Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Almost Like New Shoes

I am pretty lazy when it comes to fixing things, sewing on buttons, that sort of thing. An item of clothing that has dropped its hem will languish unworn in my closet for months if not more before I get around to doing something about it, and that "something" is often getting rid of it.

Today's outfit was built around these shoes:
They lost a cap on the heel and I just took them in to get re-done a couple of weeks ago. Can you believe I haven't worn them since August? Pathetic!

By the way, when it looks like I have bare legs, it's actually micro-fishnets. They are like a regular nylon with a fishnet texture. I love them - much less grannyish than pantyhose!

I last wore the dress in November, but it's a pretty dressy style and fabric, so it's not really a work dress. It's also rather boobalicious, which I had forgotten.
Because of the colours in the shoes, I tend to just pull those out for the colours in my outfits. Yup, a bit of purpley-burgundy, a bit of blue, a bit of grey.

The stuff:
*sigh* The shoes!

I wore another one of my pins as a necklace pendant (like the bug pin last week).
Dress (Maggy London), jacket (Le Chateau), belt (Plum), brooch (probably Plum), earrings (don't remember).


  1. The colors of the jacket, dress, and shoes are just marvelous together. You look so sharp!

    I've forgotten - what is the science fiction novel you're working on at the moment? I can always use additional books to add to my list in case they're available at the library!

  2. Man, I want almost every piece of that outfit! Love the dress, love the jacket, LOOOOOVE the brooch/necklace. And the shoes ain't bad, either! :)

  3. Those shoes are BLOWING MY MIND with their amazingness.

  4. Love it. Belt is awesome, shoes are fantastic, dress/jacket = great colors and love the baubles.

  5. Thanks, Kari! I left the info on the book on your blog.

    Kristen, aw, thanks. Now that I look at this, the shoes make my legs look stumpy. But I still love them!

    Erin, thanks! I think they are amazing too.

    TexNY, thanks!

  6. The color combination is perfection and I want to reach into my computer and grab that jacket!

  7. Those shoes are faaaabulous, and I love the color combo you've got going here!

  8. Thanks, Audi. In retrospect, I think the shapes are not quite what I wanted, but I'm happy with the colour combo.


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