Friday, June 18, 2010

Gold Digger

I was in a huge hurry last night after work - I had to dash to Book Club, so I only had time to take my pictures. I felt very retro:
Do you not love that green skirt? It's a Banana Republic, from Spring 2007, and was $18. This just reminds me of why I love shopping second-hand: why would I bother to go try and find something new when I can find something old? I snicker when the magazines tell me that full skirts are in style...yeah, they've been "in" a few times.

I didn't wear a sweater with this during the day at work, but it was a bit windy last night, so I chucked on this sweater:
I dug out my summer shoes last weekend, so these lovely ones are reappearing.

The stuff:
They're woven straw with leather accents. Shamefully, I still had my turquoise toenails from our party a few weeks ago. Fortunately, I always stash a bottle of quick-dry nail polish (I love Rimmel's 60 Second) in my desk at *swoop slap* I did my toenails when I arrived at work.

A close-up of the jewelry:
I've had that pin forever. Mom gave it to me (as opposed to my usual "borrowing" from her jewelry box) to hold the neckline of a stripey tunic closed - I was 11 or 12 years old and starting to get my boobs...and feeling very self-conscious about the low slash neckline. I'm wearing it the same way - the "boob button" on the blouse refused to stay shut, so this little shovel kept it secure all day and evening.

Blouse (no label, vintage, thrifted), skirt (Banana Republic, consignment), shoes (Franco Sarto), belt (Le Chateau), cardigan (Express, thrifted), earrings (vintage), ring (70s vintage, Sarah Coventry), pin (Mom's, at least 70s).


  1. I love your outfits. The yellow jacket, the stunning shoes and this skirt combo. So chic and fresh.

  2. Absolutely lovely, and the shovel is so unique Jan xx

  3. That skirt is lovely! It has such a great shape. I love the sweater too.

    Looking good, Ms Sheila~!

  4. I always love the way you pull an outfit together :-)

    Great blog makeover too!

  5. Green is my favourite colour so I'm always gonna love it and it really suits you. xo

  6. Aw, thanks so much, Angela!

    Jan, thanks!

    Megan, I know, isn't it an awesome skirt? Thanks!

    Tat, thank you!

    Nerines, thank you!

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Wendy, me too.

  7. LOVE the green skirt! Really I just love it all.


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