Thursday, February 11, 2010

They've Gotta Go - Mom Jeans!

My work did a B.C. Olympics day today - things are crazy in Vancouver over the Olympics - and we all had to wear red and white. Woo! Go, Canada!

Despite my love for red, I had a hard time coming up with an outfit.

No, look up here!

I (fortunately?) spilled coffee on these jeans at 9:30 this morning, so they are toast. Gone. No more 8" zipper! Much as I love high-waisted, on pants, it's gotta be a really wide-legged drapey trouser for me. These are gone!
Look at my patriotism! All that red and white/cream! Ignore the thighs in the unflattering pants!

Jacket (Nine and Company, thrifted), blouse (Talbots, consignment), jeans (Parasuco, thrifted), boots (Zara, consignment), belt (Plum).


  1. Go Canada!Now we just need a little bit more snow :)
    I like your outfit but agree that the pants would killer wider leg.
    I know that we are all selfconscient about the legs but yours look great on those trousers.

  2. Haven't dressed yet, but never thought about the Canada connection--my husband is a Calgarian (?) sounds like a Martian. I will wear the colors in honor of him, plus I LOVE the Olympics!

  3. I think you look ok and "honest! with 40 year old thighs!

  4. oh come on, they're not that bad. but hooray for decisions being made for you by stains :D
    great top. i wish i ever saw patterns that i liked in the store... maybe i wouldn't be so stuck on colorblocking!

  5. Oh psh. They're not THAT bad, lady! But if you didn't feel good, then that coffee spill must've been a sign ...

  6. I agree with Sal--they're not that bad. Actually, they're not bad, period.

    Love the blouse, too!

  7. Lots of women here wear jeans like that (rather, far worse than that); why don't they realize that, as you say, a wider leg is just more flattering, even when you have a great body (as you do). Good luck to Canada in the Olympics!

  8. Well, thank you all for your kind words, but these jeans are still toast. I think I will keep an eye out for a replacement pair...but not so high-waisted!

    Nurmisur, I hope they get more in Whistler! Thanks!

    Lesa, thanks for your support! I find all my cynicism drops away once the Olympics are here.

    Hi, puddin, thank you so much for commenting! I appreciate your kind words.

    Wicked Thrifty (I like your new name), thanks! As for patterns: 1 or 2 colours, plus a neutral (white here) and you're set.

    Sal, it was meant to be!

    Jane, thanks! The blouse was a great consignment find.

    Ketura, sometimes you get hung up on something just fitting that you just don't let go of it. Knowing I can look much better helps me to purge my closet of things that don't suit me. Thanks so much for commenting - your site is great. I would love to help women like that.

  9. I love the red top! Pale pants are always tough, I think, but these aren't so terrible. Maybe you accidentally spilled that coffee on purpose? :)


  10. You crack me up; the pants are not nearly as bad as you are claiming. I do love that red top though!

  11. Thanks, Julia, I do too. Yeah, I have a pair of pale grey pants that I also never wear for the same reason. Perhaps I need to wear them with coffee??

    Thanks, Kristen, but I felt so *ugh* in them all day!


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