Saturday, February 13, 2010

Casual Friday - Angels Become Devils

My poor feet are aching.

Yesterday, I decided to walk to work in my casual clothes. I dragged out my old Fluevog Angels, which I've had for about 9 years. I haven't worn them in about 4 years. I used to walk to town and shop all day in them. I figured they'd be fine to walk 40 minutes to work.
Look. How cute?
Oh, but I was wrong. They rubbed my heels so badly. It felt like I was wearing someone else's shoes! My heels both blistered badly, and are swaddled in bandaids today so that I could get around.

Fortunately, I had a pair of light Keds in my desk at work that I was able to wear all day (very attractive they were: white Mary Jane shoes with black socks! Ha! No pictures of that!).

But I realized while I was limping along: the Fluevogs WERE someone else's shoes. The old me. The fat me. The nearly-200-lb me from 4 years ago. My feet are a different shape now, because I'm 50+ pounds lighter.

Sadly, the 'Vogs are going to the consignment shop. Oh well, at least I'll probably get about $50 credit for them!

Today, I shuffled around in my boots, out for lunch and a CD shop:
My rock 'n' roll weekend casual uniform: layered long-sleeved shirt with graphic tee, skirt (not demin today, because it's too heavy for the scale when I go to Weight Watchers), funky tights and low-heeled boots.

Have a great weekend!
Cashmere sweater (J. McLaughlin, consignment), silk/cotton long-sleeved tee (Banana Republic, thrifted), jeans (Seven7, gift from Caro), shoes (Fluevog "Angels").


  1. So Sad the Angles killed your feet. We were shoe fraternal twins yesterday. I wore my old white with brown tips oxford Doc Martens. They look so much like your Angels, just a different color combo. Mine treated me well though, and I don't think I've worn mine in about 4 years either. Mine also belonged to a different person, I thrifted them for $10 and was so excited when I bought them. So cheap for Docs. Hope your feet heal up quickly. Have a great weekend.

  2. My heels hurt just thinking about your blisters! The shoes were nifty, though...I laughed about your reason for not wearing the denim skirt :)

  3. There is nothing worst than walking in a pair of shoes that kill your feet... I do this at least once a week now that I think of it :/
    Which is the reason why I always have band aids in my wallet....

  4. Sad news, they're gorgeous shoes, and so "in" now! :-( It's easy to forget that 50lbs makes such a difference, everywhere!

    Somebody new will love them though, so it's not all sad news :-) (wishing I was closer to come and check out the consignment shops near you in a hope of finding them!)

  5. You poor thing! I can so relate! The bandaid company exists thanks to people like me. I have bandaids stashed in all my purses, makeup bags and even pockets. You made the right decision to take the Angels to the consignment shop. Hope you're better already!

  6. What a shame about your feet and cute fluevogs - but at least you have a good, healthy reason for not having them fit well anymore. 9 years is a LONG life for a pair of supportive shoes in any case!

  7. Well, at least the shoes will find a new home. I love Fluvogs. Your rock and roll weekend look is so fun -- perfect for the CD store!


  8. I would have been upset about such awesome shoes turning on me too, but what a great realization to make in the end. Get something even better with your credit!

  9. Sorry about the shoes, but at least you get to recycle the value in them at the consignment shop. And yay! for having lost so much weight that your shoes fits differently!

  10. Alison, me too! I love this Oxford style. I hope my feet heal fast too - thanks!

    Rebecca, it's just one foot now that is still really sore. Heh, I would never wear heavy denim for my weigh-in!

    Lorena, why do we do this to ourselves!? I have stashes of bandaids too!

    Yup, they're never out of style, Tat. I didn't even consider that they wouldn't fit the same, and I'm happy to be able to pass them along.

    Tanya, I thought I had learned my lesson years ago: no more painful shoes! Thanks so much!

    Kari, I sad! I'd rather not be able to wear these than be heavy and wear them, though!

    Julia, exactly. I love Fluevogs...I will just have to replace them (heh, twist my rubber arm). Thanks! It's a good weekend uniform for me.

    Yeah, Kristen, I am quite happy to have such a good reason to get rid of them! You can bet I will get something cool!

    Thanks, Tina! It's amazing how different they felt on.


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