Monday, May 31, 2010

Lazy Monday - Don't Steal My Sunshine

I took a bundle of stuff to my favourite second-hand shop yesterday. I got $60 in trade-in! Of course, I "spent" it right away!

I found this awesome dress for only $19.00:
It's wool, and is actually a tiny black/white tweed (I know, it looks grey, we'll call it grey). I wasn't sure about the style, because I usually go for more fitted cuts, but if the weather every decides to stop raining (grrr!), I'll be happy to have a lightweight loose dress to wear for work.

It's from the Gap (ha, size 2, oh, you Gapsters and your vanity sizing! I'm so not a size 2!), and is marked Holiday 08, so it's going on two years old. It doesn't appear to have been worn.
And it has pockets! I also really like the flat-ish neck ruffles and the wee pouffy sleeves. Inigo's checking out the shoes.

I really wanted to wear my new zipper rose pin that I got at the Victoria & Albert museum with it:
I didn't want to go solid black with accessories, so I punched it up with the yellow scarf (saving my rain-hat-headed hair) and my yellow cuff.

The stuff:
I got my foot smunched by a large man while playing Ultimate on Saturday, so I had to baby my toes in my Tsubos. The scarf was 2 for $5 in a thrift shop a couple of months ago. I like the acorn and oak leaf pattern on it.

A close-up of the stuff:
Isn't the zipper rose cool?

Dress (Gap, consignment), shoes (Tsubo), scarf (thrifted), pin (V&A Museum gift shop), cuff (thrifted), ring (Club Monaco), earrings (The Cobbler).


  1. I got a Gap t-shirt in an XS recently and it was waaaaay too big. Ridiculous!

  2. Adorable outfit! The yellow gives it a punch of color. I love the little details of this outfit. I didn't even realize the zipper rose wasn't attached to the dress. It goes perfectly.

  3. LOVE that dress. And with the pop of yellow-awesome!

  4. That dress is so cute! I love the color. And the zipper rose is awesome!

  5. That dress is beautiful. It looks great on you and YES you had to ask... I WANT YOUR ZIPPER PIN.
    It's something you can wear in your head, on your wrist, on your waist... oh I secretly want one.

  6. Oh, I love that dress. It's fun to have something that's not fitted once in a while. I am so in love with that yellow cuff! Every time you wear it a drool! HA!

  7. Wants me that zippa pin! This may require a trip across the pond. . . bwah haa haa ha!!! No tears; you wear it well, Sheila. The yellow scarf is perfection, both style and color.

  8. Wendy, I agree, their sizing has gotten out of hand. Puh-leese. I am a size 6-8, not a 2.

    Megan, thanks, that was the intention.

    MAMom, thanks!

    ShyGirl, thank you so much! Thank you also for de-lurking and commenting. I do appreciate it. :)

    Lorena, thanks! Ah, sorry! I checked the V&A website shopping section and it's not on there. :( I bet you could make one.

    Alison, yeah, that's what drew me - it's very different from my usual style. I know, I love the cuff too. :)

    Jean, sorry! I even checked the V&A website to see if they had it in their shop (no). I bet it wouldn't be hard to make.

  9. So cute and that yellow makes it fun! Love the zipper pin too.

  10. Good Golly, Sheila!!!

    Look what I found while attempting to track down a zipper pin of my very own:

    Unfortunately, WAY out of my current price range.

    But then, I consulted with "Aunt Martha" and learned this:

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with that etsy shop, nor is MS really my "aunt"; please feel free to remove the link(s) if they're inappropriate.

    Hugs to Inigo,

  11. Jean, those links are awesome! Thank you so much! Next time I wear the pin, I'll take a picture of the back and will link to those sites. Thank you!

  12. LOVE! The color combo, the details in the dress...all are fabulous. I need to catch up and read about this magnificent trip you were on!

  13. Thanks, FA! Just click on the link in the sidebar, or "London & Paris" in the tags at the bottom of the post.

  14. The dress may not be as fitted as your usual style, but it is still very figure flattering. You look tiny and so very tall - a great combo in my book. And have you ever worn your hair with a scarf like that before? I don't remember seeing it - it's so much fun on you.

  15. Thanks, Tina!

    I wore my hair tied with my orange scarf on a weekend a couple of weeks ago (with my turquoise jacket). I don't usually wear scarves in my hair because they fall out (my hair is very slippery).


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