Friday, February 5, 2010

Casual Friday - Weather Report: Fail!

I listen to the radio in the mornings while I'm getting ready: eating my breakfast in front of the computer, putting on my makeup, hugging the cats, etc. Today, they said the weather was going to be, and I quote: "Highs of 11 [that's about 55] and rain."

Wrong! I guess I shouldn't have focused on the "rain" part of it. It was so sunny and hot out today! I feel bad for people in the rest of Canada and other areas who are getting their toes froze and dumped with snow.

I dressed warm! Layers!
I have on a cami, a thin wool sweater and my lovely new green velvet jacket ($30 consignment). The jacket is by Allison Wonderland, and ooh, I think I am in love with this designer! I am certainly going to look for more of her clothes when I'm out thrifting.

Due to the so-called rain in the forecast, I bundled up with my brown velvet hat, wool scarf and leather gloves.
I also wore my trench over this. I ended up carrying it arround.

I liked how the teal tights looked with the olive green net tights layered over top.
Eee! Those are my new boots! (And yes, I have laid my leg on a table to take that picture). Aren't they fab? They are Hispanitas, a brand I had never heard of before. Their mid-calf boots seem to sell for 120 English pounds. How much is that in Canadian?

These are the last of my "free" consignment items from the weekend. They are sort of an olive-y brown, and lined with a deep teal - they are the softest leather! I love the details like the buckle and button on the ankle. They were priced at $89, then marked down to $40 (those are the price tags stuck on the table). They're a little scuffed, by I like them that way. It's like someone broke them in for me!

The stuff:
The jacket is a real chartreuse shade and super soft. You can see the blue lining of the boots there. Double necklaces means double the sparkle!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Jacket (Allison Wonderland, consignment), sweater (Uniqlo, thrifted), skirt (InWear, consignment), tights (Hue, both pairs), boots (Hispanitas, consignment), necklaces (Plum (triple strand), and Jacob (chain/rhinestone)), belt (Plum).


  1. Wow, what great weather! I hope those kind of temps will be heading my way soon.

    This color combination is so modern, I just love it. I also really like the shape of that hat. I have been looking for a hat that is the right mix of dressy, casual, and warm - that one looks like it fits the bill well! I'll have to be on the lookout for something similar.

  2. That jacket takes my breadth away. I love the shape and the color is absolutely perfect. What a find with the boots too. They are so cool! It was pretty nice here today too, 30f, it actually felt warm.

  3. I'm having such fun saying Allison Wonderland outloud! It is a great jacket--I like the color & with the teal - GREAT!

  4. The weather has been incredibly warm in Toronto.I have friends near Washington complaining about snow storms and here it is nice and sunny. Go figure.
    I love the color of your jacket.And the boots.

  5. I hope so too, Suz! It's lovely here (although raining today). I love blue and green together. The hat is about 13 years old now, so soft.

    Alison, isn't it lovely? The colour really grabbed me. Thanks! I hope it stays warm for you!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Nurmisur, it's so weird, isn't it? Thanks!

  6. Velvet.... oohhhhhh
    This looks so nicely put together plus it also serves its purpose... keep you warm -even though the weather cast did not do its job....

  7. Just got a chance to read your comments... Nope didn't stay warm here. -10f today, bummer.


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