Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Black-Out Weekend Edition and a Book Blurb

Although the 2010 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge is over, the Monday to Monday Summer Black-Out 2010 is still underway.

On Friday night after work, we went to see the documentary "Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage" with a bunch of our friends. I changed into my jeans and a t-shirt:
Of course, since it's still not summer here, I had to wear a jacket:

I forgot to show the amazing lining last time I wore this:
Yesterday, I played Ultimate for 2 hours - by the end I was sweaty and icky. But no fear! I put on this easy sundress over my sports bra, and slipped off my shorts. Ta-da!
Ready to go for lunch and a quick stop in at the tattoo parlour (for L) and the thrift shop (for me) before we headed home to shower.

Today I wandered down and around some areas of town. I took the camera so you could see some of the neat stuff I saw. Some groovy graffiti that someone arty cut out and nailed to a telephone pole:
Don't be fooled by the blue sky: it was windy and cold.
A rocky hill that I walked by.

I couldn't resist these glorious poppies with the purple lavender:
This old Victoria-era house caught my eye:
I cut through the graveyard:
That's the ocean in the background.

I used my timer (as usual) to catch a picture of myself sitting on the edge of this grave:
This is the prettiest (and oldest) graveyard in the city. My great-uncle died as a child - he's buried here somewhere in an unmarked grave where poor people were permitted to bury their kin.
I like this angel:
A lady on her bike caught me taking pictures of myself (hee!) and asked if I wanted her to take one. I was so embarassed...

I finished another book! Kim Harrison's "For a Few Demons More":
Stats: Hardcover, 456 pages. Started May 30th, finished June 9th.

Blurb: I read the first book in this series (they're called the Hollows books) back in May of 2008 and quite liked it. I then read about 8 of the "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter" books by Laurel K. Hamilton. I stopped reading those because, frankly, they became just about sex, sex, sex. I'm okay with some sex in my light reading, but I prefer interesting characters, story and humour. I quite like the Hollows books and can't wait to read the next one. I also like these better than Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books (the ones that "True Blood" is based on - woo! new season tonight!).

This book continues right where the last one left off (I'm not going to get into the plot), and jumps right into action, suspense and mishaps with our heroine, Rachel Morgan. Rachel's a great sympathetic lead woman; she's sexy and smart (but dresses inappropriately, which is meant to be funny), but is also flawed. The supporting characters are also complex - I care about what happens to Ivy the vampire and Jenks the pixie. If you enjoy a little light fantasy, you'd probably like these books.


  1. Eee I love the yellow and orange look. That jacket is to die for!

    And Hooray! I love Kim Harrison. I'm anxiously awaiting her next book release.

    If you're not already reading them, give Kelley Armstrong and Tanya Huff a read.

  2. Ooooh, that jacket is divine!

    Can you believe it is still so ridiculously cold? I know we live in different areas but it's been bad in both spots. Man, enough already!

  3. I adore the shot of you on the grave - it's somehow very mysterious. Exactly what temperature IS it there, anyway?


  4. That yellow jacket adds magic to that outfit.
    I have a thing with graveyards I like to look around, check the dates on the tombstones and imagine how old people were when they died. I know kinda creepy.
    Once, about 10 years ago or less I got locked in the crypt where ashes are set to rest under a church.
    I began shouting until someone got me out of there....
    IT IS SOOO uncomfortable to get "caught" while taking self shots which is the answer to why all of my pictures are taken indoors.
    There is just no privacy out there !

  5. The jacket is great ,you look so good in jeans,The pictures of you in the grave yard are very atmospheric ,and you answered my question ,(not that I ever asked it ) you take your pictures using the timer Jan xx

  6. Thanks, Megan! I adore the jacket - expect to see it a lot! I have about 4 of Harrison's books to catch up on. Thanks for the rec's!

    Kristen, thanks! I know, stupid weather!

    Julia, thanks! I thought of you while I was taking them. The temp is not freakin' warm enough!

    Lorena, thank you! I love graveyards too - I don't think that's creepy at all. However, your story of getting locked in a crypt is terrifying!

    Jan, thank you so much!

  7. It's nice to see someone who's not afraid of cemeteries. Beautiful pictures and clothing as always!

  8. This is the least spooky cemetery ever - not scary at all! Aw, thank you so much, Jen. :)


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