Sunday, February 7, 2010

Casual Weekend - Winesday Gals

The Winesday gals got together for lunch yesterday: caesars (the drink, not the salad), food and lots of chit-chat. Ah, I love my gals.
It was still really warm out, so I went bare-legged with knee-high socks (they're stripey). I just wore a leather jacket over this.
Check this out: these Japanese cherry and plum trees are starting to bloom:
Aren't they pretty? I love early spring here. Sending warm thoughts to all of you who are snowed in!

Off to watch the Super Bowl! Go, Saints!

Long-sleeved tee (Mexx), t-shirt (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), skirt (Bebe Sport, swap), knee highs (I forget), boots (Indigo by Clarke's, consignment).


  1. Oh, you're wearing mustard, my favorite color of the moment! I love the graphic tee and skirt together.

    The cherry trees are gorgeous. It's a good reminder that even if it will still be gray and overcast for the next five months or so, Spring really isn't too far off. I'm already amazed at how much lighter it is in the morning - just a week ago it was dark at 7:15 when I arrived at work, and now I've seen several spectacular sunrises on my commute.

  2. You look so peppy in this outfit - ready for some "serious fun"! I want to find a graphic tee that would look proper for me at age 61....any suggestions? (You don't have to do a week special for me this time, though!)

    Love those blossoms! I think it will be a few weeks till we have anything so promising here...I need to figure out where you live when I finish writing this comment!

  3. oh how I miss seeing the Cherry Blossoms in bloom when I lived in NYC.

    I just love how you incorporate graphic tees into your wardrobe. I am usually a bit more conservative about my tees, but I love how you play them up or down for work or play.

  4. Ahh, jealous of those blossoms! What a cute casual ensemble, too. Winesday, haha. :) Very clever.


  5. I really like your haircut and wonder if you would put a few more photos of the sides and back of your style on your blog so I can steal it! Living in Minnesota, I can appreciate the ability to wear a winter hat and not smoosh the hair - your cut looks ideal for me.

    - nan

  6. I love this outfit -- a little rugged, a little funky, and very chic! And I'm SO happy for the Saints and all the folks in New Orleans; they needed a great big happy event like that.

  7. Kari, I am loving mustard right now - yellow of any shade is so seldom "in" that I always buy a bunch of it when it is!

    Yeah, I love the cherry blossoms! Isn't it a treat for it to be light out when we go home now?

    Rebecca, thanks! I look for patterns that appeal to me, mostly scrollwork or organic shapes, in colours that work in my wardrobe (oh, and sparkle is always good!). I've gotten my tees all over, but you might want to just keep searching in thrift stores!

    Thanks, Emma!

    The blossoms are universal, aren't they, TexNY? Thank you so much - I rarely wear t-shirts, so these are pretty casual for me.

    Thanks, Julia!

    Nan, thank you so much for commenting. I put some pictures up of the back and side of my head in today's outfit post. My hair is really fine - I hope this cut works for you!

    Thanks, Audi! It was a very comfy hang-out/shopping outfit. I was so pleased that the Saints won!


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