Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Which Things Do Not Quite Go Right

Following a stressful evening last night, I woke up rather muzzy-headed. I forgot my tea on the kitchen counter, I did things out of order. I barely remembered to put on make-up! Horrors!

I was very happy that I'd picked an easy outfit for today:
Classic! The jammie dress! Its bold, dark pattern hides everything, the neckline and sleeves are uber-flattering without being bare, and it feels like wearing pajamas.

I also went easy on the shoes since I didn't want to scare my new director, who I met today. My VP was extremely disappointed that I didn't have more kooky "kicks" on, so I promised I'd wear some crazy shoes tomorrow.

The stuff:
Woo! The red lining of the shoes really pops! I always fall back on the same accessories with this dress, but I like them. I have worn this dress a fair bit: here (July 23/09), here (Feb 11/09), here (July 24, 2008), here (May 7, 2008, where I mention about 4 more wears previous to me having this blog).

Not bad! I must be at about $4.50 per wear on it now, since I only paid around $40 for it way back in 2007. I know it's not any older than 2007 because, of course, prior to that I weighed 50 lbs more than I do now.

Dress (I.N.C.), shoes (Guess), necklace (consignment), earrings (don't recall).


  1. Well you looked awesome at least. That dress totally calls for some yellow pumps though.

    $4.50 is a pretty good PPW

  2. Hi Sheila, love the dress and that you refer to it as a PJ dress. I have one of those too, but for now I'm just in my real PJ's


  3. Love that shade of green and the great sleeves.

  4. Oooh... I hate mornings like that! Last week I had a day where I showed the bus driver my security pass... tried to get into my office with my bus pass... and I spilled my spaghetti sauce filled lunch in my purse (I am currently in the process of sewing a lunch bag to avoid that one again). Hope tomorrow is better!

  5. Simple, but never boring! That's classic Sheila. Love that green on you.

  6. I'm in love with that dress. I almost don't believe it feels like pajamas because it look so chic! Gorgeous!

  7. My gosh, you look HOT! Beautiful pattern on that dress, and your figure it totally rocking!


  8. hi Sheila! first, thank you so much for popping by my blog - it's especially encouraging for a 'baby blogger' like me to hear such nice things from an old hand like yourself! and i had NO IDEA about the Pulp Fiction - banana slug connection!

    Great outfit - very business appropriate while simultaneously 'classic Sheila'. i'm always most impressed with people who can project their own unique style in different settings, and you do it really well.

    and the 'Jammie Dress'! one of my reasons for diarying my outfits is so i can track those type of outfits - easy, comfy, stylish - for 'those type of days'. Lord knows those days occur regularly, and i think that type of list would reduce a lot of stress.

    thank you again, and i hope life in general is smoothing out for ya.......steph

  9. I like the "jammie" dress - and in ALL its incarnations! You wear this color green beautifully Sheila.


  10. Thanks, Megan. Hmmm...I don't know, you think yellow?

    Lesa, thanks! Real PJs are good too!

    Wendy, they're pirate sleeves, yar!

    Cara, ha, yes, you know exactly how it is! Today I only forgot to eat breakfast!

    Kristen, thanks!

    Jenny, thanks so much - that's the plan. This dress fools everyone!

    Sal, isn't it amazing? I totally stalked it before I bought it.

    Julia, thanks!

    Steph, oh, you are so welcome! Keep it up and you could be in for a Major Award in December. ;) I'll be stopping in every so often (I read more than I comment).


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