Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday, L!

Thursday was L's 40th birthday! Happy Birthday, love! I can't believe I'm married to a 40-year-old - what happened to that 27-year-old I married? Of course, I was 29...

Thursday's outfit features a vest I got in London on our first day:
I had been looking for a "moto" style vest, and when I spotted this nice cream faux leather in Uniqlo on the sale rack for 19 pounds, I grabbed it. I'm not totally sold it with this outfit, but it was okay.

I'm also wearing my zipper skirt that I haven't worn since Jane's last wardrobe challenge back in March. I thought all the zippers and rocker accessories countered the pink and the fou-fou shoes well.

The stuff:
I've had those shoes for almost 5 years - they are one of the oldest pairs in my closet, from when I was fat.

I took Friday off work so that I could hang out all day with L and our friend Nick. We spent the day wandering around town, having a beer here, a beer there, looking in shops and enjoying the sun. I went more casual:
The scarf is 100% cashmere from the clearance rack at Club Monaco - it was about $120 marked down to $29. The t-shirt is from Upper Playground in Carnaby Street in London. For some reason, The Big Lebowski is hugely popular (well, it is a great movie). I couldn't resist "His Dudeness". He has a carton of Half and Half in his hand. Hee!

We are having a big Miami Dolphins themed party tonight for L's birthday, as L is a huge fan of the 'Fins (note the Dolphins clock by my head in every shot). Everyone is required to wear orange, aqua or white, and we have coloured balloons, crepe paper and will have scads of pictures of Dolphins logos and players all over the walls. I'll post pictures tomorrow!

Thursday: vest (Uniqlo), top (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Dalia Collection), shoes (Kensie), cuff (old), earrings (Shi Studio).

Friday: long-sleeved tee (Fresh), t-shirt (SuperFischal), scarf (Club Monaco), jeans (Esprit), shoes (Vans), belt (gift from Ruth).


  1. A Very Happy Birthday to L ,hope you have a great party ,cant wait to see what you wear ,love your outfits this week ,tho like you not sure about your vest with that tee think its the sleeves Jan xx

  2. I loove the sleeve shape on the pink shirt. I love outfits like that that mix girly details with tough metals/leather.

    The second outfit is too cute too. Is it really cold enough to wear longsleeves where you are? If so, I'm slightly jealous. I can't walk outside without the humidity killing me.

  3. oooo that vest is so nice. I cannot believe that you have had those shoes for 5 years... because if i had them mine would be black or grey by now.
    I am kind of a mess keeping shoes in good shape.
    Hope you have a blast at the party.

  4. Happy Birthday L!!!
    Many happy, healthy years of Dolphins victories!!!!

    Sheila, please be sure to include that Club Monaco striped scarf and super little lilac wedgies with the pin I so covet ----- bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Okay, I will appreciate them all from afar, on you. Good thing you can rock 'em!

    Hope y'all had a blast for L's celebration.

    Jean <--- who is still amazed at just how much L resembles George Clooney!

  5. Happy Birthday to L!

    Is it cool enough where you are to wear both longsleeves and a scarf? I'm jealous. I've been a sweat-ball lately down here.

    Anyway, I really like the juxtoposition of the tough styling with the sweet colors. Perfection!

  6. Thanks, Jan! Yeah, it's a really thin sweater and it has those huge sleeves. Oh well!

    Wendy - hee, rar, call me cougar!

    Kasmira, thanks!

    Megan, I like it too, but maybe not with this vest. Yes, it's still quite cool out (my city is on the ocean so it's very breezy). I was glad to have the long sleeves and scarf!

    Thanks, Lorena! I don't actually walk outside much in any of my shoes - they get packed away when I have to walk.

    Jean, thank you! Ha, yes, let me add that scarf to "Jean's Wish List".

    Thanks, Tina! Yes, it's always a bit cool here. It's only ever really hot for a few days every summer.


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