Sunday, February 28, 2010

The 3rd Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - The Pieces

I'm so excited about this Wardrobe Challenge! Thank you so much to Jane at The Small Fabric of My Life for coralling everyone - if you're in it, drop me a comment and I'll check out your capsule wardrobe!

This my 3rd Wardrobe Challenge of 10 pieces of clothing/footwear and 5 accessories (links to the previous ones in the sidebar under "Fashion Stuff"). I have pretty much got my own formula down: 2-3 skirts, a dress, about 3 tops, 2-3 pairs of shoes/boots, 1 pair of earrings, 1 belt and a mix of bracelet/necklaces and/or a scarf.

I couldn't wait to wear my 3 new things I got at Winner's on Friday I incorporated them into my 10 items! This threw everything into disarray, but what a challenge!

Now, without further ado...

The stuff:

1. Leather belt (Plum)
2. Vintage green bracelet (Mom's)
3. Vintage green bead necklace (Mom's)
4. Vintage crystal clip-on earrings (50s)
5. Gold chain (Grandma J's)

I like having at least one necklace that doubles as a bracelet - in this case, the gold chain.

The tops:

1. Teal thin sweater (Kersh)
2. Mustard tee (Mexx)
3. Graphic tee (Lisa International) - new item, $19.99 at Winners
4. White tux-style jacket (Club Monaco, consignment)

The dress:

5. Grey wool bubble skirt pinstriped strapless dress (Club Monaco, consignment)

The skirts:

6. Black pencil skirt with zipper details (Dahlia Collection) - new item, $29.99 at Winners
7. Green lace skirt (Alfred Sung, vintage)

And the shoes:

8. Faux snakeskine wedges (Aerosoles) - new item, $59.99, Winners
9. Brown/turquoise t-straps (Pink Studio)
10. Brown wedge boots (Outline, consignment)

This challenge's mix was particularly tricky for me, as I have a bunch of senior people in the office this week - I can't look too whackadoo!

I will also be doing a coat and bag on Friday, as well as a scarf/hat/gloves, if the weather doesn't cooperate. For the rest of the week, I will be walking to and from work, so I'll be wearing my usual workout clothes and carring a knapsack - which I'm not counting towards the challenge items, naturally.

Let the 3rd Capsule Wardrobe Challenge begin!


  1. Woo! Goodluck. You know I LOVE those wedges.

  2. OMG! I love all the new items! Especially the skirt and the snake print wedges!!!!!!!! Great mix.

  3. What a great collection. Lots of colour and shapes to play with. Great idea about the necklace.
    Look forward to seeing how it all works out.

  4. Oh, the yellow!!! I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

  5. i will be participating for the first time! i actually didnt have much trouble pulling my 10 wardrobe items, but i had a REALLY tough time narrowing myself down to 5 accessories!
    i guess that has taught me something about myself right there!

  6. Sheila.... seems like you are SOOO ready for the capsule... I have to get home and plan all my week.
    I don't know How I am going to pull it off, coming back from vacation and having my boss in town!

  7. ooh! I'm so excited to see you make it through this capsule challenge! You rock at this kind of thing :) Your new items are AWESOME!

  8. Thanks, Megan!

    Alison, so glad you approve. :) Thanks!

    Jane, I really had fun - I have more fun every time I do this!

    Jane W - you know I had to do some mustard! I love that colour.

    EvaNadine, cool! I will definitely pop in and give your wardrobe a gander this week. Yes, the accessories are the hardest - 1 pair of earring?? No!!

    Lorena, I did lots of preparation! Good luck with yours - I will pop in this week.

    K, thanks! I hope you like my outfits!

  9. Good luck with the challenge. Such pretty collection, very Spring-ey. I love the new items!

  10. Thanks, Tanya! Yes, it's such a different feel to have the challenge at another time of year.

  11. The shoes! Loving them - of course all the items you picked are super cute too - can't wait to see how u put them all together.

  12. Thanks, girlxoxo! Hope you enjoy the outfits I make.


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