Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Day at the Beach?

I picked up this dress a couple of weeks ago in a thrift store for #19.99. I got the sweater the same day for $15.00 (new). Unfortunately, the sweater popped a button almost immediately.
Right there!

Fortunately, it was a lovely sunny, hot (up to 12 degrees/mid-50s!) day and our office heated up really fast. If you've been watching the Olympics, that's my neck of the woods - it's been very non-Canada-like. To tell you the truth, though, that's what the West coast is like. We're the Mediterranean of Canada (shhhh...don't tell or we'll be overrun with riff-raff).

Anyway, there I was, sweaty and hot, in my sundress:
I felt very summery in this - I'm looking forward to wearing it without tights, as it had serious tight-creep (I have micro-fishnets on). Seriously, designers, line cotton-blend dresses with a non-stick lining!

The stuff:
Those shoes are 4 3/4 inches with a 3/4" platform. I feel very tall in them.

Dress (Talbots, thrifted), cardigan (Kersh), shoes (Le Chateau), bracelet (Plum), earrings (vacation purchase).


  1. Adorable dress. Love the stripes and colors.

  2. Such a cute dress! I love the shoes too. They do make you tall, but in a good way. I'm so envious of your warm weather.

  3. Please send some of that warm weather my way, LOL. Cute dress, love the orange.

  4. Great colors - and wonderful shoes! (There you go again with those towering heels.)

  5. It's February. You are in a sweet sundress. You are making me cry.

  6. I like this combination of shoes and the dress. Testy colours-chocolate and oranges))

  7. Such great colors in that dress ... and a marvelous cut, too!

  8. Great colors.... pretty dress.... you can mix it with polka dots, or flowers.....
    I have those earrings... in brown !
    We are earring mates.

  9. Cute dress! I love the stripes. Bummer about the cardi...did you find the button?

  10. My Fluevogs are comfortable !!
    I saw the price on line and flipped, I paid like 30 USD for them !
    I have tried Miz Mooz, got a pair of red flats that are the most comfortable shoes ever, from the very day i bough them (sale in NY for 10 bucks!)
    Yes, I have to admit I look for the bargains :)
    Gonna check out that other brand...

  11. Thanks, Wendy! It looked even better in person.

    EccC, thank you! I like being tall since I'm such a shrimp.

    FA, I'm sending all of you warm weather! It's so nice. Thank you.

    Thanks, Rebecca - you knew I couldn't stay away from my heels!

    Kristen, I'm sorry! If I could send you some of this, I would.

    Nadia, thank you so much! Thank you also for commenting, I really appreciate it.

    Sal, thanks! The cut is what sold me.

    Lorena, thank you! I know, I can't wait to mix other stuff with it - I love the idea of polka dots! How cool, we are earring mates!

    Thanks, Alison, yup, I found the button, plus I had the spare that they always come with...the question is: how long until I get around to sewing it back on? Ha!

    Lorena, I'm so glad - wow, you got a great deal! What a bargain hunter you are!


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