Monday, June 7, 2010

Double Challenge: Summer Black-Out and Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Day 1

Woo! It's Double Challenge week! There will be no black on this chick, neither in clothing nor in accessories/shoes. I'm also only wearing 5 clothing items all week.

Today's outfit:I forgot to pick out earrings today. D'oh! Naked ears!

I love this dress, but I've only worn it a few times (here, for a party, here for a Dress Week and oh, hey, this last February here). I'll be wearing it one more time this week.

I'll be wearing the ruffled shirt a total of three times. I had to plan out my 5 outfits in advance. I took rough camera shots of each combo, but will put the accessories and shoes together when I pack my clothes up the night before.

The stuff (that's Inigo's paw in the upper left corner):
I thought I should go matchy with the shoes since I was doing an unusual colour combo with the green shirt and green jewelry. None of the greens quite match. I also liked the shiny gold chains and cuff with this.

I have never worn this necklace on the blog before:
In fact, I don't even know when I last wore it - maybe 20+ years ago? It's another one of those pieces that I "liberated" from Mom's closet.

I went to see my nieces, Zoe and Hannah (hi, guys!), play soccer tonight after work, so I wore this outfit to the field. Hee! It was a little much, but I did manage to kick the ball around with Hannah in these shoes.

Anyway, I showed Mom the necklace and she was shocked - she thought she'd lost it. Her dad (my Grandad, this guy) bought her the green necklace and her sister a blue one in Burnaby while he was over visiting a relative. She was in Grade 8, so this would be around 1958. How cool.

Dress (Maggy London), shirt (Esprit), shoes (Bleka), green necklace (Mom's, vintage 1950s), chain necklace (Plum), shiny cuff (The Bay), stone bracelet (handmade, gift from Cathy).


  1. Gorgeous dress. I love dresses that have that type of shaped bodice. Green and berry is also one of my fav color combos.

    What a great story behind your necklace. I bet your mom was glad to know she hadn't really lost it.

  2. I love items with stories, specially if they are family related.
    That dress is very flattering...

  3. Hi Sheila - I've sincerely missed seeing your fun, vibrant posts (and outfits!)
    I *love* that dress. Such a pretty cut. Please keep wearing it! I like the unusual color combination, particularly how you kept the base of soft green and accented it with bolder accessories.

  4. Oooh, I like the necklace. It looks like beach glass.

    I'm doing the challenge too...did you know it is supposed to be 8 days long? Yeah, I'm doing 5.

  5. That dress is a PERFECT choice for the week - flattering cut and marvelous color!

  6. That dress is so utterly amazing. It fits you so perfectly and the color is just so pretty. and it has detail on it! I just cant get over it. You look so good!

  7. Sheila I am in awe of you doing both challenges! I'm struggling enough with Sal's Summer Black-out!

    Fab outfit today - that necklace is beautiful - didn't your Mum want it back?!

  8. I love your combos, and your kitty paw....Was your Mom angry with you for "borrowing" her necklace?? I used to take my Mom's 5.5 shoes and cram my size 6 feet into them--always got caught because her shoes got stetched out.(then I got to keep

    Hey, does sitting around in the same gray sweatpants count for the challenge?

  9. Thanks, Megan! I wasn't sure if this colour combo would work, but I liked it. Mom was really happy to see it. :)

    Lorena, me too! Thank you.

    Kari! I've missed you. Welcome back! Thank you so much. :)

    Kasmira, isn't it cool? I've seen a white one like this once. It's 5 days - I dropped you a link - but Sally's is 8 days. I fixed it on my original post. Thank you!

    Sal, thanks!

    K, thank you!

    Tat, I'm not that attached to black so that just adds a bit of extra fun. No, she wouldn't wear it anyway.

    Thanks, Lesa! No, no, I took a lot of stuff from her jewelry box all those years ago - it's getting worn (Mom's allergic to a lot) and getting loved with me (by me and my readers!).

    Ha! Of course that counts. :-P

  10. How cute are those shoes and that dress? SO cute!


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