Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Friday!

Tomorrow is a holiday (Canada Day!), so today felt like Friday. Woo! I'm so happy to be home! We're going to go see "Toy Story 3" tonight to celebrate.

As I mentioned yesterday, my VP was disappointed in my shoes yesterday, so today I kicked it up a notch or three:
I basically just matched up stuff to the shoes. Easy-peasy. I need more orange and turquoise in my wardrobe.

This skirt is great, but extremely see-through, as is this thin sweater. I had to wear a full slip underneath the whole outfit. Fortunately (or not), the weather is still not in summer-mode, so I didn't boil to death in all the layers.
Yeah, but it's all about the shoes! Who cares about the rest!

The stuff:
I was pleased with the jewelry with this, actually. I love these pieces.

A close-up:
The earrings are heavy, but I love all the colours in this set.

Sweater (Kersh), skirt (Ann Taylor, thrifted), shoes (Poetic Licence), jewelry (Lucky Brand, gift from L).


  1. Those shoes are FABULOUS! Love the colors.

    I hate having to wear slips but I hate transparency more.

  2. All about the shoes and that rocking necklace! How cool is that. Your legs look crazy awesome muscular today.

  3. You're not kidding it's all about the shoes - they're gorgeous! Also, I thought the skirt was leather when I saw it in the thumbnail. Non-leather seems like a much better plan.

  4. Loove! I wish I could wear shoes like those and not hit all the chandeliers on the way. :-D

  5. That jewelry is aweomse, and the bold colors make it totally unique!

  6. Fantastic shoes with the mix of colors and textures- certainly MAKE your outfit stand out!!

  7. I am in LOVE with the shoes and necklace both!

  8. I love how you seperate your accessories on a seperate photo! Love the shoes!

    This came out nice, simple and pretty :)
    You know I was doing a closet hunt for turquoise and orange... and came out empty handed !
    Just when I thought I did not need anything else...

  10. Those shoes are FANTASTIC. I love that they are the same color as your sweater - makes them "pop" even more I think.

  11. Hi! Shoes & jewelry - SO energetic; So "you"!

  12. orange + turquoise = good on you
    I'm liking the little "woodstock" yellow bird on that fab neckpiece!

  13. Thanks, Wendy! Yeah, same, I would rather not show my underthings!

    Megan, that's an awesome compliment, thanks!

    A-Dubs, thanks! Yes, non-leather is better, especially since I'm terrible with pens and white clothing.

    Thanks, Barbara! It's one of the advantages of being short. Welcome to my blog - thanks for commenting. :)

    Thank you, Iris! And welcome - thanks for commenting. :)

    Thanks, Alecia! I appreciate you commenting - welcome! :)

    Sal, now how did I guess you would love these?

    Mindful, thanks! I love seeing the details in outfits too.

    Thanks, Lorena! Oh no, you better get some orange and turquoise!

    Thanks so much, Kelly! They are not quite the same colour (the sweater is more teal than turquoise), but same colour family, so close enough. Thank you for commenting - welcome! :)

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Jean, isn't he cute? That's actually the magnetic clasp.


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