Friday, June 11, 2010

Double Challenge: Summer Black-Out and Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Day 5

Today's the last day of the Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge! It's been fun but I'm tired of wearing the same clothes. I broke out the green blouse for the 3rd time, and put it with the pencil pants.
Inigo helped this morning.

I had planned to do my red belt, but it only fit right at my waist, so I used the blue one instead.

It was cloudy and cool this morning - the average temperature here right now has been around 13-15 C (58-63 F), so I need a jacket in the morning - sorry, Jane! I'm not counting this piece of outerwear either. I only wore it outside, I promise!
The stuff:
Man, I love those sandals. I love all the mixes of oranges and reds together too.
I wore the "S" Scrabble tile pin on my jean jacket. The Lady in Flames necklace is actually a domino so I thought they went well together. Hmmm...I just noticed the black beads! Ack!

Blouse (Esprit), pants (Noa Noa), belt (Denver Hayes, gift from Ruth), shoes (Rinaldi), necklace (gift from L), earrings (vacation), tile (someone local), bracelet (Plum), jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft).


  1. So cute! I love the sandal and all the pops of red and orange. Also I like your blog revamp. ^_~ Congrats on finishing up the week!

  2. Ooooh, this is my favorite of the week! Love all the summery colors, and the bright accessories against the cooler mint top and khaki pants.

    Hey, did you change your blog background? It's gorgeous and fun!

  3. Thanks, Megan! I was having fun with the new templates Blogger has.

    Kristen, thanks! Yes, I liked this one in the templates.

  4. The "Lady in Flames" - is that the same from the Leonard Cohen album?(yup, I said "album," and showing my age!) And speaking of Leonard Cohen, can he be Knighted or something for his awesomeness?

    Jean <--- who misses contemplating the great artwork that was found on "record albums"

  5. What a fun outfit, i specially liked the way those pants fit and your color scheme and the accessories.
    Your blog is looking very well dressed too....

  6. Jean! Another Leonard Cohen fan! I think this is the album you mean: - I wrote about this when I got the necklace.

    I saw him last year in concert. And yes, he was given Canada's top honour, the Order of Canada, 7 years ago:

    I love the old artwork too - Jean!

    Lorena, thanks so much! I have changed my blog several times over the years. :)


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