Monday, June 28, 2010

Boring Monday - Boss in Town

Sorry I haven't been around much the last week to your blogs - I will get caught up at some point this week! My life has been a little nutty lately.

The Boss is in the office again this week, and my new director was supposed to be in the office today. I didn't want to make a crazy impression on him, so I went with "safe":
The shoes are the most "out there" item - funny, they used to be one of the most outrageous items I owned. Bah! Not anymore!

The skirt is a little big on me, and the red cami is much brighter in person. Otherwise, this is a big puddle of "meh" for me.

The stuff:
The leopard Dr. Scholl's inserts make another appearance (they're permanent - I have a lot of them in my shoes!).

The jewelry:
Funky ring and my fake Gucci bracelet.

Sweater (Future Paradise, consignment), cami (Mexx), suit skirt (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Steve Madden), belt (Plum), bracelet (gift from Mom and Dad, Italy), ring (no brand).


  1. I love this, but I have a bit of a fashion fetish for a pencil skirt and sweater. Oh and animal print shoes!!

  2. Sometimes you gotta go with boring, safe outfits. But you have pumped it up with interesting details and lovely colors.. Your funky ring is cute~

  3. I didn't think it is a boring as you do. How can it be with animal-print stilettos? :)

    Is that red? It looks like coral in the picture, and wonderful against the yellow.

  4. I've just recently stumbled upon your blog. Love it! Keep up the good work!

  5. It's all about the shoes anyway! Hope it went well for you with the new director.

    Have I said how much I love your new background? Reminds me of tattoos.

  6. I like this.
    Even though you think its kinda meh!
    Think the colorful cami peeping under the cardi and the shoes gave it the Sheila touch.

  7. Sheila, I think this is a proper funky outfit - the shoes are fab, and I love the colours together :-)

    Not at all dull, a fab classic with a great twist!

  8. I adore this ensemble and don't find it boring in the least!

  9. Pfft. If this outfit is boring, then boring is hot! You look elegant with a foxy twist, as you so often do.

  10. Thanks, Bianca! I know, I'm a sucker for that silhouette too.

    Megan, yeah, and it makes for a nice change once in a while. Aw, thanks!

    Kristen, well, thanks! Too true - leopard makes anything better. Yes, it's a bright true red.

    Thanks so much, Kathleen, I checked yours out. :)

    Jen, yes, you're so right. Aw, thank you! And swirls are my favourite kind of tattoos.

    Lorena, thank you, hon.

    Thanks so much, Tat!

    Sal, aw, you're so sweet, thanks.

    Cat, you're the best - thanks!

  11. I'm so shocked that this elicited a "meh" from you. I love it! The colors are bright, the shape is divine on you, and the patterned shoes liven it up and bring it all together. I think it's fab!

  12. Aw, thanks, Tina! :) I do have to remind myself that it's okay not to have every outfit be crazy!


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