Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Minnie Mouse?

Ruth said I looked like Minnie Mouse today. I think it was the big shoes plus the pouffy skirt, plus the wide belt. Anyway, I wasn't feeling this outfit.
Hee, I left the picture wide so you could see Inigo stalking me in the background. Please ignore all the crap on the carpet (that brown thing is a cat toy mousie, and the fluff bits are pieces of rug that Inigo has destroyed).

The skirt also actually hurt to wear! It has a frill of stiff netting around the hem of its lining, which is fine when I'm wearing tights, but when bare-legged it presses most uncomfortably into my skin when I'm sitting.

So! These are my new shoes:
I got them on Sunday for trade-in. They're the Tommy Hilfiger "Tia" and were $33 - never worn (I found a few links - looks like they sold for around $50-60 in 2006). They were supremely comfortable, so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them this summer.

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (InWear), skirt (Le Chateau), shoes (Tommy Hillfiger, consignment), belt (NYC gift shop), necklace (consignment), earrings (don't remember).


  1. It's a really cute skirt! Too bad it's uncomfy to wear. The shoes are really cute. A summer staple, if you asked me.

    And awww Inigo. Kitties can be so silly.

  2. I would chop the lining out of your skirt ,I love your blog ,from 69 year old Brit ,who still enjoys fashion ....love Jan xx

  3. I loooove that skirt. And the shoes. I almost wore some similar wedges yesterday but voted against them for a long day on my feet. Why can't such cute shoes also be comfy?

  4. I'm with Ecc3ntricCynic ... shame the skirt is so bristly! It really is lovely.

  5. Espadrilles have got to be the coolest (as in keeping you feet fresh) and comfortable shoes everrrrrrr.
    They are great for walking.
    I am totally falling for your skirt, in fact on Sunday I tried on a very similar one but I looked awful in it :(
    However you rocked it!

  6. You look super cute in this outfit. It's so fun!

  7. Love the new espadrilles! I have a couple pair and love them. I'm kicking myself now for not keeping a pair out for the summer. This might just tempt me to dig though the storage garage to see if I can find mine.

  8. You look so precious!!! Sad to read about the skirt's "aggressive" nature, cuz you simply rock it.

    Those espadrilles!!!! Please ship those to me, along with your new, zipper pin that I strongly covet. Years, many years ago, I had the SAME (well, they sure look the same)pair = comfort, instant "height" to my pocket-size frame and they complimented the mini & maxi sundresses I favored back then.

    Waving and sending scratches under the chin to Inigo, the Style Stalker!

  9. Thanks, Megan! I'll have to figure out something for wearing it in the summer - it's too cute to wait till fall. Hee, yes, kitties are wonderful that way.

    Jan, oh, I couldn't bear to chop it out. Thanks so much! I like yours too. :)

    Thanks, Jenny! These shoes are so comfy!

    Sal, I know, I love it. I'll have to wear a slip or something. Or not sit, ha!

    Lorena, this is the first pair I have ever owned - and I love them! I can't wait to spend a day shopping in them. Aw...pouffy skirts are hard to wear - you have to do a tailored, fitted top. Thank you so much!

    Sherylyn, thanks, hon!

    Thanks, Kim! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

    Alison, thanks! I can't believe I've never had a pair.

    Jean, thanks, I'll figure out some way to wear it again this summer. Ha, you're too funny. I love that you found links to making or buying the zipper pin! Ooh, I like the idea of the shoes with a long skirt, thanks! Aw, Inigo would definitely purr.


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