Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cowgirl With Cat

Since I had to get up at the crack of dawn to go back to the dentist (ugh), I went simple with today's outfit: another dress! I actually planned all of this week's outfits out last Saturday (I was bored), so picked this one as being less complicated than the outfit left for tomorrow.
I didn't know Inigo was there until after the shutter clicked. Heh.

I've worn this dress many times: Nov 18/09 (hmmm, I had bad hair that time too), Mar 19/09 (with the same boots), and...huh, I thought I'd worn it more than that. Oh, wait: June 14/09 and Dec 29/08. Wow, I've had this longer than I thought!

I love these boots!
The purr-meister agrees: great boots!

The stuff:
The belt is new - $10 on consignment. It's stamped "Anne Klein pour Caleche" on the inside - I know who Anne Klein is, but I don't know what Caleche is. Anyway, I like it.

A close-up:
I like how the belt hooks together.

Dress (Vero Moda), red cami (Mexx), belt (Anne Klein pour Caleche, consignment), boots (Fluevog), earrings (Plum).


  1. Great belt! And the colors are so "right" for you. Being relatively new to the fashion blog world, I don't think I'd seen the dress before - so I'm wowed by it!

  2. The boots and belt are fighting for my affections. Who will win? Probably BOTH.

  3. Love the dress, no wonder you've had it for awhile, it looks great on you! Also, absolutely adore the new belt and those boots!

  4. Thanks, Rebecca! Unfortunately, the dress is rumpled and I am too.

    Sal, I know, forget the dress! The boots! The belt!

    Tina, thanks so much.

  5. Inigo, you sweet thing!

    Love the belt, and the colors of the dress are perfect for you. And who would not be crazy for those boots?!

  6. Hee, I know, isn't he lovely? Thanks so much, Kristen!


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