Monday, October 5, 2009

She/Shi Week - Red A-Go-Go!

This is my birthday week! My birthday is on Friday, and L and I are taking the day off to head down to Seattle for a day of shopping and generally wandering around and avoiding anything work-related.

It's also a week for me to celebrate - me! My birthday present to myself was buying a whole bunch of lovely Shi Studio designs when they had a big clearance a couple of weeks ago. They're a local studio and I love their designs, so I'm shamelessly pimping them. Please check them out and order a piece! Every item features a gorgeous piece of silk behind glass, and all leather is locally done as well.

Today's outfit was based around this glorious belt:
I picked up the top in a thrift store on Saturday ($12!), and the skirt is designer vintage from the 80s.

Check out the cool detail on the belt:
I love the texture of the leather - and the silk on the buckle (which is removeable) is red and purple. The buckle is worn off to the side (so I was informed by Cory, the owner and designer) like so:
The belt can also be worn slung lower on the top of my hips. The top is a fuscia pinky-purple with red dragons, by the way.

The stuff:
Rather than go with the expected grey or black shoes, I chose these mossy green ones. I like how they don't quite go...but they do!

Shrug (Debut), top (Lhasa, made in Nepal, consignment), skirt (Gianfranco Ferre, vintage, 80s, thrifted), nude fishnets (Hue?), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), earrings (vintage), ring (Francis Jewelers, 1960s, Dad's), belt (Shi Studio).


  1. Gorgeous, love the top!

    Happy Birthday Week! I am big proponent of celebrating one's birthday as long as you can. I think it should be a mandatory holiday; everyone gets their own birthday off from work automatically.

  2. I always enjoy my birthday week (heck birthday month) whooop it up Sheila! Enjoy and best wishes to you.....

  3. I'm glad you told us that the shoes are green, because they look gray on my computer. Bravo for not going matchy-matchy! Enjoy your birthday week!

  4. Love the top! Ever since we adopted my Chinese daughter Jia-Li anything the least bit oriental has to be MINE!

  5. Happy Birthday! What a nice present to the belt and the top is gorgeous, I do so love satin! Especially in rich, deep hues. I bought an asian-inspired satin top last week (ok it was 2 but they were on super-sale)with a mandarin collar and some pretty pleating on the bodice...but they are goal-tops and don't quite fit yet so I am very jealous of your lovely new purchase and how great it looks on you!

  6. Early Happy Birthday! Love that red blouse, hot!

  7. Thanks, FA!

    Thanks, Brooke - I love it too.

    Yes, Kristen, as soon as I saw this top I was, "Oh, I must have that." Thank you - I love to celebrate my birthday and I always throw myself a party. I figure people are too busy to remember and I need to give them an opportunity to show the love. And isn't that just the best?

    Yay - it's so fun to have it be all about you, isn't it, Erin? Thanks so much!

    Thanks, Audi! Yeah, I have trouble with a lot of my colours - I'd like to blame the camera (it's cheap). I try the flash but it goes all glarey.

    Thanks, Lesa - I just love the oriental fabrics and patterns.

    Thanks, Sherylyn - I'm so looking forward to seeing you at the party! Ooh, your tops sound so pretty - what a great goal to work for! It's such great incentive to keep on track with eating and exercising when you have clothes you want to keep on fitting.

    Thanks, Sher!

  8. You look amazing! I love how this looks on you... and of course HB-day ! and Happy SHopping

  9. Thanks, Lorena! I will have a grand time, definitely.

  10. Awesome - you'll be in my neck of the woods! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend. :)

  11. Yeah, we only have one full day, Kari, otherwise I'd have dropped you an email to get together. Thanks!

  12. OMG! Could your waist look any smaller? Wow. Obviously I dig the belt and wished my waist was similarly tiny.

  13. Oh, you are too sweet, Tina! Thank you! Oh, and bad news on the orange skirt - it was sold when I made it back to the shop on Friday. :( Sorry! I will keep my eye out, though.

  14. Oh thank you so much for going back and checking. I'm not surprised that the skirt isn't there anymore. Let's face it, cute skirts don't hang around very long.


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