Thursday, February 18, 2010

Terrapin Legs - My Stab at a Conservative Outfit

The president of my company was coming to my department today, so I thought I ought to dress not quite so whackadoo as I usually do:
It's the tights. They are still a little cuckoo for most people (but I like them). They reminded me of terrapins, the stripey-ness. I kept asking people all day, "Do my legs remind you of terrapin heads?"
Sadly, I think most people don't know what a terrapin is. But oh well. I knew.

Oh, and I barely saw the president. Effort wasted.
The stuff:
These shoes have just about hit the end of their life with me...the heels are scuffed (they're not leather), and some of the colour is flaking off. But I love them! This is at least the 18th time I've worn these on the blog, and I've worn them tons more for weekends. It will be sad to see them go...but of course, that means I can look for some better quality ones to replace them with. I think I've definitely gotten my wear out of them, considering they cost only $15!

Jacket (Smart Set), cami (Reitman's, consignment), skirt (Tobias), shoes (Wild Diva), wrist wrap (Shi Studio), earrings (The Cobbler).


  1. Thank you for explaining terrapin. I think you pulled off conservative with pizazz nicely.

  2. Ha! I've been rebelling with fun tights or shoes when I have to 'suit up' too. I just can't go completely conservative, even though I am a less, um, wacky dresser than you. So don't feel like you are alone!

    And no, a terrapin would not have been my first thought. :)

  3. Your non-whackadoo attempt turned out fine. Too bad it was wasted :)

    Well, really, it wasn't since I got to see those fine, short-heeled, well-worn shoes!

  4. growing up just minutes away from the University of Maryland, i most definitely know what a terrapin is! though i wouldnt have made the connection if you hadnt mentioned it!

  5. I knew exactly what you meant about terrapin striping, but your lovely legs didn't bring them to mind without the nudge!

    Sad about the shoes, but you're right: It just means NEW shoes will soon be coming into your life.

  6. I have the same tights! Sadly, they don't quite fit, just 15 more lbs or so....they are my favorite ones, but wearing them was a painful experience lol

  7. I also did not know what a terrapin was. There's even a coffee shop called Terrapin in Iowa City, and I went there all the time, and it STILL never occurred to me to wonder what one was. Odd. Anyway, now I know! I love your stab at conservatism -- it still has that Sheila flair, though!

  8. Very cute. I am sooooo very envious of that fabulous jacket, and the tights are so fun :)

  9. Thanks, LaShaune!

    Kristen, it's the best way to rebel, isn't it? I find it really hard to be plain in my clothes. I guess it's just me who saw turtle legs!

    Heh, thanks, Rebecca! I need to replace these shoes - I love them.

    Evanadine, that's cool! Terrapins are the team name?

    Sal, well, I guess it was just me, then. :) Oh, I got new shoes this weekend that you will LOVE.

    Sherylyn, aw, but they will! Keep on track and you too can have terrapin legs. Ha!

    Julia, that's so funny. Now you know! Thanks so much.

    Wendy, isn't he cute? I like turtles.

    FA, thanks! I love this jacket, but maybe not with this skirt. Too much flounce.


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