Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smoking Wrap Dress

I have been on the lookout for another wrap dress, since I gave up this one in a swap last year (wow, that's an old picture - July 2008 - but, hee, I'm wearing the same shoes!).

I've had my eye on this one at the local consignment shop for a few months. It had been priced at something like $58, which was just too much for me.
But when I was in on Saturday, there is was, marked down to $40...and Annie the owner gave me a straight trade for my bag of clothes and shoes, so really, it was free (along with yesterday's skirt and a couple of other things I'll be wearing tomorrow and Friday)!!

It's by Smoking Lily, same as this skirt and these obis here and here, and this scarf. It's a local company; all their clothing is hand-screened, and hand-made. Their stuff's not cheap, but oh, I love it. Finding their things on consignment is gold, baby!
It's a burgundy and white (it looks pink above, but I swear, it's white) with tan flowers. I liked how the mustard and brown worked with it. I like the layered necklaces too.

The stuff:
The triple necklace (steel chain, yellow crystals and beige pearl beads), the groovy silver necklace (with yellow/brown crystals) and yellow crystal bead earrings. I'm all matchy! Ah, so reassuring. Those are 4" heels, by the way.

But that makes me wonder: how else should I wear this? What colours? layers? Suggestions welcome!

Dress (Smoking Lily, consignment), cami (InWear), shoes (Unlisted), silver necklace (Melanie Lyne), triple necklace and earrings (Plum).


  1. Love the dress and the shoes. Wrap dresses are the best to show off the curves or mask my little tummy pooch!

  2. That dress is divine! I would have snapped it up for $58. You are lucky I don't live near you! :)

  3. I totally see this with royal blue.

    I also like this wrap dress much better than the old one.

  4. I prefer the 2010 Sheila version... that is a beautiful dress and that color tank is perfect.
    But my fave part of your outfit are your shoes... I always tell my mom that she probably had me walking around barefoot when I was a baby - as I always have a thing for shoes.

  5. It's such fun to find a favorite brand when shopping consignment. Especially a LOCAL one! The pattern on your new-to-you dress is dynamite. I love geometrics.

  6. I love the pattern on the dress, very cool. You look so pretty. I know you are not a pink girl, but I'm loving pink/fuchsia with burgundy. Great find!

  7. I love this dress! great find. I also just wanted to leave you a note to say that I really like the "head shot" detail shot with the light. I would encourage you do this more often! :-)

  8. this dress + tee really suits you.

  9. Hi, I have been following your blog for a while and I love it. I have started a new blog about books, I would like to ask you to consider it if you are a reader:


    ps. Love the shoes

  10. There's a good amount of white in the dress, which makes me think you could pair it with stronger colors such as peacock blue, emerald green, or bright pink. Burgundy goes with just about anything. And that print is fab!

  11. That dress is AMAZING!!! You look fabulous, lady!

  12. Thanks, TexNy! I totally agree.

    Kristen, heh, if you ever make it up my way, I will take you consignment shopping.

    Ecc3, I like that idea! I have blue shoes. Yes, the old one was part of my "rapid fill" wardrobe replacement after I lost 50 lbs.

    Lorena, me too. Thank you! I adore shoes too.

    Sal, it is such a treat! Thanks so much!

    Alison, thank you! I don't mind pink if it's part of a pattern, but I'm not a head-to-toe pink girl (famous last words, eh?).

    Mandy, thank you very much, and thanks for commenting. I will try to do more head shots - unfortunately the light in our condo is not the greatest, especially in winter.

    Thank you, Anon.

    Lesa, good to see you! I will come check out your blog. I am a huge reader - my New Year's Resolution is to read an hour a day! I am even doing little mini reviews!

    Audi, yes, I can see a teal going with this (and I have a lot of teal). Thanks very much!

    Thanks, FA! You're so sweet.

  13. I love a free dress! Good work. This is very flattering. I absolutely cannot wear wrap dresses myself!

  14. great dress! What a find! I would love to get my hands on some stuff from this company...Ive loved everything Ive seen from them.

  15. Thanks, Wendy! Really? I'm surprised, since you have a great curvy body, and they look the best on women with curves.

    Thanks, K! You can order from them online, I believe - I put a link in to their site in the body of the post.

  16. Kudos to you for finding such a great locally made dress. I am a big adovcate of supposting local shops, but it can be a kille ron the wallet since they are invariably more expensive.

    Also, love the necklace layering. You look lovely.


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