Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She/Shi Week - It's Bird O'Clock!

Birthday Week continues! Sheila Fact: I loathe parsnips.

As noted, my birthday present to myself was buying a whole bunch of lovely Shi Studio designs when they had a big clearance a couple of weeks ago. They're a local studio and I love their designs, so I'm shamelessly pimping them. Please check them out and order a piece! Every item features a gorgeous piece of silk behind glass, and all leather is locally done as well.

Today's outfit was built around the leather cuff:
I've really been inspired by the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge to try to mix things up more, and be more adventurous with my colour combinations. I wanted to wear the turquoise cuff with purple or another turquoise tone (like Sal did recently). I settled on this grey wool pinstripe strapless dress with a darker turquoise cami underneath it and purple tights.

This is also a solidarity outfit for Jane, who is doing International Dress Week, and for Kasmira, who is doing Tights and Toes week.

See? Purple tights and peeptoe shoes.
I have such a tough time with lighting in this room, so I tried something different:
Hey! Those colours are accurate! I am fixedly staring at the camera (not being pose-y) hoping that it doesn't take a shot of my boobular region in extreme close-up. This is in my closet, looking out at the den.

I thought the mustard cardi was a fun third colour, and the tattoo belt helped tie all the colours together, much like a good rug does.

The stuff:
Big ol' shoes, belt, earrings, and the new Shi Studio cuff. It's silk under glass, attached to a strip of leather that threads through itself. I wore it on my left wrist, hence "bird o'clock. "

A close-up:
By the way, yes, I do have two fake front teeth. It was Valentine's Day, 1985, I was 17. I had the flu and had a fever, so I turned the cold water way down in the shower, and promptly fainted, slamming my face into the edge of the tub. I broke one tooth in half and the other was pushed behind my other front teeth. I had over a year of dentistry to fix them including a couple of root canals, gum surgery and walk-in clinic surgery, at which point I discovered what had happened to the other half of the tooth that broke: it was embedded in my lip.

This is the reason why I didn't go to the dentist for a long time prior to this year.

I still have a scar on the right side of my bottom lip - I don't have any feeling there. The fake teeth are pretty good - most people don't know unless I tell them. Funny bit: after having emergency dental work, and being checked out at the hospital, I still went to the school dance that night. I don't remember it.

Cardigan (Jacob), dress (Club Monaco, consignment), camisole (RW & Co.), tights (Hue), shoes (JLo), earrings (Plum), cuff (Shi Studio), belt (consignment).


  1. Oooh, I love the colors! The purple and turquoise are gorgeous, and the mustard sets them off incredibly well. I'm starting to think that mustard is a genius color to pair with just about anything, except maybe lemon yellow.

  2. I actually had to Google parsnips, as I wasn't entirely sure what they were. I'm also still not sure if I've ever eaten one, or if I liked it.

    Also, 'boobular' is my favorite new word.

  3. Love the colors together, but you probably guessed I would, right? Turquoise and purple and mustard -- what's not to love? :)

  4. Yay! Tights and Toes! I love the color combos here.

    Your bird "watch" is lovely. It may be my favorite of your (many!) pieces of jewelry.

  5. Hmm I sense a parsnip challenge.

    The tooth story is horrifying...and confirms my fear of showering in tubs.

    Gorgeous cuff!

  6. I love all the colors! That cuff is so awesome. And I love that you went to the dance after all that work and don't remember it at all. you must have had fun! :)

  7. Ha, thanks, Wendy! I grew it myself.

    Thanks, Kari, me too - I love mustard yellow.

    Audi, avoid them - they are awful, mutant carrots. Nothing can make them taste good. Ha, please feel free to use it!

    Thanks, Kasmira! I think it might be my favourite Shi piece...after the belt buckle (another new piece that I haven't worn yet).

    Sherylyn, you keep those away from me! Sorry, someone asked. Thanks!

    Thanks, K! No, I think I sat on the bleachers in the gym, mostly.

  8. Oh,,, I'm so so sorry for that accident....:-(((

  9. I didn't even notice that the tights were purple to begin with. I love it! Was it more obvious in person?

    I'm having lots of dental issues right now, and your story made my wrap my lips around my teeth like somehow I was going to protect them. LOL

  10. It's okay, Lyn, it happened a long, long time ago. :)

    Yeah, Tina, the tights were a lot more bright in person, in daylight. Oh, you poor thing - dental issues are the worst. I have dreams of my teeth falling out.


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