Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en! Recognized, and Good News for Tina!

Happy Hallowe'en! We're staying in tonight and watching scary movies (double bill of "Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead 2" - woo!), but I took advantage of my workplace's invitation to come to work in costume to be a little more outrageous on a Casual Friday than I normally would.

This definitely called for killer boots!
Oh, yeah! The black thing that I'm wearing is a dress from the 60s. It is double-knit polyester (WARM), and is slit up to the waist at the front, creating a long panel. I can just picture it with hot pants and go-go boots (and I've worn it with just funky tights, very Lady Gaga, but then, I was a lot younger when I wore it like that). For me now, I'll stick with skinny jeans!

The dress still has its vintage label.
I added my Shi Studios choker and my punk cuff (I was going to do some fake tattoos, but as you can see by the Dolphins clock, it was already 8:08ish in the morning when I took this pictures).
Of course, Hallowe'en is the perfect time to break out the cape!
This is a super-long cape made out of stretch velvet. I've had it for years.

What a nice autumn day:
Yes, that's a castle in the background.

For fun, this is my office door, which I decorated.
I cut up a black file folder to make the fence, the gravestones and the bats. The ghosts are made out of Kleenex and the yellow moon is a sticky-note. The picture of me is from when L and I went to see Alice Cooper.

The notes on my name plate say, "Tricky, devious and difficult" and "Your company should proud of you [sic]! God bless you all the time!" Two conflicting opinions of me from different people I had dealings with, heh heh.

A shout out to Jennifer, who reads my blog (found me through Kasmira) - she caught me out shopping in my favourite thrift store and recognized me, despite the fact that I had not washed my hair, had no makeup on and was sweaty. Thanks for reading, Jennifer!

And finally, Tina! The orange skirt was there! I bought it - and sent you an email. Send me your address and I'll ship it to you.

Dress (Marjorie Hamilton Vancouver, vintage 60s), jeans (Esprit), boots (Aldo), choker (Shi Studios), cuff (old).


  1. Love the outfit, love the door decor, and LOVE YOU for finding the skirt!!!! You rock!!! And now we can be twinkies! I forsee an email "Dear Sheila, please wear the orange skirt, boots, and a black sweater today. Love, Tina"

    And I can see that you like to make use of the office supplies in mych the same way I do. I miss having an office door to do stuff to. LOL

  2. love the cape! Sorry I didn't get to see your great Friday outfit. Nice to do movies on a nite like this. Have a super week...B

  3. Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 are not complete without Army of Darkness. Get to it!!

  4. Hey Sheila! Running into you yesterday was awesome. No worries about no makeup, bad hair, looked great! I agree, the shop we met in is super, lots of great finds. I got a beautiful purple and mauve mohair scarf there earlier in the week and have had a number of compliments on it already. Keep up the great blog and thanks for the shout out.

  5. I feel like your dress recalls one worn by Jean Shrimpton to Truman Capote's big ball, but I can't find the picture of that on my blog right now (one of those days). I hope I"m not totally off :-/

  6. I love your Halloween outfit. It has that mysterious/creepy feel. That's the kind of outfit I wanted to do for Halloween this year, but I didn't even leave the house. Oh-well, maybe next year. I like that you used your Alice Cooper picture to decorate your door. I loved that post. I'm going to a concert on Tuesday, now I have to figure out what to wear. Should be fun!

  7. I can see you wearing that dress with hot pants and boots :) Killer costume!

  8. Hee, I would totally do that, Tina! Let me know what you want to do with the skirt. Yes, office supplies are meant to be abused, haha!

    Thanks, Bonnie!

    Hey, Jennifer, thanks so much for commenting! It was so cool to run into someone who reads the blog...and you are too kind! Oh, nice score - that shop is great for odds and ends of finds. I ended up with a great skirt and a scarf from there (both wool).

    Oh, how cool would that be, Wendy? If you find the picture, let me know.

    Thanks, Alison! It was fun to wear something a little odd. Ooh, who are you going to see? I love dressing up for concerts (if appropriate, of course). Have a great time!

    Oh, Sher, maybe not now, but back in the day...oh yeah!

  9. Hey Sheila! I'm going to see They Might Be Giants. They are tons of fun and I've been listening to them since high school. This will be the 4th time I've seen them live.

  10. Oh how fun! I love your fun costume, particularly the dramatic cape. And it must be a kick to get recognized.

    Our office actually had a lot of people dress up in full costume. I've never been in a workplace before where people dressed up - it was quite fun!

  11. Alison, I've heard of them but not heard them - but how fun will that be! Have a blast!

    Kari, thanks - it's not really a costume, embarassingly enough, as those are all wardrobe items (although I do keep the vintage stuff in a separate closet). I wish more people had dressed up at my work.

  12. Woww... I can imagine you walking into work with the cape....what a sight !
    Ohhh and I really like those kleenex ghosts...

  13. I was probably more intimidating walking home from town in the rain, all grouchy! Thanks, Lorena - we used to make those ghosts when I was a kid.

  14. The boots and slit dress were awesome, but then you pulled out the cape...shazaam! Great outfit.

  15. Thanks, Kristen! It was fun wearing this to work.


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