Sunday, February 21, 2010

Casual Friday - Uniform, and Special Occasion - Ronnie's 40th!

Friday was a busy day! First of all, I had some GREAT news: the project that I have been doing at work that was hugely stressing me out for the past 3 months? Tanked! Gone! I am back to doing what I am good at, what I get results at. I am so relieved.

I also really liked my outfit, my usual casual uniform:
Long sleeved tee: check! Graphic tee: check! Denim pencil skirt: check! Funky leg look: check! Great footwear: check! Polished but cool accessories: check!

I added a tweed blazer and fun bag (it was very warm all day - this is the only outerwear I wore):
I think I could put this look together in my sleep now. Heh. I used to really struggle with finding a casual look that suited my personality (a little bit of rocker chick, slightly sophisticated, yet polished), but this uniform is very comfortable and fits the bill.

These low boots worked great for showing off my knee high socks - and yes, I am bare-legged!

Friday night was our friend Ronnie's 40th birthday party. Happy Birthday, Ron! Ron's a good ol' boy, a real down-home Canadian, and he's married to my dear friend Caro. If you wanted to meet someone really Canadian, Ron is it. Hockey jerseys, jeans, and lots of beer and distilled liquor - that's a typical Ronnie party.

But of course, I prefer to stick out in a crowd:
That's my new green satin off-the-shoulder Club Monaco dress - it was $40 in one of my favourite consignment stores. Isn't it gorgeous? It looked like nothing on the hanger - that's why you need to try stuff on!

The back:
You know, I love this new lighting technique from Kasmira, but now you can see how pasty-pale I really am!

I did do a little dancing in the kitchen once I had some wine in me:
Rebecca, I don't recommend you wear shoes like these! Those heels are 6" less a 3/4" platform.

Shout out to Anita, a lovely woman I met at the of those kindred spirits.

L also dressed up, although not as much as me. He did his rocker look (as demonstrated in "How to Dress Up Your Man"):
Rock on, love!

He's doing a dark blue velvet blazer, a patterned shirt, his naughty lady belt buckle, distressed jeans and red Fluevogs. Doesn't he look great?

Tweed jacket (Jacob Connexion, consignment), graphic tee (Truly, Madly, Deeply..., consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), socks (don't remember), boots (Hispanitas, consignment), necklace (Plum), belt (gift from Mom), earrings (Plum, gift from L).

Dress (Club Monaco, consignment), fishnets (Hue), shoes (JLo), earrings (Plum, gift from L), bracelet (The Bay), ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage 70s).


  1. You must have amazing arches - 6" heels?

    I wish I could put together such cute, funky, casual outfits so quickly. You have such GREAT graphic tees and always wear them in such a fun way that never comes off as immature.

    One word for you in your green dress - STUNNING.

    I wish we could get CTV! Sadly, no, we don't. We do get CBC and in past years I always watched the Olympic coverage on that channel instead of the US coverage. We were really disappointed when we heard that CBC would not show Olympics coverage this year.

  2. LOVE Friday's casual look, especially with the jacket and red bag. So fun and effortless.

    Va-va-vavoom at the green dress. Very nice, and nicely overdressed for the occasion. I am sure your hockey-lovin' friend appreciated you making the effort! LOL.

  3. Not to worry (about trying those heels, I mean)!

    And Kari used the only word that comes to my mind for you in that green dress - STUNNING!

    Glad the project stress is tanked and you've got your groove back!

  4. I love love love both looks. The dress is smoking hot. I have to say I am so delighted that I came across your blog. I like your fashion taste because it is similar to mine. But I tend to look too much like a soccer mom sans kids in tow. So I am really grateful to see you chic up the casual look.

  5. Kari, there's a 1" platform and the front of the shoe means they are secure on my foot - I can actually walk quite well in them.

    Try that formula I listed - it's so easy! Thank you so much.

    I love the green dress - I can't wait to wear it again.

    Aw, that's too bad about the TV stations!

    Kristen, thanks! I do love to be overdressed - I consider it a compliment to the hosts. And yes, he loved that I dressed up!

    Heh, I didn't think they were "you", Rebecca. :) Aw, thanks very much. I am so relieved that I'm back to my old job!

    LaShaune, thanks! Your kind words mean a lot - thank you! It's so nice when you find someone whose style is so similar, isn't it? You can do this casual look easily!

    Thanks, Wendy!

  6. That shade of green is ace with your red hair. Totally fab! And wow, I still can't get over your genius use of graphic tees -- you manage to make them so fun and playful but also grown up and never schoolgirlish.

  7. I love a dark green, thanks, Audi! Wow, I didn't think my graphic tee uniform was that innovative - thank you so much!


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