Sunday, October 18, 2009

Woo, Wasn't That a Party?

In case you were wondering, I am now 42 years old. This is an interesting age. I am 21 twice (woo hoo!). And 42 is also the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life in Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy":

"Forty-two, " said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.

But what was the question? We don't know - but what an answer!

Okay, let's get to The Dress:
I know! Isn't it killer? The seaming is amazing, and I love the "red storm" pattern of it.

L and I love to dress up for parties - check out the zoot suit he found in Seattle (accessorized by yours truly):
Yeah, baby! We really cut a rug in our fab party clothes!

Practicing my dancing:
Look at the heels on those babies - they killed my feet, though. Note to self: get some more Dr. Scholl's inserts.

The stuff:
All new black accessories from my fave place for good cheap jewellry, Le Chateau. The two bangles were on sale for $4.99, the earrings were also $4.99, and the ring was $15.

A close-up:
We had about 20 people, and the last of them left at 3 am.

Oh, I got a Winners gift card from the Winesday Women! More "banned" shopping! Hurray!

Dress (London Times), Fishnets (Hue), shoes (Calvin Klein), accessories (Le Chateau).


  1. I love the dress, and your husband's zoot suit is fantastic! What kind of dancing do you do, Sheila?

  2. You are on FIRE in that dress. Ring the alarm!

    I'm going to be 42 in December. You're making it look good!

  3. You are SMOKING in that dress! Okay, I've got (*counts on fingers*) five months until my 42nd birthday -- my work is cut out for me. You have the set the bat HIGH, m'dear.

  4. I'd say worth every penny!! Both you and L look amazing! Glad to hear you had a great birthday celebration. That dress is so cool. Bummer the shoes hurt, but, they are perfect with the dress.

  5. Stunningly, amazing dress! You look fantastic - of course you are forgiven for breaking your self imposed ban on that luscious garment! Lol :-)

    Love L's suit too, I have always loved that style.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic party, heres to the next one :-)

  6. Thanks, Kari! I do drunken 80s dancing at parties, haha. Yeah, let's dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues!

    Wendy, you look amazing - I have been trying to figure out how old you were for ages, hah! Thanks so much! I felt like a million bucks in the dress.

    Aw, thanks, Kristen! Get on it, girl, make us other 42 year olds proud!

    Thanks, Alison! I think it's a classic and worth every penny. Yes, I think I need to find some new black dress shoes.

    Thanks, kiltsnquilts! Heh, it was totally worth breaking the ban for this and the skirt (see today's post). Me too - I love zoot suits!

  7. Adore the dress. Glad you had so much fun at your party. We didn't do a party for our birthdays this year. But now that you're talking about 80s dancing, I'm kinda wishing that I had.

  8. Thanks, Tina! I always throw myself a party for my birthday - if I don't, who will? You should do a party for you and Rand next year, for sure!

  9. Since I couldn't make it to the party, you know that I had to check out what you wore. That dress looks absolutely great on you...beautiful fall colors appropriate. L's zoot suit is really stylish, love the color too. You made the right decision buying that dress and skirt : - }


  10. Thanks, Elaine! Of course you did! Isn't it a fab dress? Thank you! I'm not feeling quite so guilty now.

  11. You two look amazing! That dress is smokin'!

  12. Thanks, Audi! I love the dress - and L is such a stylin' guy.

  13. You guys look amazing! I love his suit and they way his tie goes with your dress. That dress is totally made for you!

  14. Hey, K! good to see you. Thanks so much! I just love that dress.


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