Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sheer and Mixed Animals

This dress is the last of the 3 things I bought second-hand on Sunday (it was $33, less my credit). It has no label and looks like it originally came with a lining (it has snaps on the shoulders inside). The fabric makes me think Gap, Esprit or Banana Republic. It's quite nice quality, a shiny-finish cotton.
It's also super sheer! I stole the lining from this dress to wear under it. And it wrinkles like the Dickens but I like it - it was so light and floaty. I felt like I should be sitting in the garden, sipping tea and eating tiny sandwiches with watercress.

The stuff:
I can't believe I've only worn these shoes once, here, last October for my birthday dinner in Seattle. That's just wrong.

This is my first time ever mixing animal prints: zebra and what is that? giraffe? I felt so daring.

You can see the nice pin-tucks on the bodice of the dress in the above picture.

Dress (no label, consignment), belt (Denver Hayes, consignment), shoes (Linea Paolo, consignment), ring (consignment), earrings (gift from L).


  1. uuuuu nice... i like how you brought together the animal prints sooo unexpectedly. genius.

  2. Lovely! I love all the subtle details enhancing the outfit. The earrings are super cute.

  3. The animal print mix is delightful! And how lucky that you had another lining that worked with the new dress.

  4. Sassy sassy, super sassy and sexy outfit. Love the dress ... but the shoes ... I'm in lust :-(

  5. LOVE the dress! The animal prints worked out nicely too!

  6. What a great dress! The mixing of the animal prints works beautifully!

  7. The only thing better than one animal print is two animal prints.

  8. Fabulous dress find - it looks beautifully elegant.

    I'll put the kettle on and start cutting the crusts off the cucumber sandwiches ;)

  9. Ooo, so pretty! Love the animal mixing too. Subtle but fun all at the same time.

  10. ditto the other Tina. :)

    I really like this dress on you. It's so sophisticated without being stuffy.

  11. Thanks, Tina! Agreed, it's going to be great for summer in the office.


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