Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Mysterious Green Tweed Leaf Logo Skirt

Today's outfit was built around the new-to-me skirt I got in Seattle: $12.50, people! Do I rule at quality bargains? Why, yes, I think I do!

Here we go: The Infamous Wendy B. cardigan makes another appearance, but the skirt is the star.

However, it has me stumped for a few reasons. It has no slit, which makes for a wicked sexy pencil skirt, but also makes it unusual - almost all pencil skirts have slits. It zips on the right side as opposed to the back or left - check your skirts, chicks, it is super rare for a skirt to zip on the right! It has no label, and no content tag (it's a silk/wool blend. I know this as I am able to ascertain the composition of nearly any fabric just by feeling it due to my Mad Skillz from when I worked in retail women's clothing). It doesn't feel old or vintage, in fact, I'd say it's barely been worn. It has off-centre seaming, too - a nice detail - done with a zig-zag stitch. The waistband is neither high nor low, just in the middle.

Oh, here's the back:
It also makes my bum look good, but no mystery there, hee. The cardi is a little boxy, so I borrowed Kasmira's trick of putting a pin there to gather up some of the excess fabric.

Back to the skirt. The only marking on it is this little bitty tag of a leaf:
What the heck? Does anyone know what brand this is? I Googled a bunch of stuff and got mostly pot leaves, ha! Put on your Sherlock Holmes hats - we have a mystery on our hands!

The stuff:
My lovely neutral nude shoes and check out the lovely embroidery on the skirt. The embroidery is machine-done, not home-done (I was in Brownies and Girl Guides, I know this).

A close-up:
The colours are a little more vibrant "in person" - you can definitely see more of the green in the leaves (the pic of the tag shows the greens in the tweed most accurately). I pulled out the bright green in the leaves with my green cami, which I wore underneath my blue silky top.

Cardigan (Wendy B., consignment), silky top (Tristan), cami (Esprit), skirt (leaf!, thrifted), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), brooch (already forgotten, either the Bay or Plum), earrings (Plum).


  1. I can't help you out with the brand, but what a steal! Okay, do you have any tips for great thrifting stores in Seattle? I had to admit it, but I'm stumped in my own city simply because there are too many options and I haven't had much luck in my previous attempts.

    I love the embroidery on the skirt, and the pin on the back of the cardigan is so smart! I totally forgot about Kasmira's strategy.

  2. Yes, the pin was from Roberta's Hats! Six of my friends and I all came out with at least one hat apiece last time we were in Victoria.

    I just started watching Dexter - my sister loves the show (and the opening credits too, since she's in graphic design.) I'll have to rent more of it on DVD.

  3. I have a green tweed skirt in a very similar shade. I love mine and I love yours. And that shade of green is always flattering on redheads, I think.

    You mentioned the other day that you redyed your hair. Do you mind sharing what color your natural hair color is?

  4. So pretty! Love the great find! I like the embroidery on it.

  5. Awesome embroidery on the skirt!

    I love pins..and always great to get inspiration from others..

  6. beautiful color palette - thanks for the brooch tip and post link! that skirt is divine, truly.

  7. Isn't it, Kari? Thanks, I just love it. The store that I got it and the Steve Madden shoes from was Crossroads Trading on Broadway Ave. East. Awesome store. None of the vintage stores I went to were that great (mostly overpriced). You basically just have to search them out and find the good ones.

    Jane, thank you, haha!

    Kari, how cool! I have bought so many hats from her - that store's been around for over 20 years. I love the credits on Dexter. I still have to read the books.

    Tina, we are like twins in our taste in skirts, I think! My natural hair colour is brown (although it's now brown with a ton of white *sigh*). If you check my "Grad/Prom Pictures" link on the left, you can see it before I coloured it.

    Thanks, Alison, me too!

    Erin, thanks. Me too - pins are so awesome.

    Wendy, it's the best!

    TTS, thank you! Kasmira has a great blog.

  8. Ooooh, pretty skirt. My favorite piece of the outfit is the brooch pulling the sweater together; it looks like it's a real part of the sweater, not just an add-on. Very natural!

  9. Thank you! I think so many women neglect the back view.


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