Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Green, Teal and Grey (and a Bug)

I'm wearing one of my freebies today from my swap at the consignment store on the weekend - a new skirt! What a shocker - it's a pattern. I absolutely love a patterned skirt as the starting point for an outfit. It just jazzes up everything else!

This skirt was $24, but of course, I got it free from all the old clothes I took in.

The tights and cami are teal, a "sort of" match with the blue in the skirt. The green of the cardi, the dark grey in the belt and shoes are also in the plaid. I had a work acquaintance give me a "Wow! Look at all your colours!" in the main lobby today - I hit a patch of bright sunlight, ha!

I really like this shape, the slight tulip. Very flirty. The double seams on the back help keep the shape and accentuate the butt: Inigo's helping.

The stuff:
These shoes are just a smidge too small - but they are so gorgeous! I got them almost a year ago for about $45. I've worn them 6 times now, so I'm getting my money's worth!

This is for Sal! I wore my pin as a necklace:

Cardigan (Kersh), camisole (RW & Co.), skirt (Nine and Company, consignment), tights (Hue), belt (Bianca Nygard), shoes (Lauren by Ralph Lauren, consignment), pin (Le Chateau), earrings (Plum).


  1. This is sooooo gorgeous!!! I love the green, and the fit is perfect.

  2. Oh, Sheila, can I steal this entire outfit? My heart kind of broke when I saw that the skirt was thrifted because I'd love to duplicate it for myself! You look beautiful!

  3. :::pets sweet Inigo::: I just love his markings.

    That skirt is great on you; love the tulip shape and the colors!

  4. love that pin! and turning it into a necklace makes it even more useful!

  5. That IS a great skirt! Super pattern and shape. You look smashing in it.

  6. What an incredibly fun skirt! I love the shape, pattern, AND colors. Three kinds of win. ;)

  7. What a pretty pattern on that skirt !
    Your cat seems heavy - he is so cuteeeeeeeeee!

  8. Yet another skirt of yours that I lust after. I really likw how the skirt is the light element and then your top and legs are darker elements. Usually you see the reverse (white shirt w/ black pants, etc) and I really like how this plays with visual expectations. Great look!

  9. That is such a cool skirt! I love the bug pin/pendant too. All the colors are so pretty.

  10. What a great necklace! I also love the unconventional houndstooth -- I'm a sucker for a classic pattern. Really great, Sheila!


  11. Super great outfit! The colors are terrific! There you go with those high, high heels again :)

    I will definitely steal this "pin-on-a-necklace" look!

  12. Thanks so much, FA!

    Kari, be my guest, that's so flattering! Just use any patterned tulip-shaped skirt. I don't think this one is very old. Thank you!

    Kristen, aw, isn't that nice? Thanks!

    Thanks, Evanadine!

    Kasmira, thank you!

    Sal, thanks - I know! I had to have it.

    Lorena, he weighs about 15 lbs - yup, heavy. Thanks!

    Tina, I do love my skirts (that orange one is still here, with your name on it). Great observation! Thank you!

    Thanks, Alison!

    Julia, I was quite pleased with myself to have "invented" this necklace. I love plaid too. Thank you!

    Thanks, Rebecca! Those are 3 3/4" heels (I measured), not so bad for me. ;) Please steal the pin idea!


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