and every comment is like a little gift when I log in. It's so cool. You all rock.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, my office gets hot, especially in the afternoon. I also go for a 1/2 hour walk around 3pm (I like a late lunch break) four days a week, so in the late afternoon I'm rather...glowy. However, I always like a fairly dressy casual look in my Business Casual dress code office and that usually includes a jacket, a cardigan or sleeves:
This week, I planned my whole week's outfits on Sunday evening. Of course, I always have to take the weather into account, as well as the erratic A/C in my office, so I gave myself options this week.

I rolled the sleeves up on this thin jacket (I usually wear it done up, like here) and then shoved them up to my elbows. It was excellent temperature control.

But around 1pm, I gave in and took the jacket off:
I'm talking to Inigo. He's just been fed and is licking his lips and giving me lovey eyes.

I think this is a very appropriate top worn on its own for work. When I worked in ladies' clothing retail, our dress code was very rigid (whenever I'm in doubt on how to dress, I go back to it), and one of the things was "no sleeveless ever," always a jacket (we had to wear suits) or a twin-set. Man, we baked in the summertime in the mall.

I was really pleased with the leopard belt and this paisley pattern. Ooh, I'm so bold, look at me mixing my patterns, hee hee!

Okay, check out the back:
Besides being Wrinkly McGee (I sit most of the day), I love the little V at the top of the waistband. And oh, how I love a fitted high waist: it acted like a corset and kept me sitting up straight and tall all day.

The stuff:
Those shoes are one of my favourite pairs. Top 10 favourite, even.

Jacket (Pelican Cove), blouse (Talbot's, consignment), skirt (Bedoe, thrifted), shoes (Steve Madden, thrifted), belt (Dana Buchman, consignment), necklace worn as bracelet (80s vintage, Eatons), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. Hi Sheila, great shoes! Love the print of your blouse too. Looking good.

    Always Summer

  2. I again find myself jealous of you: working in an environment that is too warm? I would love that - I'm perpetually cold at work.
    I generally read blogs in GoogleReader, so I found it quite amusing when I went to your actual blog to find that I had very definitely channeled your theme for my new layout... you're right, I must have impeccable taste!

  3. Hooray for pattern mixing!

    I think it looks very office appropriate. You're properly covered up. I think it's awful if you were forced to stay in a jacket without a/c.

    Then again, temps may be a bit milder where you are. I'm imagining the severe humid heat we're getting now and it makes me want to wilt even more.

  4. oh, now you mad me feel bad for nor commenting often. I swear I always read your posts and admire your outfits and your sense of humor.
    I also read Angie's post and I was thinking that for countries where it's not that warm(or there are freezing air conditioned it's not that much of a deal, but for warmer places like some I've worked in Portugal it really is dificult to keep sleeves on.
    And you show that sleevless can be chic an apropriated for office wear.

  5. I love this outfit today. BUt I have a weird thing for pencil skirts and Talbot's blouses.

    (I recognized the cut of the blouse from the first pic :-)...Sad, but true)

    ~(Daily reader, not so often commenter, Bianca :-)

  6. Love that leopard belt! Just the right splash of pattern like that in an accessory looks great. It works well with the shoes too, almost complementing each other. Enjoyed browsing here!

  7. Let's see, I love the shoes, I love the skirt, I love the belt, I love the top, and I love the entire look. There is not one thing about this that is not perfect!!

    I am the same way about dressing at work. If it's sleeveless, I wear a jacket or cardi and I only take that off it's hot. It's just not very appropriate in my office.

  8. I'm being dead lazy - what was the concensus on sleeveless at work?

    I'm for it - but really we get so hot at work (no air-con, flat roof, south facing large windows!) there is no alternative!

    Love those shoes :D

  9. I am back from Angie's blog after reading the sleeveless or not column.
    I think it depends not only on the dress code - IF THERE is one - but how others in your office dress.
    Also how you want to project yourself.
    For example in my office there is no dress code.
    I can come in jeans and flip flops every day, as other co workers do. But, I don't.
    I like dressing up and find that sleeveless is ok if your boobs are not hanging out.
    As I read somewhere "you must not only act as the caesar's wife but, also look like the caesar's wife"
    Oh, and I really like that skirt. I need a skirt in that color and with that fit.

  10. I really like the look of the combined patterns, and also of the belt below the high waist of the skirt, very cool!

    Serious shoe envy.

  11. Ha! "If your boobs are not hanging out." 'Love it.

    I also enjoy this ensemble, especially your subtle mixing of strong prints. And that skirt is to die. To. Die (read: so very awesome).

  12. Those shoes are amazing! I'm blessed enough to work in an office that sleeveless is encouraged in the summer. I never have to worry about work appropriate which is so nice because our weather is so up and down...I never know what I will end up wearing and sometimes I just need a tank top :)

  13. Thanks, Lesa!

    Cara, it's a blessing in the winter and a curse in the summer!

    Megan, yes, hooray! Temps are very mild here - rarely above mid-80s in summer.

    Nurmisur, aw, no, no, I just wanted to share my appreciation for your comments. Thank you so much!

    Thanks, Bianca! Thank you for reading. :)

    Joanne, thank you so much for commenting! Welcome. :) I will come visit your blog.

    Tina, aw, you're making me blush. I just don't feel comfortable exposing so much of myself at work (although it would be okay to wear something a bit skimpier, it's just not me).

    Tat, most people thought it was fine, as long as it was tasteful. Thanks!

    Lorena, yes, you are right. I couldn't handle an office that was really casual - I like a separation between my casual wear and my work wear. It makes me feel more professional and less sloppy. That's a great quote!

    Sherylyn, thanks!

    A-Dubs: thanks so much for commenting! Welcome! Thanks for your kind words. :)

    K, that's generous and nice if it's really hot!

    Beth, another new commenter! Thanks so much!

  14. Still my favorite top of yours! And the shoes are divine.


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