Monday, February 1, 2010

Lazy Monday - Saturday Repeat (and a Special Guest)

I went shopping on the weekend - once again, I fully intended to shop in non-second hand stores, and once again, I couldn't find anything that justified a purchase. So I went to my favourite consignment stores and I found a dress and a jacket (jacket will be worn this week, dress might be saved for Valentine's day).

I also took a couple of bags of clothes in to another store, and got $90 in credit, which I promptly spent on a dress, skirt, sweater and a pair of boots (they'll all get worn this week) - they came to more than $90 total, but the owner knows me and gave me a straight trade! Sweet!

Anyway, today's outfit exemplifies Lazy Monday:
That's me on Saturday, before I went to Weight Watchers, before I went for lunch and before I went shopping. I got so many compliments on the outfit I thought I would wear it again today. So I did.

On the weekends, I also put some effort into my outerwear:
Black cloche hat, black scarf and black leather gloves, with my dark denim trench coat.

The stuff:
I added the bracelet to today's outfit, but otherwise, it's all the same. No, Rebecca, I didn't immediately rebound and go for sky-high heels! Those were awesome shopping shoes.

The Special Guest today is L, who looked so dashing in his Saturday casual wear that I had to take his picture:
The poor man has no head.

This is a variation on his "rock star" look: fab jacket, rock concert tee (Rush's "Snakes and Arrows" tour - woo!), new jeans I got him for Christmas, silk scarf and groovy ankle boots. Doesn't he look spiffy?

Sweater (Jacob, consignment), camisole (Smart Set), skirt (Le Chateau, gift money), shoes (Expressions, consignment), earrings (gift from L), bracelet (Plum).


  1. I like how similar your husband's style is to yours - the same rocker/edgy vibe but with a very polished aesthetic. A gorgeous pair!

    I am crazy over your outerwear - the cloche hat and trench look like they were simply made for each other.

  2. Yes, and what style - those shoes! See, I think it's style I need to cultivate (and find at second-hand prices)! This is a Great and Cheerful outfit. Kudos on your shopping "exchange". Can't wait to see the results!

  3. What a pretty skirt...
    It´s also amazing how the shopping ban apparently changed your shopping habits... :)

  4. I find it really hard to pay full (or even retail sale) prices for lower quality goods. Consignment shopping seems to have revised my costvs quality expectations!

    Love the trench!

  5. That skirt is SO FAB! No wonder you wore it twice.

  6. I do the same thing with weekend wear sometimes. When it's really good, it gets repeated on the weekdays! And this one is definitely worth a repeat...and maybe a copycat. I'll have to check my skirt collection to see I can pull it off. :)

    And love your hubby's look. Smashing!

  7. That skirt! To die. And Kari is so right, you guys totally go together. ;P

  8. You look great! I love when I come up with an awesome outfit on the weekend and decide to wear it for Monday. It's such an easy way to feel good about what you're wearing without thinking about it and no one's the wiser (except the blogging world, of course!)

  9. Kari, thanks! He read this comment and says thank you (I buy him all his clothes, hee hee). I've had the cloche hat forever - easily over 10 years, and of course it is from Roberta's.

    Thanks so much, Rebecca! I think that now that I have pinned down my style, it's actually easier for me to thrift, since I can eliminate so much.

    Thanks, Lorena! I love that skirt. Yes, very true - my love of the unique is no longer satisfied by the generic selection of new clothing.

    Northmoon, that is very much how I feel! I have found some amazing quality items in thrift and consignment stores. Thanks!

    Sal, how could I not? :)

    It's the perfect Lazy Monday, isn't it, Tina? Thank you so much - please feel free to copy. L thanks you for the compliment!

    Thanks, Erin! We should, heh, I buy his clothes and help him with his style.

    Thanks, K! That's exactly it!

  10. I love the colors and print in your skirt, awesome! Oh, the snakes and arrows tour was so awesome! It was my first time seeing Rush live. L looks great! I still have a hard time getting my hubby dress up a little, but, he's getting better. Once things get better here I want to search for a cool fitted casual jacket for him to wear over his cool tshirts.

  11. Alison, it was my first time seeing Rush live too! Aren't they amazing? That ranks as one of my best concerts ever.

    That's great about your husband - it's taken me nearly 15 years to get L to this point, so slow and steady does it!

  12. oooooh! What are your favourite consignment shops, please? Always eagerly looking for new sources (rubbing hands together in glee!) Thanks : )

  13. Hey, S., unless you live in my city (the name of which I don't mention), the consignment stores aren't going to mean much to you...


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