Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Round-Up

Woo! Another challenge over! Jane, as always, thank you so much for doing these - they always challenge my creativity and push my boundaries further than I think I can go.

So, let's put it to a vote - because who doesn't love to click them some buttons?

Is your favourite mix...

What? This is inappropriate for a soccer game? Isn't this what everyone wears?

Or is it...

Just pose me artfully in a tent in the desert with some camels.

Or could it be...

I'm kicking butt and taking names.

Or perhaps it's...

Who knew this dress could do this? Not me!

Or finally, will it be...

Ruth said I looked like I should be pushing a hoover with one hand and holding a martini with the other.

Vote as many times as you want!

Clicky-clicky goodness awaits!
Hooray for Challenges!
Inigo is the cutest kitty ever! free polls


  1. I am torn between Wednesday and Friday, but there is no question about Inigo's cuteness!!

  2. What a great week I have loved every minute of it ,like todays entry with all the cute titles lol ,check out my new entry on ..
    love Jan xx

  3. Sheila - the red skirt from my wardrobe capsule challenge is going to my swap pile. Would you like it instead?

    whatiwore2dayblog at gmail dot com

  4. I voted for Thursday's artful expression AND I do feel Inigo is one of the cutest kitties ever.

  5. You certainly picked a great mix for Jane's capsule challenge. I love that. I have to say I do love them all though, and Inigo is the cutest kitty ever...

    Sorry for the lack of comments, this is the first time on the computer in over a week. Man this new job is kicking my butt!! (In a good though) I actually spent time removing the body work of a race bike this week... cool, huh?

  6. I agree. Challenges are the best to get your creativity going- I loved your outfits, in particular those with the Zara top and Fridays!

  7. Thanks, Megan! My favourite is Thursday.

    Kristen, thanks - he does make it a tough choice!

    Jan, thank you so much.

    Kasmira, wow, thank you! I would love it - I sent you an email. :)

    Jean, thanks! Yes, he is. :)

    Alison, thanks! That's great news about your job! That sounds pretty cool.

    Lorena, they really are - I know you love that top!

  8. I voted for Thursday too. Thanks for joining the challenge. Look out for the next one in September!
    Jane X

  9. Holy smokes, which to choose?? They're all so cute! Also, I love the idea of you pushing a Hoover with one hand and sipping a martini with the other. You would look fabulous doing it, I'm sure.

  10. Thanks, Audi! Yes, I love the idea as well - although I would never push a hoover (that's what husbands are for, ha!).


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