Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ties and Bows and Ruffles, Oh My!

I wasn't so much into this outfit today. I think this top has to go. All the ruffles and the bow are just too foo-foo. I feel like George Washington when I wear it.
I got this skirt ages ago, in the summer, and as it's wool, I've been waiting for cooler weather to wear it. It's probably from the late 90s, I'd guess - the last time long skirts were in style. I think the length is redeemed by the big ol' slit.

Inigo wants out of the den (we shut him in here for feeding so that he doesn't eat all of Othello's food).

The stuff:
My obi belt from Smoking Lily, burgundy shoes, gold accessories.

I used to hate gold and grey together, but now I kind of like it.

A pre-Hallowe'en scare:
Ah! Psycho kitty!

Cardigan (Jacob, consignment), blouse (Vero Moda), skirt (Jones New York, consignment), shoes (Bleka), cuff (The Bay), earrings (don't recall), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment).


  1. Sheila I love that blouse... but i get the Washington feel.. when I am too "bowy" i feel like an unwanted present :(

  2. When something just doesn't feel right then it's time to get rid of it... I like the outfit, you look great.

  3. Ha ha, George Washington never looked as purty as you.

    Nice robo-cat!

  4. Love the gray, gold and burgandy together!

    Big old kitty kisses to the psycho kitty!

    Hasve a super weekend.

  5. This blouse would be perfect for a librarian look (I mean your pre-previous post).

    Love your basement-cat, miss George Washington!

  6. You look stunning in that skirt...long, lean and mean!

    Psycho kitty, q'est que c'est....something we used to sing when the cats were going a bit nuts

  7. Those shoes are divine! I think the shirt is lovely, but if you don't feel fabulous in it then it should definitely go.

  8. Heehee, kitty! Love the obi.

    What if you tried the blouse with a cleaner look? A straight skirt, no other fun accessories...just let the bow be the highlight of the outfit. Might be kind of fun to switch it up!

  9. Thanks, Lorena! I bought it for the ruffles and the colour, but everytime I wear it, I feel it's just too much in the neck (I usually tie the bow at the back too). Yes, ha! I'm a present!

    I agree, Alison. I'll keep an eye out for something similar to replace it - it's a handy piece.

    Thanks, Sal!

    Heh, thanks, Wendy! He's a hypno-cat: "Give me your fooooood."

    Thanks, Lain - I thought I'd try something a bit different. I know, isn't he adorable? You too! Happy Friday!

    Tanya, yes, it would work well for that. I think I'm just a bit too busty for this much going on up near the boobular region, though.

    Sherylyn, thank you! Ha, that's exactly what we sing to him! Fah, fah, fah, faaah, fah!

    Thanks, Audi! Yeah, I've tried for over a year to make this top work and I think I've done all I can.

    Kristen, I've done a LOT of looks with this top in the last year. I've had enough of it now. Time to move on! Thanks so much for the suggestion, though. :)


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