Friday, October 16, 2009

Casual Friday - A Whole Lotta Dark...and a Confession

Some casual Fridays, I just don't feel like weaing jeans, plus I planned to go shopping tonight and spend my birthday money, so I needed stuff I could slip on and off easily.
I'm sorry it's hard to see but the cashmere sweater is dark purple (the centre light in the den is burned out and I haven't gotten around to replacing it). This is my black tiered flounced skirt.

I wore my cropped jean jacket over this outfit all day:
Loaded up with my gloves and a velvet scarf for outdoor walking.

The stuff:
The purple is not quite THAT bright - stupid flash. Wearing the Shi Studios belt again. The brooch was on the jean jacket pocket flap. confession. I spent $13 tonight in violation of my "no new clothes or shoes" shopping ban (see the sidebar for my self-imposed restrictions and click the title for the reasons behind it).

I got $120 from my relatives for my birthday, and after discussion with L on the ins and outs and the rules and whatfors, it was agreed that the money, as a gift, could be spent on "banned" items. Specifically, we're having a party tomorrow night (yay! October birthdays rule!), and I wanted a new dress. For you see, women do not consign their party dresses. Sundresses: yes. Work dresses: yes. Pretty party dresses: no. Every woman I asked admitted to having dresses in her closet that were 5 to 15 years old, "Just in case I need a fancy dress."

So I headed off to the mall in search of a dress. And I found one! It was on 40% off or I wouldn't have been able to afford it - it ended up being $83. Then while shopping for some accessories for it (found), I saw The Skirt. Oh, so pretty...but $50 on sale. Yup, that's $133...I hemmed and hawed for about 20 minutes. I put it back. I grabbed it again. Then I thought, "I won't tell! No one will know."

But I'd know. I have not spent a single penny from January 1st to now on brand new clothes or shoes - it's all been swap, consignment, thrift or gifts. And I don't intend to fall off the wagon - I'm going right back to my challenge. And I will do it.

So please don't condemn me. I'm human...and when you see this dress and this skirt, I hope you'll understand.

Jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), sweater (Daniel Bishop, consignment), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), boots (Expressions), belt (Shi Studio), assorted jewelry.


  1. I think your comments are so typical of the many things we go through as people and as women. We scrimp, we abstain, we are "good". When we indulge or break the rules we feel guilty. I hear myself in what you are voicing. I appreciate your honesty, and am glad you are showing us the imperfections and failings too. We accept! Seriously, no forgiveness necessary.

  2. Super cute jean jacket! Consider me jealous, because the perfect jean jacket is hard to find :)

  3. Oh Sheila, I forgive you.
    I love this look on you, tall and lean, and the belt is fabulous. And the gloves!

  4. That all looks so great together; I love the variety of textures!

    Honey, I am the LAST person to scold you for breaking a shopping ban. I can barely keep to my own budget!

  5. Oh, don't worry about falling off the wagon for a mere $13. Besides, it's your birthday month... I cannot wait to see the dress and skirt. Enjoy them and I know you will work hard at not spending on new items. Keep up the good work!

  6. i am also restricting myself to vintage/thrift! i like the one in, one out, too! i am going to this amazing consignment shop today... with a LIST though. only holes in my wardrobe!

  7. The denim jacket lifts the whole outfit and brings all the elements together. Fab.

  8. Come visit NYC! Lots of consigned party dresses -- party dresses everywhere you look ,practically!

  9. Thanks very much for your feedback, margrc (and welcome, and thanks for commenting). It's a self-imposed challenge, and I do love a challenge. It's been a very interesting year.

    FA, thanks - I got it about 2.5 years ago, on clearance at Ann Taylor Loft in NYC.

    Aw, thank you, Tanya! I love a long pair of gloves - my wrists always get cold.

    Thanks, Kristen, me too. Thanks - I only have to forgive myself and I don't feel too bad about it, really. It was worth it!

    Alison, I agree, but still, I want to be accountable to myself and to others who are observing. I'm posting the dress shortly. Thanks!

    TTS, that looks like an amazing store! I'm so jealous! The one in/one out rule has REALLY helped me view my wardrobe with less emotional attachment. Good to have a list!

    Thanks, Jane! I wore the jacket (sans scarf and gloves) all day.

    Wendy, oh, I will be back in NYC one day (I've been twice). I would love to scour the vintage stores for dresses.

  10. I love how the jean jacket just put everything together, this looks really good on you.
    And don't be so hard on yourself in regards to the ban.
    I honestly think you have done a great job on holding yourself back with all the shopping.. so you are forgiven :)

  11. Thanks, Lorena - this was such an easy outfit to wear. Aw, thank you - I couldn't help feeling guilty about it!

  12. No forgiveness necessary, I am amazed you gone a whole year and only broke the rule by a few dollars. Congratulations! I'm afraid I would have broken a rule by mid-January.

    But, I have a concern... You do not need to post this comment publically, but I have been banned from posting on a few blogs and wonder if I have an evil twin? I don't blog, so I admit to being befuddled by what happens behind the scenes. In your fashion rules posting from January, you have a rude comment made by a fellow blogger..."lain" to which you post a reply. "lain" is not me. Are there two of us out there?

  13. Lain, thanks - I was a little worried that people would hold me up to lofty standards over this! :)

    Regarding your other comment, Iain (with an 'i', like Ian) is a local guy whose blog I used to check out - he doesn't comment on my blog anymore, but I haven't banned him (or anyone!).

    As far as I know, multiple people can have the same "user" name (I've seen another Sheila post on fashion blogs). I've never seen another Lain.


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