Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Geometric Colours and Inspiration from Bloggers

I got another pair of $30 shoes at the Very Expensive Shoe Store a couple of weekends ago - I figured since the weather's been so good, today would be the day I wore them:
Although I was chilly in the morning, once the sun hit my windows, I was roasting hot. Sweating! I had to keep doing the "fan under the armpits" hand motion to keep from erm...glowing all over this silk blouse. I love this high-waisted pencil skirt too - it has a square of shiny black pyramid beads at the waistband. This was one of the items I wore in Jane's last Wardrobe Challenge - there's another one coming up the week of March 1st and I am in!

I call this my Londyn Blouse because she has the same one. I love when fellow bloggers have matching clothing. Besides this blouse, Kasmira and I have the same Talbot's skirt in different colours (hers is green, mine is orange), Julia and I have the same skirt (although mine is just not right, so it's going back to the consignment shop), and Lorena noted in yesterday's comments that she has the same earrings as mine only in brown.

But that's not the only inspiration I'm talking about in the title. Two bloggers get special thanks from me today.

1. Have you noticed how nice and bright my pictures are today? Thanks to Kasmira for this awesome post - number 4 was just what I needed!

2. I love Sheryl's blog for her fitness and weight loss journey. She climbs stairs all the time as part of her workout routine. I work on the main floor of an office building, and I usually take the elevator to get to our condo (the inside stairs are stinky and the outside stairs are noisy), so I don't do stairs very often. Wednesday is when Sherylyn (of Yummyland) and I meet up after work and go for a walk - she was running late today, and the spot we meet has a huge big outdoor staircase. I figured, "If Sheryl can do it, so can I!"

The first time up and down, no problem. The second time, I'm starting to breathe heavier. Better pace myself. The third time, jeez, how many stairs are there? The fourth time, there are 63 stairs. My legs are starting to burn. The fifth time, oh, my legs are feeling like jelly! The sixth time, where the heck is Sherylyn? Phew! Thank goodness, there she was. Man, my legs are sore! I think I am going to add those stairs to my noon walks from now on - I want a gold medal in the 10K race this year to add to my bronze and silver!

Okay, back to fashion:
Look! The back of the heel is yellow patent! Isn't that awesome?

The stuff:
Those are leather shoes - aren't they gorgeous? I've never seen the brand before, but they will be great for summer.

Silk blouse (Nine West), skirt (Kensie), shoes (Portia), bracelet and earrings (Le Chateau).


  1. OMG I laughed out loud over your description of your stair walking (I laugh because I totally understand!) but I'm so excited I inspired you! You did it once, you can do it again! (and yes, those shoes are gorgeous! I also love the print on that scarf!)

  2. That skirt looks amazing on you.
    I read Sheryl's blog and find it truly inspiring.

  3. What an attractive outfit! The colors, the fit, the shoes - all make me fashionably jealous.

  4. those shoes are fabu, and that blouse is amazing!! i think orange is on my must-have list for this season, though i dont know that its such a great color for me...
    we shall see!

  5. Love this outfit & I admire the way you always make an effort, even just for work! I tend to have a self-imposed uniform of black trousers with various tops for work wear as it makes life easy in the mornings. I think it's also because I work in a small office with a man (who never notices clothes!) I should take inspiration from you and make as much effort with my work wardrobe as I do with the "rest of my life" wear.

  6. I'm glad the exposure compensation button worked for you! It's magical!

  7. Everything is perfect here!! This skirt fits you perfectly and that top is so pretty.
    How cool that even though we are scattered all over the world we share the same goodies...

  8. Meeeeow! You look SMOKIN' in this, Sheila! That skirt is just amazing on you.

  9. Soooo pretty! You know i have a thing for colors, and those shoes are gorgeous too.

  10. Lovely!!!! The high waist works beautifully on your figure, and that print is great with your coloring.

  11. Bright photos, ahoy! Love the skirt.

    Good for you for doing the stairs like that. Every time I read about Sheryl running the stairs at work, I get inspired, but I also know that I would be a big sweaty mess if I did that, and there is no shower or anything here. Maybe I need to bring some tennies and do it at the end of the day when it doesn't matter if I am gross. Anyway, way to go!!

  12. Sheryl, I am so feeling it today! Wow, great workout, and I will be keeping it up! Thank you again!

    Rebecca, thanks!

    Thanks, Jane, isn't she amazing?

    Rebecca, again? :) Thanks! Don't be jealous.

    Evanadine, thank you so much. I adore orange, just love it, any season! Go for it!

    Fay, thank you! One of the things I've really grown to appreciate about blogging my outfits is that I really do make more of a effort on a daily basis. You should try to elevate your style! You can do it!

    Kasmira, on my camera, it identifies as "backlit" but same dif.

    Thanks so much, Lorena! I know, isn't that neat?

    Thanks, Sal! I felt great all day.

    Thanks, Diane! I know, I love all your colours (and oh, your shoes!).

    Thanks, Jane - I have always loved high-waisted skirts.

    Tina, isn't it a great difference? You could definitely try stairs after work. Give it a shot!

  13. Those shoes are awesome -- love the yellow patent! And that top always looks great on you.

    We don't have stairs at work, which I don't mind. But I admire the way you keep adding in new ways to exercise; it's inspiring!

  14. My goodness you look model-thin in this outfit! Careful don't blow away! ;)

    Love the springy colours. And what an amazing skirt!

  15. Oooh, I envy those shoes! And you look AMAZING in that outfit. Really, one of your best I've seen. And guess what? I'm selling that skirt too! I can't wear it either -- something about it just doesn't fit. Ah well, our skirts go to two new ladies, eh? Funny.


  16. Thanks, Kristen - I love unusual shoes. Ha, thank you, but it's that I'm lazy - I need to fit in my exercise so that it doesn't feel structured, like a gym.

    Sherylyn, you're so sweet - ha! Blow away, as if! Thanks so much.

    Julia, aren't they cool? Thanks! Yeah, what is up with that skirt? It's just not right. Oh, well.

  17. MAJOR case of shoe envy here. They are just too cute!

  18. FAVORITE. OUTFIT. EVER. You look fabulous, lady! I'm going to post this as one of my most favorite outfits of the week!

  19. Thanks so much, bluerose - and welcome! Thank you very much for commenting!

    FA - EVER?? Wow, and it took so little effort. :-P

  20. Thanks, GFS! I appreciate you commenting.


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