Monday, February 15, 2010

Special Occasion (V-Day!) and Lazy Monday (Recycled Legs)

I hope everyone had a very happy Valentine's Day! L and I went out for dinner, so after lying on the couch all day in my robe and thick socks (so decadent), I put on the glitz:
My gorgeous new LBD. Not like I really needed another LBD, since I have NINE of them, but this one has one shoulder! It's satin! It's totally different! Heh heh.

Isn't it pretty? I love the cumberbund detailing at the waist, and the nice full bust coverage in the top. I even wore lipstick for the occasion:
I am swathed in a big velvety scarf for warmth.

Okay, the reason I wanted this dress was that it shows off my tattoo:
I feel so badass when I show it. Inigo approved.

L and I have been through about 15 V-Days since we met. For the last several years, we agree not to get each other anything...and he always cheats (but you know I love it). This year, he made me a mixed CD of love songs that reminded me of him. He even put pictures of us on the cover.
All together: AWWWWW!

The songs are (because I love that he put so much thought into this):

Dance Me To The End of Love - Leonard Cohen (our song)

Lost Together - Blue Rodeo

Love You Madly - Cake

Into My Arms - Nick Cave

Here Comes My Girl - Tom Petty

You And Me - Alice Cooper

Settin' The Woods on Fire - Hank Williams

I've Got a Great Idea - Harry Connick Jr.

A Night in Summer Long Ago - Mark Knopfler

Freaky Girl - Shaggy

Help Me Make It Through The Night - Kris Kristofferson

If I Needed You - Townes Van Zandt

Side of the Road - Lucinda Williams

Sheila Take a Bow - The Smiths

Dark Night of the Soul - Loreena McKennitt

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

Take This Longing - Leonard Cohen

It's Worth Believin' - Gordon Lightfoot

Valentine's Day - Steve Earle


I got the dress about a month ago - on sale for $49.99 from $129! Woo!
I put my pin on the waistband to give it more definition.

I used the purse Mom brought me back from Australia:
I love the fabric roses.

Today, being Monday, I pretty much recycled all the accessories:
I love these shoes, but when I see them in a photo, they just look so ugly and chunky. Maybe they are one of those things that's better in person?

I ended up not being all that happy with this outfit. The length of the skirt? Too dark overall? I don't know. This is the risk I run when I just stuff things into a bag and hope they work out!

I layered my hot pink tights in both looks:
See? Doesn't the shoe look cool there? Those are my $30 deal that I got just after Christmas.

The stuff:
The shoes, tights and jewelry is the same in both outfits.

Dress (Esprit), pink tights (Hue), patterned tights (don't remember), shoes (Poetice Licence), blouse (Esprit), cardigan (Express, consignment), skirt (Jones Wear, thrifted), belt (Bianca Nygard), jewelry (Myka, gifts from L), pin (Plum, gift from L).


  1. Aw what a guy! You look so pretty in one shoulder pieces. It's awesome with the added bonus that it shows off your tattoo too. The shoes are really pretty. I'm so looking forward to having a reason to get dressed up again. It's coming soon and will probably be here so quickly even though it seems so far away. I have some new goodies to wear too. I've done some thrifting, yay!

  2. Great dress, you look hot! And your man has some good taste in music!

  3. That dress is amazing - and you look hot. Are you joining our capsule wardrobe challenge?

  4. It's ALL good! The V dress OUTSTANDING (though I DID shiver at the thought of actually wearing it).

    The shoes in the close-up are awesome.

    The CD is an amazing gift. Beats those talk-radio ads for Vermont Teddy Bears and pajama-grams they try to entice husbands to purchase for their wives!

  5. LOVE that one shoulder dress, you have the arms to pull it off and you look great!

  6. Hot

    You look gorgeous Sheila ! Wow, your Valentine's wear is red carpet... i hope you made it out the door !

  7. 1. Rawr. Hot dress.

    2. Awww. Sweet Hubby.

    3. Hee. Nothing is worth doing if Inigo does not approve.

    4. Drool. I want those tights.

  8. Alison, isn't that the sweetest thing? I was so touched. Thanks very much - I love the dress. Dressing up is so fun!

    Thanks, Julia! I agree, I love the songs he picked.

    Jane, thank you! You bet I am!

    Thanks, Rebecca! Did you shiver with cold? I so agree - the personal gift is wonderful. I hope you had a good V-Day!

    Thanks, Erin - I've been working on my arms.

    Lorena, aw, thank you! Yes, we made it out. :)

    Kristen, ha! You're so funny. Thanks!

  9. I love that one shoulder dress - its sooo pretty!

    And how sweet that he made you a mix cd :D

    CC xXx

  10. Wowza lady, you look gorgeous! Love that classy LBD. The one shoulder is a great look for you! And those shoes are divine :)

  11. Wow, you look A-Mazing :-)

    My hubby never takes me anywhere were such an outfit would not look out of place!

    Where did you go?

  12. I haven't been here in a while and I forgot how much I enjoy your blog, Sheila. You always make me smile. I LOVE that LBD - it looks great on you (your exposed arm looks fantastic!)

  13. Candycane, thank you so much. I know, the CD is the sweetest thing. :) Thank you very much for commenting!

    Thanks, FA!

    Tat, thank you! We went out for a nice dinner. Of course, I booked it. :)

  14. The LBD is to die for! You look stunning, and I like the shoes with the dress. I think that the shoes with the work outfit might make the outfit a little bottom heavy? But you said that they look different in person.

  15. Thanks, Tina! I fell in love with it. I agree, the shoes are just not right with the work outfit.

  16. Oh hell yes, you NEEDED that tattoo-highlighting dress! I think this one-shoulder style is best on busty gals like you; on ladies with narrow shoulders and small boobs it just makes the top half look sunken. Way to rock this style; I love it!

  17. Audi, yes, I really did need it! Ha! Thanks very much for the kind words - I have always loved this style.


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