Sunday, June 20, 2010

Casual Friday and Special Occasion: Art Gallery Outing!

It's been a very busy weekend! Lots of social stuff going on, and not enough time to get caught up here until today.

First up: Friday's outfit for work: My sailor pants, my sequined top and my old brown wedge sandals (sorry, no "stuff" shot). Pretty simple.

A shot without the jacket (I didn't take it off all day):
I guess I should make some sort of effort to use this appliance called the "iron", but I'm lazy. Ha!

Elaine and I went to an evening exhibit at the local art gallery - we had a few drinks, walked down, wandered around and looked at the art, had a few more drinks, then came back to our house and hung out with L and Nick for a couple of hours. Fun times!

I love people-watching at the art gallery. Lots of folks admired my dress: Including Inigo. He always knows how to get right in the shot.

Let's try that again, without cat:
It was actually semi-warm Friday evening, so I didn't have to wear a coat. After being one of billion women in black the last time we went to one of these events, I had to wearing anything but black this time!

Back shot:
"I've got my eye on you!"

Elaine admired my madd Paint skillz in making L look like George Clooney and asked to be Isabella Rossellini. I obliged:Looking fab, girlfriend!

Denim jacket (Anne Taylor Loft), sequined top (Express), pants (Noa Noa), sandals (Nine West), earrings (Plum), belt (gift from Mom).

Dress (Desigual), shoes (Portia), bag (Expressions), cuff (thrifted).


  1. Crazy awesome top! A great day to night outfit.

    Precious Inigo, always right in the way XD

    Your patchwork dress is a definite step in the other direction for an art gallery! It's a work of art itself. Very rad, very quirky. I love it.

  2. You rocked it, I have to say you must get more one shoulder pieces. They look fabulous on you !
    That DESIGUAL dress is just too amazing to ignore.
    Now that you mention it, it is SO true that every time I go to a cocktail or party, black is usually the king of the night.
    In fact I have a party on Friday and I have set out a black dress for it. Now, you are making me doubt.


    It is divine.

  4. Thanks, Megan! Yeah, I really wanted to stand out in the crowd at the art gallery! Ha!

    Lorena, thank you so much. :) You should totally wear something bright!


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